WATCH: Manitoba's new Indigenous relations minister called out in first press conference 1

WATCH: Manitoba’s new Indigenous relations minister called out in first press conference


'You can't be out here defending residential schools.'

Manitoba's NDP Leader Wab Kinew called out new Indigenous Relations Minister Alan Lagimodiere over comments in his first press conference.

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    1. Canada get ready for judgement and this fellows a reason why. Bring on Judgement the MOST HIGH

    2. @Sherrilynn Grayer they know all! If you don’t believe me, just ask them! They were there for the discussions, of course

    1. I didn’t hear him deny anything. What you really want is selective history, where only the bad parts of Canada’s are remembered.

    2. @DajjaD when you celebrate Thanksgiving Day -what does that really mean to you? And why?! Then, educate what it really means to Indigenous people’s! What you are taught in school about that ‘holiday’ is not an accurate depiction of the truth….When I say ‘The Truth’ -I’m talking about the ‘Whole Truth!’

    3. @thefly373
      I make habit of shooing ‘flies’-their intent & purpose serves no purpose except to attend where Voltures often are or have already been!

  1. This guy is a complete disgrace. He hasn’t learned a thing, and I’m sure he will not learn in the future.

  2. Where’s that boy that slapped French Pres Macron=This guy needs the same—that smile & that laughter needs smacked off his face while presenting such a serious very serious topic= your Laughter at the topic, your dancing & dodging around the truth is unacceptable

  3. He might as well have come on stage and said ‘I am completely unqualified for this position and have no clue what I’m talking about’. So awkward. Read the room, dummy.

  4. @1:16-And; Thats how you nip in the bud, the unacceptable behavior of an ‘Enabler!’ Got to act swiftly, not later!
    Ignorance is not an excuse & neither is ‘enabling ‘the wrong side-To do so only adds to the wound you’re trying to heal (feels & sounds so insincere)

    1. Bang on!! The best way to correct negative, abusive behaviour is to call it out on the spot & expose it!

  5. Did they make a public draw and that is who they they gave the job too, this so called Minister has no knowledge of what happened …. omg he needs to be educated before he says something else so stupid and hurtful, EDUCATE yourself before you take a job,

  6. I’d have given an arm to see his face when confronted w the Trail of Tears going down in Canada as we speak?! TELL ME SIR, WHERE ARE ALL OF THE MISSING INDIGENOUS MEN & ESPECIALLY WOMEN disappearing to today??? I want to know!!!

  7. Be careful.. The Irish were treated very poorly. Only a matter of time before thier graves are dug up.

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