Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 12th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 12th | MSNBC


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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 12th | MSNBC


  1. So Manchin is rewriting the voting acts bill for the intent to compromise.. who are we compromising with? Republicans have stated their agenda is to block everything democrats propose. Whay am I missing? Because Manchin seems like a complete fool.

    1. He is a complete fool! Guess that is what happens when you are from an inbred red state and you try to play both sides of the aisle. Pick one, I vote for people who have my values and suppressing votes is not one of them!

    1. @Spl L:
      I was wondering the same thing. Why didn’t the police shoot their attackers? It would have been justified and could
      caused the insurrectionists to back off.

    2. @Brenda Cook I thought the police had the right to do that, that’s what they are paid for. Tourists!??? Pfft!

    3. Because the higher ups were part of the coup remember the officers on radio asking for Captains and none answered! No one notices that the officers that are going public are military veterans.

  2. This dude is ALWAYS talking over this lady. It happens so often it’s becoming extremely annoying.

    1. They are married actually…And, yes, he always talks over her-she has reigned him in a bit lately, but old habits die hard!

    2. @J. Harrison-Rickert I appreciate the comment, he needs to stop cutting her off…Her point is valued, and I like what she has to say!

    3. @Jennifer Lehnherr nobody values these comments unless they agree with them….this is liberal country remember

  3. All of these problems could be solved by arresting Trump and formally charging him with incitement of insurrection. If convicted, Section 3 of the 14th Amendment would prohibit Trump from ever again seeking any public office. Trump is obviously guilty, so why hasn’t he been charged..?

    1. I believe the courts are working on charges and will eventually come forth with appropriate charges , or give up on democracy and the rule of LAW

    2. Because they can’t charge him without being clseo to certain of a conviction, and that is not easy. He has freedom of speech. The burden of proof is heavy.

    3. @Lars M. Rimol Freedom of speech does not give individuals the right to say anything. For example: People cannot legally threaten the lives of other people and then claim they have a right to free speech as a legal defense that will work, as it is against the law the threaten the life of someone

  4. Actual Patriotic Americans want every eligible American citizen, regardless of Party, to be able to easily cast their vote for WHOEVER they choose.
    Republicans have just completely given up on Patriotism. Now they focus on FAKE Patriotism like waving flags and singing songs.

  5. If no mail in ballets allowed this should have no exceptions even for senators ect,what’s good for the goose good for the government workers to

  6. If these had been black protesters acting like this, they’d been shot at point blank range and nobody would have ever questioned that course of action.

    These fascists should have been shot.

    1. If the majority or even a significant amount had been black the capitol walls would have looked like a combination of Bonnie & Clyde’s car and the end of Taxi Driver. I still can’t get over how many people still haven’t been arrested.

  7. The people that they can identify at this moment should be charged with murder of that other rioter.

  8. Congressman ClybournIs a smart human being yes he’s a black man and he found a glitch in the matrixThat is a smart way to move your agenda for

  9. “Peaceably to assemble” v the Domestic Terrorist attack on the Capital Building instigated by FORMER President Donald J Trump on January 6th 2021.

  10. Lyndon B. Johnson would be embarrassed to be alive today and the dismantling of the Voting Rights Act.

  11. “The crowd was unbelievable”. Yes Donnie, I believe everything you say in regard to crowd size to be utterly unbelievable.

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