Watch McConnell side against Trump in Senate speech 1

Watch McConnell side against Trump in Senate speech


Speaking in the US Senate following an objection to the counting of Arizona's electoral votes, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) warned about Congress overruling the voters saying it would "damage our Republic forever."
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    1. @JSTR the sad thing about Mitch McConnell he did say that remark I have seen the video that shown on television this is a sad day that i will remember this just like 9/11 that was sad day to I pray for the healing of our democracy and constitution this is not what should’ve happened we need to respect each other not hatred, God told us to respect each other I pray for everyone that has gone thru peace

    2. @C Kite, The “Hate and intolerance” is coming from Traitor Trump and his cult of delusional Nazi traitors. Now heads are going to roll, comrade.
      Trump is gone and he’s going to be prosecuted for sedition and treason. Along with ALL his other crimes. Game over.

    3. @Irene Beltran – Leave God and praying out of this. It doesn’t do a damn thing. Going out and voting does. ‘One Nation Under God’, ‘In God We Trust’? Look where it’s gotten us.

    1. @Lil Pudge I honestly don’t think he’s been telling Republicans from the beginning not to object because he was vote against their objection and he was one of the first Republicans to address Biden as President-Elect he’s just doing it more freely now

    2. @palestine389 Not because Biden is President but because Dem took bad the senate so they have the majority even if Republicans vote against it which some actually voted for the 2k Dems would still be able to get it through

    1. He’s secretly happy Biden won and had enough of Trump! He knew Trump never wanted to give people $2000!!

    2. @aberas McConnell speaks only half-truths. The Democrats objections in the past were targeted at voter suppression in certain states, not attempts to overturn the election results. In fact, the democratic candidate had already conceded.

      Furthermore, he lies when he says people didn’t accept him as president. People didn’t like him. People didn’t like the fact that he lost the popular vote, yet still won. There’s a difference.

      Never turn your back on the tide. McConnell’s not done yet.

    1. Did you just bash my least favorite person ever while making reference to one of my favorite movies? in one sentence? Oh god I think I’m in love

    1. @Nikki Racks It is a democracy – just a constitutional democratic republic version of it, rather than a ‘pure democracy’, which I don’t think has existed since ancient Greece…[EDIT] It looks like Switzerland is the only country in the world that still uses ‘Direct Democracy’, as per the initial Athenian model. However, this form of democracy is still practised in some parts of the US (Vermont, for example).

    2. @Gareth Ogden yes you are really close. US is supposed to be a democratic republic … so a republic w democratic principles

    1. @Scad Hope he followed the trials and Biden has not own yet. He was supposed to officially win today and that’s why McConnell is giving up

    2. As much as I hate to say this; he’s mostly right. Both parties have a right to contest the results. Whether Dem or Rep, it is your right to disagree. But when even your appointed Supreme Court judges dismiss your case, you must concede. 45 has lost.

  1. A day late and a dollar short, as my grandmother used to say. He rammed his judicial nominees through and now he sees the light. What a repulsive lizard person he is.

  2. Mitch said “if you want to burn this thing down, it won’t be on my watch”. Even I can’t turn a blind eye to the Tom foolery.

    1. Trump did nothing wrong. It clearly states in the Constitution a sitting president shall nominate the supreme Court Justice when one becomes available. Trump did not have a three and a half year term he has a four-year term he did nothing wrong

  3. This is by design. Mitch may look like an unassuming turtle, but he’s very calculated and always has something else up his sleeve.

  4. This slug has literally built a career on partisanship and prejudice. One good deed is not enough to save a soul after a life of crime.

    1. @Jacob c Well that is a upside of it .Keep moving forward learn from mistakes and make it better for all!

  5. The utter hypocrisy of this man. He loses and needs to scramble for a semblance of legitimacy, and suddenly he finds an affection for some aspects of democracy.

    1. Really name one thing worse than what the Democrats want to do to the electorate please enlighten me you politically cultured nonce.

  6. “we cannot keep drifting apart…”
    did he seriously just say that? where has he been for the past thirty years?

    1. He’s jumping off a sinking ship. He’s trying to save his own skin. He’s trying to salvage his political career.

    1. Like hitting a grand slam with 2outs in the ninth losing 20 to 0, or throwing a touchdown with 2 seconds on the clock and you’re losing 42 to 0

    2. He’s having to Choose between the Constitution and the President. It shouldn’t be a choice. How did it get so far, oh yes, the Republican Party support.

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