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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 31 | MSNBC


  1. Stupidity is one of life’s big mysteries, like evil, like love, an ineffable thing. You cannot exactly define it, but you know it when you see it, as Justice Potter Stewart said of pornography. It takes many forms. Stupidity is entitled to no moral standing whatever, and yet it sits in a place of honor at the tables of the mighty; it blows in their ears and whispers promises… it even exists in comments on real news reels.

  2. I watched an earlier edition of the 6AM Morning Joe that has had informative commentary and analysis from Admiral James Stavridis (Ret.) and Richard Haas from the Council of Foreign Relations. Wish they were included here.

    1. @bbmac64 yeah, I did. But the “Highlights” excluded Stavridis and Haas. They included Kitzinger and Rouse. They dropped the analytical for the emotive.

  3. 168,000 people killed because of our war, 2461 of them ours, the rest were in their own lands. Spent a few trillion – ALL of that was ours. And now allies are facing death, families on all sides are grieving. Yeah, that’s why you don’t do war – only a last resort. Not an institution of your government’s foreign policy.

  4. Once again. It’s not just the hosts. There were tough decisions, because the circumstances became perilous. The finger pointing can be done on FOX. Perhaps you all would be happier over there.

    1. no, not a Fix type, but it does not mean we can’t critize. Yes I agree it us a tough tough decision. wish there was MORE time made to save souls

    2. Hey I watch real tell it like it is News from WION out of India and I know Uncle Joey left 85 Billion in weapons to terrorist, thereby under the Constitution the president committed TREASON!

  5. 1:44 IF we’re pulling out, Mr Kirby, why WOULD there be “a military roll at this time” ‘you really don’t see’ ?

    1. And when the expected terrorist activities along the line of 9/11 inevitably and predicted to happen occur, what will be your Peace mantra be worth. We are not dealing with a rational, peace loving Isis and Taliban. The opposite, their actions these past few days expose what they are known to be like.

    2. Make sure to thank him again when a few of the thousands of terrorist joes new BFF’s, the Taliban, set free come waltzing across our illegal alien flooded “closed” border. Maybe some will come to your house for a little “R&R.” Wouldn’t that be fun?

  6. Willie holy wow you are nailing it! Thank you thank you thank you. Finally the whole truth. I don’t even listen to the administration interviews right now …it’s too little too late. They insult us when they ignore the atrocities they just committed. I guess I’m not a Democrat anymore either.

    Adam Kinzinger once again has strongly objected to every single excuse given by the administration and some media outlets that I’ve been yelling at the TV about for weeks now. Right down to the reasons for the collapse. Down to how we have pierced our own National Security and radicalized the whole new generation or two against America. How we literally ran away to save the military while abandoning those American citizens plus our precious allies our military was stationed to protect. Talk about a mind f***!! . We promised the American dream but have scammed instead via the Biden Runaway Op, showing concern for only military personnel as they grabbed the Embassy flag on the way out of town. Abandoning our own to fend for themselves. Disgraceful. Outrageously negligent.

    NO. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY NOT inevitable. But it WAS intentional. WHY? No one left behind? Yeah right, America.

    The service men and women would NEVER have left those people behind. Why did Biden? Our leadership is not stupid. Not lacking in foreign policy experience, not this time. This was INTENTIONAL.

    What does Biden know that we don’t? What backdoor deal was made when you can’t tell if the evacuation was from the Biden Administration or the Trump administration? When it looks like Jared was in charge of it. That’s how bad this looks. Remember Trump with the Kurdish allies in Syria? At least they got to throw potatoes at our departing planes!

    This appears to be how America does things now. There is a way to leave and they sure don’t know how to do it. This is Amateur hour on the world stage. Biden should be ashamed at the betrayals of his own constituents.

    I know I’m ashamed of this leadership . I’m also smart enough to have seen all of this being a disaster before it played out. SIMPLE project management. This was on purpose. So… why?.

