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  1. ….and here I’m sitting in Sweden annoyed that we don’t have a cool digital vaccine-pass only an ordinary pdf to download…

    1. It will come sooner or later because it will probably be required for international travel.
      A paper document is not sufficient as it can be forged. A digital certificate signed with PKI cannot.

    1. @BlaQ Bay17 **how many soldiers lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan??? It was George Bush who sent them there!!! IT’S ALWAYS REPUBLICANS WHO START THESE STUPID WARS 😠😠😠!!!! STOP BLAMING BIDEN!!!!**

    2. The lengths these people are going to, to avoid the vaccines. I say, let them, the only way they will learn is when they just they just about to drop dead !?

  2. As long as the unacceptable pay for all their medical care and there should be no “disability” for covid bums.

  3. Joe & Sasse are now pandering to the lowest form of intelligence. Biden made the correct decision to get out of Afghanistan. That’s a no-brainer. No, we don’t need to stay there in any capacity. We should have left a very long time ago.

    1. Onboard USS PORT ROYAL (CG 73) inport Pearl Harbor 11SEP01. We were ready to down Japanese airliners that could not be turned around because of fuel. Then off to Tora Bora and Operation ANACONDA. Then back to Operation ENDURING FREEDOM two more times.
      Everyone of you who voted for Biden ==> OWNS THIS DISASTER <=== and has American Blood on your hands...

    2. @Pete Shearer 13 body bags because of his and his band of fools incompetence..!! That Gen Milley is a real POS..!!!

    3. I have to wonder when “personal responsibility” comes into this situation. I would have left within DAYS of Trump negotiating a complete surrender to the Taliban terrorist he got released from prison. At least by the May 1st deadline! I don’t know why they waited a year and a half and just hung out…

    4. @Amber Andrews “I’m sure this is somehow Trumps fault. Mika just hasn’t told me how or why yet” -Biden Voters

  4. will someone please ask governor abbott what he thinks of the federal government enforcing the Americans with disabilities act in texas? quick question for you, Joe–what per cent of the Afghanistan population wanted us to stay there? If Japan or Korea demanded we remove our troops from their nations, does Joe figure we should just tell those governments we know better? quick question for ben sasse and his belief we should be a nation that keeps its word–care to discuss the historical failures of the u.s. to keep its word? how about Hungary in the 50’s? Czechoslovakia in the 60’s? Poland in the 80’s? all those countries could tune in to radio free Europe and hear our encouragement for them to rise up. and when they did, where were we?

  5. He’s the better commander-in-chief that we have because the one that was in the white house wasn’t that’s 4 sure on that period

  6. The ending is very telling. Senator Sasse said the quiet part out loud. He & “Morning Joe” don’t mind trading in American soldier’s lives for profit. I bet it’s keeping the military-industrial complex VERY happy. Warmongers!

    1. Your comment is so disturbing, did you not know in the mayor’s city more people died from gang violence than from covid. She sucks.


  8. Another big Trump winning deal, negotiated and signed by Trump.
    The US couldn’t even ensure that military aid and money found its way to the Afgan troops on the ground. Trickle-down economics fails again!

  9. When a person gets parasites (that includes worms)doctors give mebendazole or albendazole not ivermectin. We are not livestock.

    1. Ivermectin is approved for human use. It’s “one of the tools” that a doctor has at their disposal to treat people. Saying that this is “a horse deworming medicine” is true, but it’s also a misleading and dishonest presentation of the facts to support NBC’s political narrative. Unfortunately you really can’t trust people who are willing to manipulate the facts like this. What other facts are they willing to misrepresent in support of NBC’s narrative?

    2. @Jason McIntosh One voice of reason in a sea of delusion. I sometimes come over here to see how insane some people are getting at any given time. They never let me down.

    3. @Jason McIntosh What you just wrote is dangerous garbage. That is why people are dying in America when a life saving vaccine is available. Talk about twisting the facts. “approved for human use. Yes. BUT NOT FOR TREATING COVID-19. Head lice, other ailments related to parasites. NOT covid-19. There is a reason the FDA has not approved it for the treatment of covid-19. It is because there are NO scientific studies showing it to be both safe and effective.
      Doctors can be sued for prescribing this drug for the treatment of covid-19. Unfortunately, you cannot be sued for making this ridiculous recommendation. Being plain stupid is one thing, but being a dangerous crackpot “quack”, is another.

    4. @The Mechaniacal Check the mirror, There is a dangerous, insane person looking back. Go and inject yourself with some bleach. Share the results, if you can.

  10. When people comment on the logistical issues that have arisen while trying to evaluate people out of Afghanistan, I notice none of them had made any recommendations beforehand on how the evacuations should be handled. Why? Because they don’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t have any inside knowledge of what the different scenarios would be. It’s really easy to complain afterthefact. Saying hindsight is 20/20 in these situations is stupid. In the future, military experts will break it down and it will affect how the US will handle future conflicts. However for now, this is a fluid situation and it will change as needed.

    1. Joe is up for the challenge, RIGHT..?? if it goes south though.. “I’m sure this is somehow Trumps fault. Mika just hasn’t told me how or why yet” -Biden Voters

  11. We require clothes in public (no shirt, no shoes, no service.), which interferes with nudists rights.There are bunches of laws over behavior in public. What’s the big deal with masks?

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