1. I bet the employee or event planner who didn’t track a storm/tidal surge feels like Einstein now! 😂🤣🤣🤣

    1. @Johnathon Castro I have also enjoyed this. I do apologize if I do get a little nasty..
      I am a older man that is worried about what kind of world we are leaving for my grandkids.
      My wife will soon need to knit sweaters made from Kevlar for the kids.
      The grandkids will also need to get use to weather
      between 133 F to -70F as they fight for water.
      Having a tree in your yard will be like having an extinct animal.
      And the rich will still continue to control the world.
      * The sad thing is over 80% of the top jerks in this world got their original money from mommy and daddy.
      Trump was a millionaire before he even finished preschool.

    2. @Elmosweed I’m 35 and I also have the same concerns. I hope things will get better for all of us. I truly think there’s more good people here in America than bad. As a country we need to be united. The rich will always be rich. Im just a peasant trying to scratch by lol

    3. @Johnathon Castro
      We had to pick sides on Ukraine / Russia.
      Doing nothing was not an option.
      Biden kind of had his hands tied on Afghanistan , because of the deal Trump made with the same group that retook over the Country.
      Trump gave them the Country back in my opinion.
      Trump giving them a time line for our withdrawal did not help Biden either.
      Once they broke the deal and started taking back over the Country- Biden had a choice to stay and fight or run.

      I agree the war has nothing to do with the oil prices and a poor excuse-
      Thank you again for chatting.

  2. i feel the most powerful when i’m on the internet.
    as you grow weaker—i grow stronger
    i’m basically the toughest guy on the internet

    1. @Wanuby that isn’t memorable, the person isn’t being a troll by the way there is something called an opinion.

  3. For anyone wondering, That’s not normal for that area of Hawaii. Nor were the waves Crashing over the 2 story condos.

    1. Global warming perhaps. Kia Ora I live in a coastal city in Aotearoa New Zealand and at an alarming rate the coast line in certain areas of the bay are starting to erode beaches and properties. You always get erosion but the weather is more intense now everywhere all over the world

  4. Amazing how most of those people were able to save the umbrella’s in their Mai Tai’s! Good for them! Aloha From Ohio

  5. Nobody remembers weddings where everything goes perfectly, they only remember the ones where crazy stuff happens. 🤷

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