Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 21st | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 21st | MSNBC


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  1. Choosing politics over science will be tough on Republicans and may decrease their number of older voters.

    1. @Salvador Jimenez Die-hard is the right word, but since it’s mainly Republicans refusing a vaccination the next presidential election may be decided by Covid-19 teaching Trump supporters a lesson: Faith is irrelevant for a virus.

    2. @Salvador Jimenez you almost had it, what they were counting on was that Democrats were going to be too scared to come out and vote in 2020, that’s the reason why he sent Dejoy to dismantle the United States Postal service… to prevent mail-in voting from Democrats. But you see, he already screwed himself when he was trying to downplay the virus in order to save the stock market, which ended up crashing anyway. Then he focused on the virus instead of focusing on the fact that our country was plummeting into a depression, after he already caused a two-year recession.

      You see the problem with telling one little lie?… like “it will magically go away”
      Now they have back themselves into a corner and they have no way out. You shouldn’t be poking that bear when there’s no Exit Plan.

    3. worked well for robbert kkk byrd up until 2010 when he died , white liberal democrat teachers fundraised and voted for him , even after he hurt black people , now these teachers will not admit they were robert kkk byrd fans .

  2. Moscow Mitch realizing that the unvaccinated are primarily trump supporters which is his entire base 😳🤔

    1. 83% more democrats dropping dead like flies from the commie Joe virus 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Mark Evans; Oh you probably are, you just haven’t figured it out yet! Let me finish this a for you. I imagine you’re probably ‘christian’ and believe in trump, and don’t think you are bigoted! You hang in there buddy, you might even overcome that confirmation bias someday.

    3. @Mark Evans; Oh yes, you definitely are, (not that it matters), people understand fools come in all shapes, sizes and orientations.

    4. @Allmydoxies Allmydoxies; 74.2m affirmed mental illness cases identified since a criminal psychopath slither into office.

  3. Please tell us about Matt Gatez and The Ex Girl Friend! And Everyone gonna flip! And more people are gonna come forward!

  4. Trumps lies had every American at least a little confused… some almost suicidal. Trump is easily the most dangerous leader ever in the world.

    1. @melek twelve
      I’m not even from NY but I’ve known that for years. His slimeballhood is readily apparent to anyone with eyes or ears.

    2. @G55d H555r My boss, who flew back seat fighter jets, grew up in New York. Said EVERYBODY in NY knew about trumpskunk.

  5. How many people around Donald Trump have to be arrested before his supporters open their eyes & see how corrupt he is himself. I don’t get it, maybe they like that he is corrupt. It is sure hard to live in Kentucky around these folks. It is difficult to look at the people you have known your entire life now knowing they support someone like that. It makes you look at them differently, even the parts of my family who support him. I have an Uncle & Aunt who loves Trump. My Aunt is a preschool teacher for heaven’s sake, those 2 things are hard for me to put together.

    1. I have the same situation and I can’t logically process those that continue to follow him. He’s a con, a liar, a cheater, and all of this is out there, but they continue to send him their money and following them to rallies. The one good piece to all of this is his base is shrinking every day.

    2. Ouch, this one hurt and it’s way too relatable… i’m in a similar boat and you have my deepest sympathies. thanks for being beacons of truth in your red circles, everyone. <3

    3. Kayla – My son lives near a town in California where EVERYBODY has a trump flag and now a Fxxx Biden flag. I do not understand how a small town becomes that way. Or an entire state. Or a region, like the south.

  6. The sky is falling; the sky is falling. Yesterday on Fox, Sean Hannity told the Fox viewers to get the Covid vaccination. Good for him. I was actually stunned to see Sean Hannity tell people to get the vaccination, better late than never, I only hope it helps.

    1. @Jason Triplett
      God helps those who help themselves. To the vaccine, for one thing. And Jesus is certainly about kindness to others, like protecting the vulnerable amongst us by getting vaccinated ourselves.

    2. SMS – Oh good. Hannity has stopped killing people !! He might even save some now. I smell a pardon coming. oops. not.

  7. The GOP is too busy trying to scare their constituents over CRT in hope of getting them to the polls, instead of telling them the truth about COVID in hopes of saving lives. Disgraceful.

    And their constituents are too foolish to understand the difference.

  8. Getting tested once a week is not good enough! Good grief. Someone could contract covid 2 minutes after testing and walk around for the next week spreading it.

  9. All of this ‘America first’ rhetoric but they were working on behalf of foreign nations the whole time.

  10. disagree with Mika on one thing: it DOES matter when. its matters to the people these republican politicians killed with their constant lies and false victimhood.

  11. And the hospitals again turning people away, my sister almost died from appendicitis because of full hospital, so yes it’s dangerous for everyone.

  12. Well looks like Trump and republicans have no respect for thier voters. Dying by the listening to Trump and Fox news lying.

  13. I remember Republikkkans whining that after the election, the media will not talk about covid anymore. And here everyone is reporting about the Delta variant.

  14. These Republican “leaders” need to do WAY more than just “advise” people to get vaccinated. They need to outright say: “Marjorie Taylor Greene was wrong. QAnon was wrong. Donald Trump was wrong. I was wrong. Anyone who tells you to question vaccines does NOT care if you live or die. Get vaccinated, so we can remain a strong nation!”

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