Watch MAGA Aide Fact-Checked With Trump’s Own Violent Words On Live TV | The Beat With Ari Melber


  1. If Trump didn’t think there would be any violence, why did he go back and hide in the White House instead of joining the crowd like he said he would?

  2. The words cited are often being used as legal defenses of those who sieged our capital. Their own legal defense has been, “we went because the President told us to”.
    Trump has a clear pattern of behavior and rhetoric. His base chose to act on his words, on a day he invited and directed them.

    1. To blow apart the republicans side of saying ” it is the liberal-left wing media” by being “fair, and balanced” meaning welcome both sides to put their 2 cents in. Be it real 2 pennies, or 2 worthless slugs.

    2. it does seem to be kind of pointless, can show a short clip of anything possibly taken out of context to “prove” some point. So they argue back and forth for nothing

  3. How many times has Eric rewound that video of Donald saying “We love you. You’re very special.”

    1. @clean blacc sneakas …. Yup , they were paying homage to the Village People and Dances With Wolves …. and lots of really kewl neckbeards !!!

    1. Exactly!- he was telling them AFTER the riots at the Capitol, in a taped video clearly saying,”We love you, you are special…”

    2. To be accurate, he said “Go home, we(he means I ) love you, you are very special….” How sick is that? And yet Republikkkans turn their heads away. This will be judged by the historians forever in the history book like Hitler. I am sure Hitler had same followings for a while until the after the war.

    3. @Anil Achar (45) thought he would b able to pardon them, it backfired & now they’re all going to do time for (45) who really didn’t care about them!

    4. That DOUSE NOZZLE was watching the beginning of the RIOT on a TV and just SOAKING IT UP 😡😡😡
      Remember, the Capitol Police officer was BLUDGEONED at the beginning of the RIOT in the front door and he watched it happen and did NOTHING

  4. Let’s put it this way, if Trump had not made any speech on January 6th, there would have been no insurrection.

    1. @BidenCheatedAndBrokeHisAnkle 123 So you’re saying he’s 0% responsible for the whole thing? He lied about an election for months which slowly but surely fueled his crowd and on January 6th, everything played out in front of our eyes. THINK about it. Who else would be responsible for inciting this attempted coup other than Trump and his allies?

    2. @BidenCheatedAndBrokeHisAnkle 123
      Trump won’t run in 2024. He doesn’t want to be America’s 2nd choice for president for a 3rd time.

    1. Actually, Impeachment and Senate trial is defined as a political process the Supreme court has stated such multiple times; each time referring to why they have no jurisdiction in the matter. It is a constitutionally defined procedure but a political process of the legislative breach, not a judicial process by the judicial branch

  5. Donny didn’t “condemn” the violence and the attack of the capitol on Jan. 6th. And he waited hours to make any statement, let alone approve to send in the National Guard.

    1. Remember when the sycophants tried to rewrite the script of ‘would’ to ‘wouldn’t.’

      It was always he did not mean that; he was kidding; he was misunderstood; he was being funny; he was not serious. Endless excuses for a dude the cultists themselves called ‘tells like it is.’

  6. Why do they even bring this guy on the show, When he’s just going to keep spewing Nonsense..
    What a Kook🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. Ari’s point has EVERYTHING to do with the clips in the montage: maga trumpers have LONG witnessed trump incite violence…Jan 6th wasnt the first time. And trump’s instruction to “go home” was too little TOO LATE and only done under duress anyway. Trump will get off cause too many repubs fear for their families and their jobs…there’s no justice here.

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