1. @Dragon Fly​ dude trump literally said we should get rid of parts of the constitution- literally. not a stretch not a rephrasing, its what he actually said

      u have now become a threat to the constitution directly and unequivocally by supporting trump and what i am prepared to do is legal, moral, and horrifying

    2. Democratic Party would literally keep quite as well in order not to lose voters. I will not vote for Trump or Biden. They are BOTH BAD FOR AMERICA. We need new leadership or this country is going to fail IF Democrats and Republicans don’t kill one another first.

    1. Trump: “The Constitution should be terminated.”
      Trump the following day: “I never said the Constitution should be terminated. Fake news.”

    2. @Mimsy Borogove show me where Trump said he wanted the constitution terminated! Go read the highlighted quote yourself! CNN is lying again!

    3. Type* he typed it the same way you guys comment at each other to the point that you don’t know whose team your on cause every comment you read is in attack mode and I’m gonna take that personally. That’s why republicans and democrat can look at a picture and see 2 different outcomes. This is why I support TRUMP. Keep letting CNN read and tell you how to feel cause clearly they don’t want you reading his words by yourself. It might make too much sense

    4. @Mimsy Borogove The thing is…that’s not at all what he said. If you paid any attention to what was actually said…basically….the Dems crookedness could open the door for THEM to be able to terminate the Constitution. This should be very clear to anyone with at least a 3rd graders reading comprehension ability.
      It’s okay…it’s not your fault you’re stupid!

  1. That Republican apologist really makes me sick. I don’t know how he lives with himself or is able to look at himself in a mirror.

    1. They can do it easily because they know there will be no reflection – just like their own lack of self awareness. Which must come in extremely handy when you need to completely and continuously debase yourself as they do.

    1. @The Overcast Honey, I’m not screaming….just stating facts. I heard Trump with my own ears ask GA to find him x number of votes. Stick with Trump. That’s your right, but you will lose to Biden again and that is not going to be pretty. Have a good night.

    2. @The Overcast: Considering Trump lies constantly, we don’t need or NEED anyone remotely like that as POTUS. And that’s before we get into the whole blatant science and climate denial issues.

    3. @Roger Geyer Ah, the ol’ “Trummp lies constantly” shtick.
      Oh, and the “science and climate denial” one too! Oh how I miss hearing one of you textbook parakeets chirp.

      Wow how delusional you are. All of that is a lie.

    4. @kay armstrong it’s no wonder why I’m a independent who leans towards Republican as my family is low class and it’s hard to survive with a democrat in charge cause high inflation I hate people always claiming racism which Democrats do a lot and I absolutely hate people who lie Democrats also

  2. The reaction should’ve been an outright denounciation and condemnation of this man and his treasonous statements! Instead, they’ll probably just smooch those glutes a little harder!

    1. @Susan Caldwell I really do hate to ask, but are you a real person? Your last comment feels like something thrown together by an AI than a proper zentencr

    2. @Robert I’m real and Trump is a disgusting con man ,,just wait and see what he does by the end of week, he will say or do something outrageous for attention he always does,,just when you think he can’t go any lower he does

    3. @Susan Caldwell ok. Sorry to insinuate, but it is a valid question nowadays. Listen, I’m not pro trump at all. I had high hopes before the inauguration, but during that speech he made it very clear who he aligns with. Unfortunately he is still the better candidate unless someone reasonable runs next time

    4. @Robert he is the only candidate right now,and DeSantis is going to run and has also just like a Trump mini me

  3. Let me get this straight, now you support the constitution when it serves your interests? I couldn’t care less about this Left Right nonsense. Just be consistent for more than a day.

    1. That’s because the people who are threatening to destroy the constitution are the ones who stoled the election. That’s what he’s saying and Democrats heard it and decided to to twist it yet it’s only CNN pushing this and not any other alphabet news channel

    2. Meanwhile in reality – His candidates took L’s in the primaries but the 2020 election was still definitely stolen 🤔

  4. Trump probably meant to say that he would de-classify the Constitution. He can do that simply by thinking about it. What a man?

    1. @princeoftidds ask yourself? Why would Trump (in his own words) want to commit what he calls “a massive fraud of this type” and then go in to state that our forefather wouldn’t agree? It because most read what trump stated wrong ! He didn’t say he wanted that! His paragraph is complaining that that is what the DNC and big tech have done! Go back and read!

