Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 28th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 28th | MSNBC

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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 28th | MSNBC


  1. The former one time (ex) president should be in jail…Period. He will get off scott free I am sure. Kevin McCarthy and his crew should all be removed from their seats.

    1. He should pay a price that hurts him, he should be shamed, not the he’d feel actual shame, but if people laughed at him,every time they saw him, then turned their back on him, it would at least make him angry, that’s one of the only emotions the man has, the others are avarice & pomposity. He’s a narcissist, all such people consider themselves “better” than literally everyone else. They believe themselves to be better looking, smarter, richer, more powerful & more deserving of the adoration of others. Of course, they are non of those things, but Trump believes those self delusions ever more firmly. If he believed himself to be Napoleon or the King of England, he’d be committed to an insane asylum immediately, unfortunately his delusion was pandered to, even if only for 4 years, but really, he’s quite, quite mad. Of course, & unfortunately, almost no one will laugh at him, or turn their backs, but thinking about it happening makes me smile!

    2. The great test of the American justice will be whether Trump is tried & convicted & sent to prison for life.
      Otherwise, he is right that he could shot someone in Fifth Avenue in broad daylight & get away with it.

    1. @Siphas92 Um, these people took advantage of the lack of training, equipment and officers..There was never any indication of them committing anything beyond the entry..
      Btw, what I stated were facts from the over 200 page bipartisan investigation that took place in June..
      Where did you get your facts from?
      Amazing that people will give this so much thought when they think it is fulfilling their agenda..

    2. @Bill Fuentes Wow! Nice try with the insults! Is this your attempt to avoid what I’ve written because you really have no ability mentally to challenge it?
      I would have to say that it’s a pretty strong indication that this is the case..

    1. President Trump sent a sealed letter to the US House which contained a previously signed Executive Order. According to the house schedule, it was opened shortly after noon on January 6th 2021. The EO was given to Gregory Meeks of the foregin Affairs committee. Did this play a major role in the days EVENTS?

    2. @Drought Tolerant that EO defanged the national guard. No weapons of any kind and they were to protect the “protesters” aka terrorists.

    3. @Mr. H noop it was about no chynah tech / software in our election systems allowed. Was there?

  2. It has been obvious for at least 5 years now that the GOP of today is not even remotely interested in the truth about anything.
    But they consider themselves Christian patriots. Pfffttt..

    1. How can you honestly say that with a straight face. The msm has you brainwashed little sheep!

    2. @Gen M you the Putin who Biden let his pipeline go through that Trump stopped. You mean that one that owns Hunter and Joe. Wow your dumb

  3. I can’t think of a single position of which I would agree w Chaney. However, it is clear to me that her tact on the Jan 6th insurgency may have literally saved our democracy. I wish you would highlight her role.

    1. If Cheney and a few others want to remove the grip that the cult of “45” have on the Republican Party , Federal law prohibiting partisan gerrymandering must be passed this year to deny them yet more power in 2022 and 2024.

    2. Liz Cheney and her Conservative voting has driven me nuts for years. However, she chose A SPINE and walk straight instead of slithering on their Gutt of Lies like the rest of the GOP. So for the first time, I say, Well done Liz.

  4. So every time these republican scum lie, counter it by putting what they said on JAN 6th against what they are saying now. Over and over. THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.

  5. Shalom, or peace in hebrew literally means ” to destroy the leader of chaos”. Leaders or talk show hosts leading our country into chaos need to be prosecuted.

    1. Interesting. I have a zillion Jewish friends as well as a Jewish husband and never knew that. So good to know. Thank you.

    2. Naa… you’re crazy to say that. But to get peace you need to get rid of the evil people who cause the destruction and death of innocent people. Innocent people do not cause the destruction and death of innocent people… until they realise they need to help each other and get together to rid the evil people. Then they need to make sure they choose the right people, to make sure the power they choose to give them people. Doesn’t make them … another evil 13astard

  6. when the public find out that GOP leaders were involved they should be held accountable and sent to jail for more than just a few months. These people should be stripped of all power and what ever moneys they have made from their term should be donated to the poor. They do not deserve to be rich.

    1. Yep. Ultimate gaslighting AND counting on the ignorance of their base (as well as the disgusting, racist views of their base)

    2. @F OH I’m sure there are some morons out there some so ignorant, so steeped in the orange Kool-Aid that the liars will actually manage to make them believe that they can’t trust their own eyes and ears. And that my friends, is fascism, it is cultism and it is death to democracy.

  7. You don’t have to be good Americans to feel for those officer’s , you just have to be human

    1. Mischievous is most often associated with being naughty or misbehaving. Hardly a word to describe the denying, lying, gaslighting.Republicans. The second darker definitions of mischievous are the following: malicious, malevolent, hostile, spiteful and bitter Now we’re talking.

    2. Do we feel for the officers that were injured or killed during the BLM riots? Where was the Schiff show when officers in his district were injured? This is a diversion.

    3. @Grateful Fredly An attempted coup is a diversion? I suggest you try looking out of your safe space. Watch some international news sources like BBC World News for a less politically-slanted stance.

    1. Edward, she should be given McConnell’s job. We need Diverse Americans in Congress (people of all kinds who love America). Not leeches like the Qanon reps who are there to leech of Americans and America.

  8. Now that’s a great cop; this guy stopped to give aid to a seditionest that was trying to murder him and his fellow officers where as I would have done the opposite !!

  9. It is disgraceful to think that those who claim to be deeply religious, educated and patriotic conservatives use thier platform to mock this serious situation!

  10. I imagine Fanone’s four daughters are so proud of their Dad. He is a true Hero! And to imagine the GQP voted to NOT award these heroes with a Medal. Good God how can anyone support the Q’s any longer.

    1. @F OH it should. Because it wouldn’t be trying to stop free speech. It would only be trying to stop the egregious abuse of it

  11. Why do some people think that hugging the flag makes you a patriot. It’s what you do for your country that matters not yourself.

  12. While they screech “back the blue”, Trumpists care for no-one but their God-Emperor.

  13. as a Canadian this brought me to tears how can something like happen in a country that is supposed to be the most powerful country in the world. I am sad very sad.

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