1. Joe never got a chance to smell her hair or touch her grandchildren in weird way’s and that is what he is most sad about..

    1. @G M But the day of the Lord will come as unexpectedly as a thief. Then the heavens will pass away with a terrible noise, and the very elements themselves will disappear in fire, and the earth and everything on it will be found to deserve judgment.

  1. This has me worried. The GOP is surely salivating over this. They will cram another conservative on the bench and continue to callously steam roll the ideals of over half the country. I would love to see a balanced supreme Court, as all fair minded people should.

    1. I want a Supreme court that obeys the Constitution and Bill of Rights as it was written and intended by the founders.
      Nothing more, nothing less.

    2. It is written law. It isn’t supposed to be political or “balanced”. It is the law as it was written. “Ideas” that go against the Constitution are bad ideas, pure and simple. The document’s purpose is to acknowledge people’s unalienable rights. If your idea is to remove people’s rights, then you need to do some soul searching.

    3. You’re right they are salivating not to cram conservative ideas over half the century but to protect the constitution for another 200 years which is what all you guys on the left hate. Why? Why do the democrats hate what makes this country so special?

    1. @Jason Roberts hey moron, who do you think the anti tank missiles and weapons Trump is sending to Ukraine to kill? obama set back and watched Putin roll through Ukraine, people begged for his help and obama sent them sheets and pillow cases…..

    2. It’s really sad. It should’nt matter which justice is picked. Or by whom. It is a supreme court justices job. To enforce the constitution as it was written. Not to decide how they think it should be. I hope trump gets to pick the replacement. Because another liberal will just about do this country in.

    1. Sarah, you might be able to read it, but you don’t have an empathetic bone in your body to appreciate what it says.

    1. @Delage Eric No she passed away from cancer and wouldn’t like people like you trying to speak for her about her thoughts and feelings on life…so get back to basement so you relive yourself…

    2. @Jose Villasenor Just keep cheering in your maskless nonsense rallies!
      Ya,there’s no virus. All a hoax.
      You believe all that lying IDIOT in chief says! Sad, so sad.

    3. @J Just keep repeating your rabbit hole lies from your propaganda master.
      Blue wave coming to clean out the White House swamp.

    1. He’s not reading a full script….he has talking points, so he starts out with one, then raises his head and makes that point on his own.

    1. @Fine Dandy Are you serious? Trump takes unscripted questions daily. Biden gets food fed crap by phony media. What are they so afraid of?

    2. @Christine Henry and u get lies. Can’t believe you r wasting time and energy over such nonsense. Trump is killing people, cheating to win, lies, rigging the election. Trivial garbage. Joe Biden was sad, he lost a long time friend, jotted down points maybe related to stuttering practice, just get over it. Country is dying and you r concerned about reading. IDIOTS open your eyes and remember the 200,000 victims of Trump’s denial. Lest we forget.,

    1. @Jelly Belly
      How did Democrats influence the pandemic? First they called Trump a racist when he tried to shut down the border to China. He compromised allowing millions of tourist to celebrate Chinese New Year around the world. Second, Democrat Mayors encouraged hundreds of thousands of protesters for 4 months allowing the twenty-year-old to bring home this disease to their 50 year old parents and 70 year old grandparents. Third, Democrats were not honest about the death numbers and failed to tell the whole story including the fact that only 10,000 died, the rest of that number had underlying causes and the doctors cannot unequivocally state the coronavirus contributed towards their deaths.

    2. @Jelly Belly
      Unemployment rate is just over 8% now. It was 3% prior to the pandemic. No country is doing better now than it was six months ago. Compared to other countries that unemployment rate is quite good.

    3. @Jelly Belly
      45 second second video proving the death count includes people who did not die from the Coronavirus.

      “THE DEATH COUNT EXPLAINED: Dr. Ngozi Ezike, director of Illinois Department of Public Health” on YouTube

  2. Not wasting my time I come straight to the comment section. Not disappointed. Nowadays the news is in the comment indeed

    1. @Faith County I looked, and maybe we see two different sets of comments, but it seemed to be lots of trolls . I assume they are right wingers mocking the dems. That’s not a good sign biden’s going to win

    2. @James Collier I disagree. Why the trolls put effort on a local clip with only 4.3k views? Only 90 comments on that clip from CBS LA. Democrats viewers there in LA can easily flush the trolls in the comments there.

    1. Can we not argue in the comment section of a news story about an elderly woman’s passing? Did you all’s mothers not teach you to show some respect?

    1. @The Famous rleon!!! By making an apolitical eulogy to a woman who didn’t support him in the slightest, or being the only president to not get us into war in 30 years?

    2. THAT’S because trumpy dumpy grumpy ISN’T a politician hes a CON CORRUPT BANKRUPT SIX TIMES NARCISSIST habitual LIAR.

  3. So much love for the ones around Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg the persistence & honor she showed over the course of her lifetime is unrivaled to that of any of representation of our justice system period. Many people are hurting today, but tommrow & from here on ww live in her spirit & will ensure everything she has worked always remains part of who we are as people. She is to the representation of our country as one of the greatest to have ever lived, we honor you in our hearts forever, rest easy

    1. That was heart touching Caravello, reminds of the time I was in line at Loeb”s deli in DC, ole RBG was in front of me with her legal clerk when ole Ruth let out the loudest smelliest fart ever!! She turned to her clerk and said, “Maybe I won’t have the egg salad after all!” That old gal was a hoot !!

  4. Although I didn’t agree with her alot, at the end of the day a person has passed today, may she rest in peace

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