Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 13th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 13th | MSNBC


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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 13th | MSNBC


  1. They are getting 6 month sentences ! One was let out yesterday for time served….His prior arrest was for attempted murder. Doesn’t THAT make sense !

    1. Meanwhile a guy who paid the price in prison tried to vote in Texas and was arrested for voting!

  2. Ya last summer, anyone “destroying property” was a “terrorist without any rights”. Naturally it was never ever provocateurs on the right making the protests look bad. But when it comes to Jan 6, they’re just “patriots who care about the country” or big bad “antifa dressed up” as rubes attacking the Capital.

    1. @k b If they are antifa, how come the republicans didn’t support an investigation into the insurrection?

    2. Them cops on Capitol Hill, they all shoulda popped caps on them MAGArat terrists on the spot!!!

    3. Blatant hypocrisy…these politicians can’t be worked with…end the fillibuster, get the blue vote out!

    4. BLM started because black people were trying to get a seat at the table with the police because they felt that they were being discriminated against. That is what that movement was about and it was 90% peaceful. Yes it got out of control because people that take advantage of situations like that are going to take advantage of a situation like that, it’s not new. Mainly it was the far right coming in to dispute blm. Something that the far right doesn’t even have the need to do or cause because BLM was not talking to them. They were talking to the police! Rump supporters are not concerned with facts, police or the law obviously. If January 6th pointed out anything, it was definitely that.

  3. Trump needs to be held fully accountable for the insurrection against the United States that he incited.

    1. Jail is what he needs, along with his family and the entire republican CLAN, including All rioters.

  4. Start the trump trials already, DoJ, start with the 10 Obstruction of justice charges from Mueller report.

  5. If there were such a thing as a Disrespect the American Flag competition…
    the Trump supporters would win, hands down.

  6. Imagine if “Black” and “Brown” people created laws to keep “White” people from the Voting Polls?

    1. There would be (at least) 200 people killed. National Guard would have reacted in less than an hour, There would be hundreds jailed for a very long time.


  7. In addition to their actual jail sentence give them a 30 year probation, which will turn into a 30 year jail sentence if caught in public disturbances.

  8. Greg Abbott and Costello, and Con DeSantis are worse than Trump, in fact they are probably trump’s recruiters.

  9. Why do they keep calling it “An assault on officers” when clearly it is an attempt at murder

    1. because ‘intent’ is hard to prove. my little brother was killed by a drunk driver who didn’t have a license, and was speeding so he wouldn’t miss the 5;00 strip show. he got 3 months served on weekends. sometimes the law gets in the way. wonder how these guys would feel if ‘normal’ people took the law into THEIR own hands.

    2. Because of the US Constitution, Innocent until proven guilty. Only a Judge or Jury in a Court of Law can proclaim Guilt and a Sentence. Anyone who is an attorney or government worker can judge the Insurrectionists. We the People who hold no offices can because we are a jury at large.

  10. Again Mr. Abbott shows his stupidity. It would be great if Texas could find someone who knows how to govern.

  11. It’s just “LOVE”, Vietnam was just an ecstatic love fest, it’s all making America great again?

  12. I’m so sick of you guys using “Capitol Rioter” instead of calling them Trump supporters cause that’s what they are. TRUMP SUPPORTERS!!! Say it after me.

  13. Republicans are all about small government, until it comes to suppressing the votes of those who don’t agree with them. Suddenly it’s ALL ABOUT government interference.

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