Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 20th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 20th | MSNBC


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  1. It’s all so strange. Millions of Evangelical “Christians” have decided to go
    with the evolutionary route of Survival of the Fittest instead of getting vaccinated.

    1. @Justdiep I are, not all Christians are nut jobs. It just seems in the south it’s pretty bad!! It’s what keeps me out of the church. I can’t find one of all inclusive church’s

    2. SO SORRY to be the one to break it to you, but contrary to what CNN/MSNBC TELLS you,
      those who are refusing the vaccine are not EXCLUSIVELY white, southern, uneducated Trump supporters.

  2. Every sigh Mika gave is exactly how I feel about all the delusional crap coming out of the Repugblikkkan’s side.

    1. @julia howard How stupid must one be to believe Trump suggested anyone take bleach? Answer: EXTREMELY… but there are millions of such idiots, all of whom voted for the disaster that is Joe Biden and Skank Harris.

    2. @Brian Oconnell You sound like you were one of them, uneducated with no prospect to better your existence and believing every word of that orange side show clown.
      We who voted for a better America watched a disaster for 4 years and feared for the future of America.

    3. @Tara Panchoo BTW, have you ever tried thinking? Apparently not, but you might wanna try it once.

    1. Hi Bernice,
      I did the same for my July 23rd birthday. Amazon just updated the delivery will be 7/27.
      Happy Birthday.

  3. I prefer Dr. Gupta as your expert. The former contributor and representative of the Pfizer company is not trust-worthy for me as he represents interests other than the general welfare. To say this is not so is silly. But Dr. Gupta’s emphasis is informative and careful reporting. I don’t feel steam-rolled when he’s finished speaking, so thanks for having him.

  4. I’m vaccinated and haven’t taken my mask off in public yet. Too many people in my town are ignorant MAGA people who won’t get vaccinated and think now they have a choice to not wear a mask. It’s ridiculous

    1. That would be my whole state… I don’t foresee ever going in public without a mask for a very long time if ever

    2. Neither party
      All of government is tyrannical
      I’m more of an American who’s watching my Country get torn apart by imbeciles.
      Devide and conquer
      Both sides are sucked in
      So I say screw you

  5. What happened to Melania. She seems to have mostly disappeared from view? Is Trump’s insane behavior finally too much for even her?

  6. It makes me laugh how hard so many reporters work to snap Trump and his supporters back to reality. Save yourselves and accept that they are gone.

    1. Don’t laugh republicans senators are changing all the voting laws and other laws ,,,white supremacy and white prevalige, this is not going away for a long time

  7. If he doesn’t know how the constitution works how can you expect him to obey and defend it? All through his tenure, he simply set the constitution aside and set his own rules.

    1. They should take joe to the house of sniffers with his supporters running after him for a free sniff and payment for selecting him

    2. @Allmydoxies Allmydoxies
      Trump supporters can’t count the number of toes they have on both hands

  8. A person ask me “Is it true that ignorance is the root of evil?” Yes, ignorance is evil, the mother of all evils. It is the one true sin. That is because we sin only because we don’t know the truth. When we are trapped in illusions and opinions, in other words, ignorance, we make decisions based on illusions and sin.

    Supporters of Donald Trump are very ignorant. Trump’s lies and illusions has made millions of people ignorant. I feel sorry for those who follow Trump. One day, maybe, they’ll realize what Trump really is. A force that has destroyed America, and divided beyond repair. A huge threat to democracy. This is how Hitler started in Germany.

  9. I just had a HUGE argument with a family member because their logic is that even if we are vaccinated, we can still catch the variant and pass it on to someone else that is vaccinated or not vaccinated. They don’t see a point of the vaccine because no one is telling them that it protects you from getting the virus and passing it on to another. If these doubters would hear that they are immune from the variant, then they will get vaccinated.

  10. So then you can’t transmit the virus if you are vaccinated and are asymptomatic. This doctor just said it.

  11. 2 days ago President Biden said misinformation and bad press is “Killing People Man” yesterday Fox went public endorsing Vaccine. Coincidence?

  12. I wonder if J Jordan drinks a lot of energy drinks containing taurine because he sure talks a lot of bull.

  13. Not all family members really have the person’s best wishes at heart. They think they do but they don’t. I was orphaned in my late teens and my “guardian” pretty much destroyed my life.

    1. I am sorry for your loss of your parents. Don’t let their loss rule your life in sorrow. If your alive today, your work is not done. Forget the past and all it’s heartbreak. Live the days you have left, remembering that each day you wake up, is a blessing and also a gift. Better times are ahead for you.

    2. I’m sorry to hear that the people that raised you as a teen and up were not good and destroyed your dreams or life but what you got to do is pick it up and keep going. To show them they really didn’t destroy me they made me stronger.

  14. What’s left is to leave people to their freedom of choice – what happened to my body my choice?

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