Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 19 | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 19 | MSNBC


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  1. It would be premature to say the combat mission in Afghanistan has ended…The lack of situational preparedness in regards to the exit was/is breathtaking.

    1. May have ended in Afghanistan, now it’s in in US. No longer need foreign terrorist now that we have Domestic Terrorist. Foreign terrorist now sitting back watching Domestic violence destroy the US.

    2. The talibán has known for months when our people were leaving God helps those who help themselves. USA cannot baby sit the whole world forever. Get Real!

  2. Two time impeached President freed 5000 Taliban prisoner, lifted sanctions on Taliban leaders then signed the deal for a hasty US withdrawal
    from Afghanistan while the US was at a position of strength against the Taliban … and … and … waite for it .. now he blames Biden for his deal

    1. @CJ K Sorry CJ K – do not agree with you at all! Donald Dump has exacerbated the situation in Afghanistan from the beginning per the comments from Martin I and SMS, and the reason there was peace was because there was a U.S. presence and also because Trump toadied up to the Taliban just as he toadied up to Putin. He does love those dictators. Quit slamming President Biden who has done tons more to be positive and have a better outcome for the PEOPLE of the U.S. than sleazy Don could ever hope to do because he doesn’t have hope for the people; he only has grifting and concern for himself. Trump would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have said that he takes responsibility nor would he have said the buck stops with him. I have nothing but contempt for Donald.

    2. Now, because of Afghanistan, it looks like Biden will be impeached one and only one time – sucessfully.

    3. With Biden being in charge, is like one being tied to a chair while you watch a toddler play with a loaded gun”…..

  3. It’s time to change the headlines from “Hospitals Overwhelmed”
    by new cases to “Vaccinators Overwhelmed” by turnout for vaccines.

    1. How did you get 4 people to hit he like button on a statement that makes absolutely no sense? Hut America!?!

    2. @Jeffrey English Tell me how I am wrong. Tell me how it makes no sense. I really, really would like to hear that.

    1. @SMS I agree 100%. We finally have a true leader that knows how to get things going in the right direction. Trump was so…incompetent, what a disgrace and a failure he was. Voted out the 2nd impeached con man, charlatan

    2. @Dan Archer ya, we remember how he sucked up to world leaders like Putin. Remember the romance with North Korea, Kim Jong Un and his ridiculous affection with China? Oh man, we had the best time laughing at how ridiculous, the Late Night Hosts had a fiesta every night and we laughed BIGLY!!!

    3. @Asher Housemannah, dude, that’s only for the corrupt and incompetent! Dream on buddy, fantasize all you want

  4. Tom Nichols has failed to focus on what really has happened that accounts for the anger. Three phenomenon: America was done rebuilding Europe and Asia (destroyed by WWII) at the end of the 1960’s. In order to settle the Vietnam War, America’s capitalist family’s sent manufacturing to Asia to recapture gross profit margin lost to Unions, three: we all stopped buying into the USA mantra that “if you work hard you will move up in Society. Why? No manufacturing jobs). So he calls us all a bunch of selfish, lazy complainers and completely fails to address root causes.

  5. The elated good-bye accordingly suspect because customer neurochemically bury notwithstanding a dirty bridge. naive, furry furtive sushi

  6. Wow Joe, your 100% right, and brave to announce another round more…Joe your flying itno Air power space man.. FOX is conna vend and cheapin and Alex Jones is doing cartwheels rightm4onmk

  7. We are not grateful for everything we have. Being grateful is a great source of happiness.
    However, I don’t think GDP is everything. Basic healthcare, safety, good relationships and ONE job that pays all the bills are more important.

    1. The USA? Doubtful! We will be, and have been saving the world, as usual! We are entitled to feel a little spoiled and narcissistic, LOL

  8. Always in decline is a mythological motif – it’s as old as city living (7,000 yrs). It’s clear that a huge swath of Americans think, wrongly, that belief is equivalent to knowledge. The current christian religion keeps believers stupid, damaging education and psychological maturity.

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