1. We all miss Trump. This Democrat economy sucks bad, with the worst yet to come. What’s wrong with these Democrat people?

    1. OWky but how did the committee get access to Hannity and Mck texts because am pretty sure they didn’t give in the phones/laptops.

  1. They’ve exhausted their talking points, and now they’re just regurgitating each other’s faux outrage.

    1. @Peter Bills Lmao, Same post Peter? Just a different thread. Wow, Fox is getting flushed. No commercials, The My Pillow guy must be pissed!

  2. Lmfao! No commercials or talking about when their own names were mentioned, I know what a panic attack looks like, every host appeared to be balls deep in a lingering panic attack last night.

  3. The ability of these people to walk out into a cat 5 hurricane and then talk about how amazingly calm everything is. I have no idea how they do it.

    1. @Boris The German the agreed upon connotation of an Insurrection is an armed uprising. No one had weapons. The law enforcement agencies had a minimum of three days to prepare and didn’t. This was encouraged by and allowed by the law enforcement agencies

    1. I went fishing last Monday, didn’t cash anything because fvking Putin.

  4. Fox News did not air and commercial interruptions as the hearings were airing, I guess Rupert Murdoch did not want any of their viewers to channel surf…😁

    1. @Moon I’m gonna check back with you on this sentiment in about…5 months…and then again in 2024. Hopefully you feel the same when Democrats lose. Ya know, intellectual consistency and all.

    2. @Pop3395 So you view $8/gallon gas and babies hospitalized over the lack of formula as a “step up”. Somehow, that doesn’t surprise me.

    3. @Michael C Agreed. Same thing with the BBC, they’re just a lot better at keeping it “normal” instead of “crazy”

  5. HAHAHA…. He’s reading *the very text messages* from Hannity, and STILL has the moronic audacity to say _”it’s all lies”._

    1. ​@Vince Diesel – *A)* Yes, Jan 6 is more important than the cost of fuel, *for the simple reason* that without a functional democracy and/or without the ability to have a government which is not prone to being *overthrown,* you don’t have a society – and gas would be your last concern.

      *B)* So, you’re saying that you want congress to talk about inflation *every minute,* of *every hour,* of *every day?!* Because:
      1) Congress has been working up bills and legislation to address the economic issues.

      2) The President has signed orders to release 1 million barrels per day from the U.S. strategic reserves.

      3) Democrat congressmen have been in the media proposing measures that the GOP could *help adopt.*

      4) Just as Mitch McConnell promised, it doesn’t matter whether something would help the country, his only mission is to make sure that *ANYTHING* that Democrats propose, McConnell will *NOT* let it succeed – or in *many* cases it will never even make it to the floor for a vote.

    2. @Gatsby Light , Oh for goodness sakes, do you even know what democracy is? It’s when the elected government handles whats on everyone’s mind. And if the cost of fuel and food and everything else is not on your mind then you’re adding to the problem. I suppose you think the economy is booming? If you’re not a wealthy person you will find out soon enough

    3. @Gatsby Light And how does Jan 6th remove a functional democracy.
      If the democratic leaders cannot schedule to broadcast their solutions to the public on primetime.. Why should they prioritize Jan 6th hearings. They could have broadcasted them on some Sunday or Saturday afternoon where there are no soccer schedules instead of blocking daily prime top stories.

  6. “Burn major cities down…” wow olive in one and did not see any fire or riots or anything at all. Good grief

    1. I like how this has twice as many dislikes as likes on CNNs own channel. The internet is truly populist.

    2. @Brenden Gas prices would not be what they are if Trump was president right now. Next time think before you vote

  7. CNN – “Ratings were never important for us”.
    World – “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…….”.

  8. My grandmother used to tell me that I should never have to lie because lies have short legs and that the truth will eventually catch up to the lies

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