1. @Mark Warren yes, Obamacare which he helped create, and he has provided funding for, is why I am able to see a doctor today without going broke… Trump impacted my life because he downplayed Covid and my extremely sick mother listened to him, and didn’t wear a mask because he didn’t, and she died alone on a ventilator… IF she didn’t support trump , she would be alive

    1. @L G A thank you for admitting to liviving in mommies basement and accusing a contributing citizen of such. Those of us that contribute to society already know anyways but your honesty is appreciated none the less

  1. Lindsey is an awful example of an honorable person. He changes with the weather and his word is meaningless. The GOP are primary example of a party serving itself instead of the citizenry. Sickening

    1. @Neoto Honestly I my self I don’t blame the politics I blame us the people ho vote for them we trust in them but when they get elected they forget every body for another 4 more years don’t blame the politics.

  2. Sounds like Lindsey is okay with regulating things he doesn’t like, ie social media, can’t possibly regulate gun manufacturers or oil,companies though.

    1. They have no platform but to “other” people (gay, trans, Jewish) so social media is an easy target for this lame, dangerous POV

    1. @cole companion he can’t get off his knees for trump… truly a pathetic and craven display, but totally in character for graham.

  3. This was classic!
    Dana: “Is the world round?”
    Senators: “…um …er …uh …well …I’m running …um …it depends …vote me …”

  4. Graham could learn something greater about himself if, he took direction from Senator Richard Blumenthal of CT!!!

  5. Miss Lindsey sees inflation as a great opportunity for his party. Why would he want inflation to go down before 2024 and why wouldn’t he do everything he could to make sure it stays high?

  6. Reflecting on Dana’s closing statement; the logical adult public understands the need to work together. The part that bothers us is the fact we’re carrying on conversations with people who tried to overthrow the government and repeatedly attempts to subjugate its marginalized citizens.

  7. (Best Lindsey accent): “I think we should all look for election ‘integrity’ (insert unspoken antonym with that word) options so I don’t have to face myself later in prison or otherwise…”

  8. Graham on CNN: “yeah trump lost let’s move forward”

    Graham on Fox: “Trump won & it was rigged”

    Graham trying to score some cool points with CNN viewers 🙄

  9. How can Graham walk back from “enough is enough” “I’ve had it,” to, “he’s got to focus on the important issues”. Trump doesn’t care about issues, All he cares is about his ego.

    1. yeti son11 your guess is as good as ours!! I used to give him the benefit of the doubt and thought he was a decent person. But that was before John McCain passed away! A lot of these Republicans lost their way when he passed away! John McCain was an honorable man! A true American patriot! A hero in my eyes! These repubs would not know honor if it slapped them in the face! The thing is, I believe they’ve always been the way they are now, Trump’s transparency just made it all the easier for them! Actions speak so much louder than their freaking words which are all lies! I’m pretty high percentage of them anyway!

  10. “How can I stop being a spineless weasel and regain some tiny fraction of the principles I used to have?” ~ L. Graham (retired)

  11. When I seen Lindsey Graham throw his so-called best friend, John McCain under the bus. That pretty much summed it up for me.

    He is for sale. He will say or due whatever he can to get himself re-elected. Any bit of respect I may of had for him went down the drain with the brown water.

  12. The only thing I agreed with Graham on in this interview was when he said “Trump was the most consequential President”. But, unlike Graham, I would say that he was the most consequential in the very worst ways.

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