    2. @unlisted junk How’s Elmer going oh and Bannons wall fund.Why continue to fall on the sword for Donye – it makes no sense.

    3. @militaryvetandfather Upon a second reading, I can see how his post could be interpreted the way that you’re saying. It could be interpreted either way, really; Trump is a terrible communicator. As far as I know, his post was a response to the alleged Twitter/Joe Biden cover-up of the Hunter Biden laptop story, but the person who posted the info also said there was no influence from Biden in the same series of posts. This doesn’t justify Trump’s post, if he meant what you’re saying. If he’s talking about the 2020 election being stolen, that’s just not true. Literally every authority with the means to determine this have said there was no widespread fraud. We’re talking: 62 lawsuits (100% fail rate), two Supreme Court rulings, every agency involved in election security, every recount, audit, and election official, Trump’s own daughter, son inlaw and DOJ. This is not hyperbole, it is actually every single authority possible. If you want to take Trump’s word for it, the man is verifiably a habitual lier, court proven fraud and absurdly litigious. There is every reason not to believe him.

  5. Imagine putting your life on the line for the constitution knowing that the next president will just use it as his personal toilet paper.

    1. @Mimi Zimmer You keep mentioning this Brandon fella. It really makes you seem dumb when you’re trying to refer to Biden. Or should we all just lower our intelligence to your level so you can play 5 year old?

    2. @The Overcast Your desperate flailing in the face of facts shows that you know you got owned. Cry about it racist.

    3. @Red Rick Oh man, you have no idea how much the racist that I am is seriously crying right now.
      So much facts.

    4. Well that’s only fitting as he sees it. After all..he shtz on our national secrets too. If he is nothing else..he sure is consistent. He consistently makes me vomit.

  6. It must be exhausting by now for all of you to continue reporting the craziness of Trump.
    But thanks for informationing all of us.

    1. They don’t report facts anymore. The censor, put words in mouth, climate hoax, racism, sexism, Nazis everywhere, These communists agitators then blame Russia disinformation when fact gets loose. They are partisan propagandists in lock step. Not reporters. Just crazy nonsense opinions that cannot stand to debate issues. Kill the messenger is all they really have.

    1. @Edwin Villalobos “Terminate the constitution”….. pretty much the same as abolish the constitution..🤷‍♂️

    2. @Edwin Villalobos You could have summed up that rant with, “I don’t have the intelligence to know that abolish and terminate both mean the ending of something”, and at least been accurate and saved yourself some keystrokes.

    3. Orange Jesus and his Trumpkins are the biggest threat to democracy; of course he wants to shred the constitution.

    4. The “news” would ignore it…just as it has with all Dems, with the help of big tech, silencing and censoring “conservatives” (1st Amendment)…and Dems trying to ban the vast majority of firearms (2nd Amendment). Dems can’t even abide by 1A and 2A…and yet they somehow manage to convince (stupid) people that they’re for the Constitution and that Trump “called for the termination of it”.
      What Trump actually said, was basically….the Dems crookedness could open the door for THEM to be able to terminate the Constitution. This should be very clear to anyone with at least a 3rd graders reading comprehension ability.
      Joe Biden: “The Constitution is not absolute”. Now imagine what would be said about Trump, if he said that!

  7. John Kennedy looks like a fearful Elmer Fudd 😂 and I doubt that DJT has the patience to read our most treasured document.

    1. @residentgrey correct, but the oath could be more specific. Things should be updated/amended to meet the new challenges of the present day. If we hadn’t amended the constitution, there would still be slavery and segregation.

  8. I wonder how “conservative” and Republican parents explain the nutty things DT says to their kids…

    More troubling, I wonder if those same parents would even understand how outrageous it is.

    1. How would you explain how you just take “news” headlines and opinions(spins) as truth, rather than actually reading what was said, in the context it was said in?
      A 3rd grade level of reading comprehension, should lead you to understand that what Trump said, was basically….the Dems crookedness could open the door for THEM to be able to terminate the Constitution.

  9. The typical Republican response to Trump’s wild talk is more or less a “default” which tries to minimize Trump without insulting or belittling him and actually without ruling out his future as a candidate.

    Which is an impossible task and one which they look ridiculous in attempting.

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