Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 3 | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 3 | MSNBC


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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 3 | MSNBC


    1. Kamala Harris accused Joe Biden of being a racist and of sexual misconduct. The Harris Biden administration.

  1. Alexander Vindman should be recalled to active service, promoted (retroactively, if possible.) He is who we should want on the NSC.

    1. Trumpsters will swallow their tongues.
      It’s the absolute right thing to do but those idiots will see it as a provocation and probably retaliate somehow.
      I say reinstate any pay cuts he received and let him live like a boss on some tropical beach.

    2. I agree. I was glued to the TV during the impeachment hearings. I was very impressed by Lt. Col. Vindman’s testimony. It was clear he was telling the truth. He is truly an honorable man who risked so much and gave up so much for his country .

    3. @WebsterA I don’t think he had any pay cuts. My understanding is that because his name was on a promotion list, the entire list was held up, so he retired so that the others on the list could get promoted. He has said that the NSC was he dream job. He is a better man than any of his former bosses. I would like he on the detail when the orange menace is arrested, even I don’t think he would be given that opportunity. Here’s hoping that he’s financially better off, due to he book deal.

    1. My sister died from Covid listening to her faith leaders, who said “God will protect you” so no need to mask up in church. Faith leaders continue fail their flock.

  2. Alexander Vindman is a hero, also his twin brother and they should be rewarded. He is right about the Senate being guilty, they and selfish, dishonorable people like Trump need justice too. Vote Blue.

    1. @Max Mustermann yup. And all of our insurance premiums go up, as these selfish people saddle us with gigantic hospital bills they won’t pay.

  3. Biden should honor the brothers. We need men like this. They should receive a medal. “Medal of preserving democracy”!!!

    1. @Ginger Davis sorry, I forgot to say,. I Ment YOU!! American hero, this man is how I hope my children turn out. Even if it’s only 50 percent! You,how ever, should know better by calling him a list! How screwed up is That?!!?

    2. @Ginger Davis again, I didn’t check spelling, but I ment to say. LIAR,As he is Not a Liar. Damnit

    3. @Live&letLive , this other Canuck (but the French modèle 🙂 totally approves ! Hope Yanks don’t turn to fascism, we fought the Nazis TOGETHER !!!!

  4. Colonel Vindman doesn’t just talk-the-talk, he walked the walk. 100% integrity and a true warrior who is fighting for his country and decency.

    1. Yes Duncan, unlike the craven cowards in the Republican party. All out to protect their political careers.

  5. Thanks to these guys, Trump is finally losing whatever legitimacy he was supposed to have in his “presidency” and his reasons for declaring the 2020 election as fraudulent… Hence, the “imperator” is shedding his clothes in full view of the public…

  6. This is a decent and truthful man that has morals he deserves respect he had a beautiful mother and family and he served this country with integrity and honesty .

  7. promote him….he should be able to look at his Father and say it was worth it …America is worth it!

  8. Biden should give Vindman the Medal of Freedom award.
    It will be a real Award issued by a Real President!!
    The last guy gave them away for million dollar plus contributions to his personal SLUSH FUND!!

  9. I felt so bad for the brothers after being so brave. So happy he wrote the book! This IS REAL AMERICAN MEN!!!!!!!!

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