Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 27th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 27th | MSNBC

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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 27th | MSNBC


  1. If they don’t vaccinate… Hit them with a HUGE fine… You do so when caught without a seatbelt.

  2. Military needs to mandate it. Im retired military and throughout my career I’ve taken too many injections to count. Especially when going overseas, you have to get protection from these infectious diseases in other countries, that the majority of Americans have never heard of before. The U.S. military in charge of national defense of the country, can’t afford to have a massive outbreak of sick soldiers with COVID. Military readiness will be compromised.

    1. Ok FDA approve the vaccine,what is the difference,usa peoples are manipulated for FDA ,or you believe in what you know is better for you,is so stupid a country is so manipulate for everybody,no brain only if you say is good,I gonna take it ,what this let me know USA peoples follows other peoples they don’t think,they don’t know,they follow another opinion is good for USA peoples

    2. @Guillermo Rosell if you have a long-term side-effect from the vaccine you cannot sue anyone because it’s only got emergency clearance. Once the FDA approves the manufacturers are responsible for any long-term effects.

    3. @Guillermo Rosell I took the vaccine because I had 2 family members in the hospital. They don’t deserve to be sick alone. I will die trying to stay alive. You do have a great argument.

  3. Joe please don’t compare Trumps Conservatives with Socialism
    Conservatives are anything else but Socialism
    I think you might of meant to compare Conservatives to Communism

    1. Joe’s a trickle-down Capitalist.

      He doesn’t understand Socialism. He usually screams “Venezuela”.
      Just ignores the reality of the situation with USA Allies and our better health and education systems.
      And the history of USA interference in Central and South America. He likes his Guatemalan bananas too much

    1. Tell me what the dems have done that has changed the average person’s life dramatically..Tell me how they’ve solved the homelessness, the drugs, the economy and issues they claim they will always fix?
      But, you have the audacity to think that this push on not taking the vaccine is all due to the right?
      Check the statistics because you are completely out of your mind..

    2. @J W tell me how the gop hasn’t blocked literally all that in congress. Oh right, you can because they have.

  4. Imagine what would have happened if the Salk and Sabine vaccines weren’t taken. Polio would still be rampant.

    Small pox is almost completely eliminated thanks to vaccines.

    1. Yes but, they weren’t created overnight and had been tested for how long before its release?
      And to this day, there are people who choose not to have vaccines..
      Should people demonize everyone who doesn’t take these shots or just worry about yourself and family?

    2. @Theodore Sweger You can NEVER abandon common sense & logic in order to apply critical thinking for problem solving, that’s just ridiculous to even suggest it!

    3. @J W Exactly! Our 4th Amendment the Nuremberg Code & our system of government with states rights stops these Bolsheviks right where they stand when it comes to forcing inoculations!

    4. @Momo OK well we’ve have billions of test subjects, if you wanna call them that, for MONTHS that took it and had absolutely no issues involving death from the vaccine or getting deathly sick from it. So your crybaby reason for still not getting it? I’ll wait

  5. Being a member of the prosecuted party isn’t a great platform to be running for office but, they are certainly asking for it.

  6. All this retoric and its being driven by ignorance just take the vacine chances of survivel are what counts we dont need a repeat of the typhoid Mary’s..

  7. There absolutely would have been full blown sedition had not a couple key military said no to trump. Be clear the next attempt is coming. This was a test of the system. It takes congress so long to respond, if they make a 2nd attempt soon, it can be successful.

  8. Not mandatory vaccines,we can wear mask and keep the social distance like last year ,if they wanna die ok is a problem of freedom to this peoples,they gonna die free

    1. I’m with you, even people with the vaccine can transmit the virus. Masks mandates should be in. Mandatory vaccine can’t be done until the vaccine gets full FDA clearance.

  9. Apparently, some people don’t remember, don’t know, or are willfully ignorant to history.

    People have been making the same stupid claims against vaccines for decades now.

    For as long as there have been vaccines there have been people with ulterior motives, raging against them.

  10. That’s crazy. The military needs to mandate vaccines. “Weeding out the people who don’t want to be on team America.” They are telling you who they are. Believe them the first time.

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