Watch live: White House Easter egg roll

Since President Rutherford B. Hayes first invited children to egg-roll on lawn, the cherished springtime event has become one of the longest held traditions at the White House.

Dating back to 1878, the Easter Egg Roll came to be shortly after Congress voted to restrict public use of the U.S. Capitol grounds. Washingtonians had traditionally to rolled brightly dyed hard-boiled eggs down the lawn with spoons to celebrate Easter Monday, according to the White House Historical Association.

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  1. Watch live: White House Easter egg roll 1633pm 10.4.23 “did you win?” “course… always do..” “who did you play?” “them lot” “oh… what score?” “10 nil!” no amount of door slamming is change that fact…

  2. It’s hard to believe that even: we had the Easter bunny show up at our Harbor Light Christian church center on 17th Ave. This was in Live Oak, CA. In 2023. Whatever happened during the time when Pastor Mario Murillo preached to us about the true meaning of Easter Sunday. “It’s not about these fuzzy-wuzzy bunnies. It’s about Jesus’ crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection.”

    1. Actually early Christians would dye their eggs red and eat them on Easter since it was the end of their fasting time whatever its called

    2. @pastor Mario murillo is crazy PASTOR MARIO MURILLO IS NOT A MENTAL CASE. I still remember what he preached.


  4. This ain’t no Easter egg hunt heading out there dealing with the kids she’s dealing with the parents he’s politicking Easter egg hunt for the children check their mingling with the parents he’s doing he’s using this for a politicking moment taking pictures

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