Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 16 | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 16 | MSNBC


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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 16 | MSNBC


  1. They are not trying to help them selves their they need to fight not to rely on the US 20 years of help they should have been ready

    1. Exactly Ghani’s army had over 360,000 soldiers, while the Taliban has 80,000 who would have known the army would not have stood up and fight for their country? Ghani told Biden that his army would fight. Ghani was wrong. This is so much like what happened in Saigon people hanging onto planes etc. I guess that’s how it always is when we pull out. People are desperate BUT we can’t take them all. Biden already pulled out 2000 of Afghans citizens.

    1. @Junior Abreu
      You made an assertive statement that “it was all planned;” but then you put a question mark at the end. This made your statement nonsensical. You also followed the statement with another that seems to dispute a fact anyone clearly can see happening in real time, that the Talibans practically took over all the cities and towns in Afghanistan, without any resistance.

      So, yeah, whatever you were trying to say made no sense. Got it?

    2. @Junior Abreu Not planned in details but defo laid out as the direction.
      It was what trump n putin talked about during some of the unrecorded meetings/conversations. Im sure it wont be more than a few years from now that we see russian mining companies working together with the mullahs.

    3. @Richard Batchelder – the conflation is real in this one. errmm.. you think the FBI and pentagon are the same? and they somehow isnt able to process more than one case at a time?

  2. If they couldn’t be trained in twenty years then they’ll never be trainable. They should have known that this would happen. That’s not our responsibility to stay there forever. It’s way overdue to stop funding the warmachine.

    1. I agree. We gave the best training, weapons, airpower, and intelligence and still they can’t stand up for themselves after 20 yrs, it is a tragedy. All are to blame.

    2. @pam ogburn We gave them training buy they never had any REAL combat experience..meanwhile for 20 years those Taliban soldiers have been fighting REAL combat skirmishes. America was doing most if not all of the heavy work…so this outcome really isn’t surprising

    3. That’s why President Obama did not want to stay in Afghanistan in the first place. If you remember when he had the troops in their the Afghanistan government would not fight for their self.

  3. They arent willing to fight for their own country…why should anyone else send they’re Sons and daughters to fight for them ??

    1. @Shane Whitbread But they go because of the decision of whoever is in power, so the argument is valid.

    2. Biden and the Defense Dept. were too busy hunting down Americans that were in DC on Jan 6th rather than overseeing a safe and orderly withdrawal … The incompetence of this administration is staggering.!

  4. If you listen to corporate news past 24 hours, its clear they want a forever presence in Afghanistan. Military industrial complex is seething through their teeth.

    1. I specifically remember Mika being pretty supportive earlier this year when Biden announced they would be 100% out by September. What changed?

    2. @Joseph Boring well that’s a stamp of approval for Biden in my book. You either make middle Americans happy or billionaires happy. Haven’t experienced anyone doing both.

    1. Mismanagement of troop call back process can be attributed to Biden but when the useless war is talked the first person to be held responsible is Bush.

  5. Alexander the Great said about Afghanistan: “It’s easy to march in, but not easy to march out.’

    1. tailaban was planning this when trump said he was pulling troops out why is everyone so surprised afgahanistan was takin over so fast and the result would still be the same if you had the best plan ever to get out would been same kaos

    2. @melanie that’s the biggest discrepancy of human race. I still remember when 9/11(my condolences to all the bereaved families) happened Bush went there in a haste as if he was to come out before his next election from Afghanistan but here we are after whole 2 decades.

    3. @Gerardo Lira Why in the world would you want to invade Russia, which is a fellow nuclear power? That’ll be the end of mankind.

  6. It is sad what has happened I must admit… but it goes to show that I’m sorry not to sound insensitive, but the Afghan president FLED he was weak along with Afghan troops… they depended too much on Americans troops which was never meant to be as a permanent stay … I do feel bad for the Afghan residents bad is an understatement… it’s just horrible.

  7. So what responsibility do the Afghans have to secure their own lives?
    The US was paying the salaries of 300,000 Afghan troops, where did they go?
    Why should Western countries stay while the dam warlords stabbed us in the back whenever we turned around to get them something?
    Sure freedom is great when they’re not putting their lives on the line.

    1. I sometimes feel like im reading posts from a 3rd grader – do you not know anything about the US military doctrines? –

      . Offense is the best defense. Fight them there to avoid fighting them at home

    2. karzai and his men sent the money to tax havens, and put some of them into luxury real estate in doha, london and kabul. hurray!


  8. I am 70 years old. My dad was a ww2 vet. He always said go back in history as far as you want to. Break any war down no matter how big or small, and the lowest common denominator is always in the name of God and or greed.

    1. Your Dad is a very smart man someone else brought up Alexander the Great he had a great quote re:Afghanistan.

    1. I agree and disagree. This has been projected for over a year and was unstable under Trump. Any Afghanis who could get out should have left to a different country, even if they couldn’t get to the USA. USA broke something that it can’t fix. Time to admit it and walk away!

    2. @Kaye WeComeToFete We broke it? How so? IMO we just postponed the inevitable. But I am interested in your perspective.

  9. Afghanistan has no President & after 2 Decades of training, their Military folded quick like a horrible hand in Poker.

  10. Plenty of time for Afghanistan to get it together!! Knew our soldiers were leaving and not only that but they trained them to protect themselves. Not our war!!!!

  11. You get what you’re willing to fight for. Its that simple. That country had a generation to prepare for this moment.

  12. Not the problem of the USA! We trained them for years, gave them everything we had. It’s Afghanistan’s problem, always was,always will be.

    1. It was past administration decision to invade Afghanistan. From that moment it was American problem.

    2. @Rings Montgomery Yeah, past REPUBLICAN ADMINISTRATION. Republicans always love waging wars and making America bleed money while Democrats are the ones cleaning up the mess after.

    3. Well it actually the U.S’s problem but you are right the U.S failed miserably. This was a no win situation caused by the foolish invasion they embarked on to begin with.

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