    Go Adam. AND Liz. Maybe now more will listen. We are running out of good chances.

    Also noteworthy, I’m super super proud of our military who took decisive action on the ground doing the best they could with what they were given! Especially in those early few days when the embassy had tragically inexplicably already been closed down. That gift of 20 years of hard-earned will not be forgotten. God have mercy on us now. We have dishonored Him, too.

  7. quick question for mr. kinzinger–how do you keep a military force in country when the host government is hostile to your presence?

    1. @Nomad for life that government deserted. Now the Taliban is in charge. Civil war is their issue. Just like Vietnam

  8. America spent 20 years and $2 trillion building an Afghan government and army that crumbled in 8 days without a shot fired. Biden is the fall guy because he was willing to admit defeat.

    1. @Nomad for life Have you come to that conclusion with 100% of the available facts or maybe just 40% or 5%? Bagram is 1.5 hours from Kabul so you’d need to secure a 42 mile road and drive people there (impossible) or secure Kabul aiport and fly people there. It took 2 years for the soviet backed Afghan government to fall when they left in 1989. The worst advice that Biden received was that there would be time for an orderly withdrawal of US and Afghan citizens over months and years, rather than an emergency evacuation in days.

    2. @Too Bad well mr,too Bad, the way you are responding to this is well my I say, well it’s too bad, you need to stop blaming,and being part of the problem ,and try being part of a Solution ,at least in your area, blame helps no one ,

    3. And in almost half of those 20 yes you had a democrat president, this could have ended years ago, you failed to do the job, until this mess, great job

    4. That is total BS Afghan army lost over 60,000 troops this year alone fighting the Taliban….they depend on US air support Biden refused to provide that support to stop the Taliban something that many people urged him to do including Trump and Mike Pompeo.

  9. Nixon left hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese behind, they were killed and tortured and put in concentration camps. We got thousands of those people out over the following years. This happens when you lose a war. The Germans lost to the Russians and lost MILLIONS of soldiers. So this is no new thing, it’s happened throughout history. Unless you win unconditionally, you are gonna leave some people behind. Especially when you get blind sided by your ally.

  10. It’s funny to hear Americans talking about medieval Afghanistan when thousands of Americans live in poverty and homelessness. I wish that Americans would fix their own country before trying to tell others what they should do

    1. Right? True talk! As we speak, they’re saying SS will run out in a few years! Meanwhile we’ve been contributed to the fund, compulsorily for decades! What’s going to happen to all of us, as we approach retirement?
      To an easier topic, we don’t have universal healthcare, one little illness can bankrupt the average citizen, turning them homeless. How do we fix these every day problems that we face in this country? Over $3billion spent on a useless war! And that’s only Afghanistan. Replicate that everywhere we are in the world, spending billions, while masses struggle with poverty and homelessness.

    2. Just for fun…. Since 2001 we’ve lost 2,384 troops in combat vs. 7,916 murdered in Chicago. We should withdraw from Chicago. Forget it. Not funny.

  11. Just like Vietnam. The USA shouldn’t be trying to make other countries do what Americans think they should. The USA was there because some Americans made billions of dollars in profit from the war. Americans should offer aid and support to people. You don’t make friends and allies by killing people

  12. The media don’t tell the complete story. Where were you when the Kurds were abandoned by Trump in Syria?!!!!!!!

    1. Bravo! U made the point the whole world is trying to. America is an unreliable ally since the last few presidents. Of course, we the rest of the world understand that you need to look out for your own economic n military interests. But just stop lording over as if u guys are the leader of the free world. America is better than China, no doubt. But still, American presidents of recent years are not fit to be the leader of the free world.

    2. Saying that the Kurds were abandoned and calling out the president of the time for his actions. Just like this one.

  13. How’s that Biden vote going for you now, Joe and Mika? You have blood on your hands too. How do you sleep at night?

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