Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 14th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 14th | MSNBC

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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 14th | MSNBC

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  1. This man is so delusional. He wants the Republicans who inurrected and are trying to do anything possible to take us to another Jim Crow era to wake up. Lmao. They are awake alright. Soon these right-wingera will have auctions like they used to enjoy so much of they go unchecked.

  2. Should be in jail for sheer stupidity and thinking he was attacking the White House is even worse!!!! Ridiculous decision. PRISON FOR ALL TRAITORS.

    1. IKR The WH house looks nothing like the Capitol Building. Agree with you completely. Maybe if they start actual using the penalty for tre45on these traitors would think twice before doing this again! Unless they have a death wish.

    2. What difference does it make that he called the Capitol building the Whitehouse ??? He was still there with the intention to commit a crime … he said as much in the video

  3. They need to be charged with sedition. Anything less puts their charges in the realm of unruly protests. They’re legally lumping any “disruptive” protest together through precedence.

    1. You can bet that if antifa or BLM did the same thing the police would have been arresting or shooting them on the spot!
      Agree with charging them with sedition and they should suffer the penalty of Sedition.

    1. @Gaye Englund
      Book of Ecclesiastes

    1. The filibuster is doing just fine. That is what it’s theilre for. The question is, what won’t you get rid of so you get your way?
      If you don’t have limits, then maybe you shouldn’t be in charge of a government. Imo.

    2. They can’t get rid of it !! There’s not enough Democrats senators to vote for it (they’re 50 while you need 60 votes to pass a law). I don’t understand why people keep asking Biden for something that he can’t provide. But I agree with you the filibuster should be removed. It’s totally undemocratic. I may be wrong but I can’t think of another country where the minority has such power to block reforms.

  4. Pres. Biden–lead Democrats to carve out the filibuster…TOTALLY. or, we lose democracy. Once our democracy is gone, there will be no use for this Jim Crow relic.

  5. The Federal Court Judge should be sanctioned. Jensen should have been kept in jail. It doesn’t matter what building he was stupidly entering, he committed a set of Federal crimes.

  6. Don’t confuse culpability with ignorance.
    Republicans aren’t stupid…they are culpable.

  7. Karine Jean-Pierre’s answer on the filibuster was unacceptable! The filibuster has to be either a) abolished, or b) have carve-outs for Constitutional issues like voting rights, the same way there are carve-outs for budget issues and court nominees. Leaving the 60 vote threshold in place for getting any legislation to the floor for a vote is unacceptable! Period. Reform or Abolish. Those are the options. Doing nothing is not an option if we want a functional democracy going forward. The GOP will use their power to strip voting rights in state after state from black, brown and younger urban voters, and GOP legislators get to choose which votes count in their states. You can’t be both the player and the referee.

  8. Can Dems start getting TOUGHER instead of trying to reason with unreasonable Rep’s who aren’t going to do ANYTHING Dems even suggest?! We’re in dangerous times.

  9. This is the man republicans call senile? Sounds more presidential and lucid than the former guy to me!!

    1. That is a FACT worth pointing out. Look how hard the republicans are working to suppress voters rights in America.

    2. Buydin’s policies are destroying small businesses… on his mission to destroy America..!!

  10. A lot of people absently minded switch the word “White House” with “the Capitol “… but he understood he was there to stop Congress from certifying the election. Letting him go was irresponsible.

    1. Absolutely! He could have gotten high even on the walk down and simply confused the words. He no doubt knew where he was. His intent was clear. What an @sshat move that was by the Judge.

  11. Didn’t the congressman just say Mitch made exceptions to the filler buster to get their laws passed … SAD Democrats are weak and scared as he&&

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