Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 5 | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 5 | MSNBC


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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 5 | MSNBC

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  1. Shontel Brown might be headed to prison, not congress, for helping to award millions in contracts to her partner and donors. Under Ohio law, public officials are prohibited from knowingly authorizing or using their authority or influence “to secure authorization of any public contract in which the public official, a member of the public official’s family, or any of the public official’s business associates has an interest.” Violation of the statute is a felony, and penalties can include prison time.

    1. Exactly! $17 million in contracts to Perk and she got $13,000 in donations as an exchange. She said she would recuse herself and then deemed it unnecessary. You don’t get to deem it unnecessary when you’re in that position. The laws exist to make sure people can’t do that.

    2. @barbara johnson More like Democratic Majority for Israel PAC, The Clintons, GOP, a major supporters of Trump, and Robert Kraft do not want her in that seat. He or she who has the budget tends to have the edge..sometimes. In all honesty Democrats/Corporate Democrats are really Center Right and no different from the sane GOP members that are left vs Trump GOP.

  2. Reserve a large percentage of ICU beds for patients with other conditions. Send the unvaccinated home. They constantly compare themselves to soldiers who died in battle. Here’s their chance to die for their principles.

    1. @Badgersj What about those who need care, non-covid, but the willfully stupid take up all the resources? I know it sounds harsh, but self responsibility is a “conservative” value.

  3. If we only knew what is good for the Western alliances will be to fracture all edomic alliances and form treaties with said nations to show the world including Russia! We’re drawing a line in the sand.😷

    1. @Censorship Is real You must be ignorant to assume that he believes that everyone that gets Covid dies, because he certainly didn’t say that’s what he believes.

    2. @Eric Woodlee yeah ok. Saying pro lifers want to die because they don’t get vaccinated. Is saying exactly that.
      And it was a question. Not a statement. But I see your emotional thinking got the better of you.

  4. I hope and pray that the infrastructure bill is not blown away like the AMAZON deal from another day.

    1. @Marisa Miller they are saying the flu season will bring high death totals (including those vaccinated) due to republican anti vaxers allowing the virus to mutate

    2. @Nick Martin
      It will be masks for a while AGAIN, thanks to repugs. Been wearing them a week at work now.
      Thanks “poorly educated”! 🤬

  5. I cant imagine Al telling Dr. King not to dream so why say it today to everyone dreaming of a better tomorrow?

  6. Come on Joe. Like all conservatives, you go first to the name calling – latte liberals? Really. More conservatives I know drink lattes than not.

  7. “A mask gets in the way of responding to gods love”. The Attorney General of Louisiana. I had to go back over this segment a third time to make sure that my ears were not deceiving me. Man how are humans this ignorant, or maybe stupid? But wait, he must be a smart individual. How could a person be so superstitious, yet make it to that position anyway????

    1. Remember he’s not saying what he believes; he’s saying what he knows the stupid base will believe. He must be laughing behind his sleeves. These people are simply disingenuous.

    2. no no they are not ignorant …. they are wilfully stupid… they know the facts but choose to ignore them…. pro-lifers right… if they were indeed pro-lifers they would be lining up for the vaccines and handing out masks period…far as being Christians… God only helps those that help themselves!!!!

    3. Anyone got any proof that the “ sacred masks “ actually work ? Doc Fraudi and Centres for Disease Contrived haven’t .

  8. Good
    I had to travel for work in the developing world. I needed a number of vaccines before I went and had to have proof in order to return to the U.S. I just dont see what the big deal on all this vaccine nonsense is. It is a display of narrow minded ignorance from people who know nothing about what happens outside their enclave if ignorance.

  9. I just squeezed one off in the toilet.. millions dead right there.. republicans care more about that than actual walking-talking children dying in the hospital

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