1. Parents need to spend time with their children and have them understanding different situations and problems that they may face. Video games I’m not saying that they are the problem cuz I played games when I was younger. But if you are letting your children stay in their rooms and play games or whatever alone and not be part of their life. This is bound to keep happening

  2. I’m a firm believer in the 2nd amendment but we as a nation need to put childrens lives ahead of even that. There has to be fundamental changes this can’t go on. As a parent my heart is broken. Our Nation cannot fail our children.Cannot stop thinking about these innocent souls.What can we do to stop school shootings? As Americans, we should start the process to remove every single senator-all 100 of them. Immediately. We need to do something drastic.

  3. Very odd press conference. It took an hour to take the shooter out. What good is an armed officer in the school, if they and local police are going take cover and wait 40 minutes+ for a team to take out one shooter? Something doesn’t smell right here.

    1. Do you think they wanted to wait that long? These are children. When you’re law enforcement in a situation like this you have to be smart and plan your actions. It’s not that easy. There could be more than one suspect, home made bombs planted etc.

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