Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 20 | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 20 | MSNBC


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  1. Use emp’s, and just fry all electrical systems in equipment left behind, those that have them. Destroy the rest manually thru planted explosive; do that first ,make them activate all electricals in trying to move drones and helicopters around. After the people are out. Just a thought

    1. Most of the this stuff requires a ton of money and supply lines to run and maintain properly that the Taliban just doesn’t have so while it makes for a nice trophy realistically they aren’t going to be able to make use of most of this stuff. The guns though are the ones they can have a field day with unfortunately.

  2. America’s sense of newsworthiness is perplexing: constant and inexplicable badgering on what has gone wrong in a fast evolving emergency situation. Why not take what’s gone wrong as given, suspend judgment and finger pointing, and focus on what measures are being taken to ameliorate the situation? How do you expect excellent decision making in a fast changing crisis situation with constant criticism of every move you make or do not make or make in a way other than what the critics want you to make or have made? This is not a Hollywood movie, for crying out loud! This is a live Afghanistan crisis situation.

  3. This is crazy, news organizations reporting what the United States is going to do is really jeopardizing the operation..

  4. I can’t believe we left all that expensive equipment in Afghanistan. What a waste. But then again, this entire war was a 20-year waste.

  5. Bottom line- there must be a reason for leaving all that equipment behind. Someone is making a killing and its not the Taliban.

    1. @John Smith China and Russia will think so at least enough when the Taliban sells them that technology to copy…

    2. @Toward Treatise honestly, the Chinese already have that technology., I don’t understand how you abandon all that equipment. Who makes that decision? This seems to be a pattern. We did the same thing in Syria last year. I’m tired of it. We pay for that.

    1. how so… that equipment was for the Afgan army…. it was those Afgan troops and command that fled… 300 k strong and they ran like a bunch of cowards… so please how is it corruption???

  6. I’m so glad I was able to be admitted to the hospital when I needed to.. non covid related.. greetings from El Paso

  7. Why weren’t all these weapons been disabled before we left?. It’s always been common to disable equipment when retreating. Why would the military want to give the Taliban all these weapons?

    1. War is about profits. Military contractors build equipment, it gets lost, destroyed or decommissioned. Then those companies are contracted to build more. Soldiers are destroyed and replaced just the same way. You didn’t think we were really fighting terrorism did you?

    2. @Charlotte Tyus I guess you think that the military isn’t capable of making decisions without Biden directing their every action. Why even have generals if they can’t be trusted to make any decisions?

    3. Election fraud has consequences. We have an incompetent Democrat President whose boss(es) doesn’t like America.

  8. The Military should got and take these items back we should be concerned, giving power to men who couldn’t keep control

  9. Mr news anchor sir I can only assume we are watching them threw satellite sell all that equipment at the bazaar.there are probably just tread marks in that field.we @#$%^& up.

  10. Keep in mind as we watch these videos of the Taliban making use of guns, clubs and whips for crowd control
    that Donald Trump insisted the same be used against peaceful protestors in American cities as well
    as in our Capitol. Where was the Republican outcry then?

  11. Why, oh why do news outlet discuss U.S. strategies on the airwaves. Are we so arrogant in the US that we don’t think that the Talibans or other foreign countries don’t look at the news.

  12. I totally agree with that they’re tied into the other package to manipulate people to do what they want we’re tired of the Dems manipulation and games and sneakiness

  13. Good I hope everybody loves against it… I’m tired of these politicians being sneaky and trying to slip things in

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