Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 13 | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 13 | MSNBC


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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 13 | MSNBC


  1. If Afghans don’t stand up and fight after 20 years under their current government why should anybody else do it for them! Scarborough is wrong we cannot continue to support a corrupt government! The best we can do is contain Taliban just like we do with Iran and N Korea. It is not ideal solution but there is no point continuing on fool’s errand and cut our losses.

    1. Joe wants that heroin connect soon as matter fact before they went all the drug dealer where talking about heron about to come . Then all of a sudden oxycontin the rage the whole pill addiction phenom happen when it’s war started .

  2. The Admiral said it. Afghanistan has a $T trillion in rare earth minerals needed for making batteries. The toops want to be there (the military industrial complex). Followed up with this is how 911 happened… B.S. that was Saudi Arabia! We cannot continue to fund wars for oil and minerals and the military industrial complex. We cannot even repair our own roads. Unacceptable.

  3. I very rarely condone any changes to the templates for governance left to us by our forefathers, but, truth is, the Republicans have shown us precisely why the Electoral College should be abolished: because they’ve corrupted it so badly. The same thing can be said for Citizens United decision which now allows huge amounts of undisclosed “dark” money to buy off the people we elect. We MUST start protecting democracy if we expect to keep it.

  4. In other words Afghans didn’t really need the west to be in their country. They were in that union for the funding and corruption that came with it.

  5. After Twenty Years of Training, and Giving Them Weapons to Fight for Their Country. IT’S TIME for Them to Stand Up for Their Country !!! American is done sending Our Soldiers to DIE for NOTHING !!!

    1. @Sandra Tima It’s Their Country to Stand Up and Fight !!! That’s it nothing else matters if they care about Their Country.

  6. Regarding allowing foreign imports, we shouldn’t have to rely on foreign governments to regulate drug prices because our own government is corrupt from campaign contributions.

  7. If we haven’t fixed it in 20 years, how many more years would it take to fix it? 30? 40? Forever? We’re gonna nation build in another country while America crumbles? We’re gonna bring democracy to another country while it takes as much as 2/3 of a day to vote in this country? Imagine working as a realtor while homeless.

  8. If there’s that much Lithium there, they will need the equipment to extract it. Where will that come from?

  9. Biden is not doing well at anything. I just got back from Texas/Mexico boarders and the amount of people coming in blew my mind. Undocumented for MSNBC

  10. That is the same thing Putin said to Comrade Bonespurs in 2016 ” Just tell everyone it is corrupt and leave the rest to me”.

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