1. It is beginning to become clear why Trump was too chickensh**t to withdraw from Afghanistan himself.
    He knew it was going to be ugly and difficult and tragic and chaotic…and it was going to make him look bad.
    Better to just let Biden do it and criticize him from the safety of the sidelines.

    1. Baaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa! Biden is begging Taliban terrorists for mercy. Yup, Trump would have done the same I am sure.

    2. Biden breaks vow and leaves stranded Americans in the hands of bloodthirsty Taliban.!!! Good Job Joe.!!!!

  2. The state of Florida will simply wear down the school districts . The good guys are doing all the work . All state govt. has to do is throw lawyers and withhold help .

  3. People who still want out, will hang hope on the qualifying words : end evacuations “” from Karzai airfield “”.

  4. NOBODY NOBODY NOBODY knows what long term toll a child will have. Regardless how quickly they recover did they lose a kidney. Heart . How sure does America feel playing Russian roulette with our little legacies. My vote is every chance every opportunity please give it to them.

    1. Influenza can lead to respiratory failure which can evolve into significant Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). Abstract 2017 “The quality of life of survivors with ARDS was lower than those with no ARDS. Our findings suggest that pulmonary function and imaging findings improved during the first 6 months especially for those with ARDS, however long-term lung disability and psychological impairment in H7N9 survivors persisted at 2 years after discharge from the hospital.

  5. After the United States 🇺🇸 completely leaves 🍃 Afghanistan their should be a blanket attack on everything in the country that way the Taliban can live in the rebel of their new acquisition.

  6. I know there will be a lot of criticism about this sad end to 20 year war in Afghanistan. One thing I absolutely do not to hear again is any criticism by the failed ex president donald trump. In a statement published by The Hill he, who surrendered to the Taliban and mike pompeo gave it back to them. Now I see trump saying we should attack again to get equipment back, that it is a failure. Someone needs to take him to task forcefully and loudly for the whole country to hear.

  7. Anyone who truly wants to experience a relative representation of how people who are
    desperately trying to convey to all the truth about Covid and its vaccines in
    today’s politically charged environment should read or see performed if
    you can, the play “Enemy of The People” by Henrik Ibsen.

  8. What a joke… those people will be killed. The media trying to sell these talking points the taliban is gonna play nice is ridiculous

  9. Mr Engel… All due respect, because you have been reporting this a long time…but your guessing and speculation and ‘may take weeks, maybe not’ ‘may be hit with sanctions, maybe not’ this is NOT helpful!
    Your colleague in Germany humbly said “I don’t know” NONE of us know!! And until you are privy to top secret plans, you should also be humble enough to keep your speculative rhetoric to yourself.

  10. Thank God Biden was able to keep the death rate a quarter of the number trump killed in just the last 2 years of his term

  11. My question, what difficulties did these left behind” folks experience during the last 4 months of announced evacuations?

  12. Twenty years in Afghanistan fighting the Talibans. In the end, the Talibans survived and are back to rule. What happened? Unbelievable and laughable, but horribly true!

  13. This was so iconic and empowering! Although highly nuanced and profoundly complex, the compelling gravitas of the existentially unprecedented fluid uncertainty is driving the strategic execution of the product roadmap, in our empowered pursuit of dynamic excellence. I’m bravely, courageously, courteously and authentically walking in my panoramic regal truth; radically accountable as a facilitator and catalyst of asynchronous symbiotic syntheses, with unconditional selfless kindness! The heartache is simply heartbreaking. I’m celebrating my lived experience and thriving, with great pageantry and a soupçon of majestic systemic kindness and structural empathy. Try to reach out, with stunningly authentic and empowered clarity, after you’ve found your noble voice, by taking ownership of your spectacular journey and by honoring your epic autonomy! You deserve it because you’re robustly oppressed, invalidated and marginalized; suffering from incomprehensible stigma. We’re all in this together, you know. Water Is Wet! Kindness Always! Fire Is Hot! Let THAT sink in!

  14. It is about time we got out of Afghanistan. Sure it’s going to cost the defense industry a few bucks but in the long run it’s going to save lives.

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