Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 2nd | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 2nd | MSNBC

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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 2nd | MSNBC

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    1. The orange clown is above the law. No one can touch him. Because he said he got some a lots and lots of money.

    2. That’s strange how there’s video of the orange clown sending the evil followers to the white house and he said he was gonna be right behind them. And then the video of the fake Republican cruz sending then to attack the white house. These two trader clowns should be in jail awaiting trial.


    1. Dem constituents are SITTING on the COUCH!!!!
      Why? Is it nailed down? Too big to STAND UP??
      What are the DEMS waiting for???

  2. This is the first time that I have seen Ron DeSantis not be obnoxious! It was truly refreshing!

    1. Actually, that makes it worse. It shows that he can do decent, but usually chooses not to.

    2. DeSantis had his sphincter squeezed about as tight as it would go. He is a big man with a little brain. I live in Florida and he disgusts me. He cares nothing for the working man. He is all about self promotion and the rich.

    3. A story out that DeSantis has begged Chump to cancel his rally in Florida Saturday out of respect for those who have died in Surfside & those unfound. He is refusing. Imagine that.

  3. Biden is most certainly helping the nation recover from the Trump catastrophe, which includes mismanaging COVID bigtime, inciting an insurrection, an avalanche of lies, and the worst economic record since that of Herbert Hoover.

    1. @Suckass Dems Trump benefited from what Obama did. That Orange Clown didn’t do anything for this country except DIVIDE it with his racism, bigotry and LIES. NUFF SAID.

    2. @Suckass Dems your name suits you very well. It has been proven that you are wrong about all those things you mentioned about Trump. His has a very loud mouth and his lies are bigger. Joe Biden can only work so fast
      Cleaning up Trumps mess will take a lot of time. Now we are finding out just how devious he is. Just watch in the months to come and there will be more. And NO none of it is political he has been evading taxes for many more years then him being in office. Please start to take things seriously about this man he is very dangerous.

    3. @Suckass Dems
      Not a Republican you say? So you are independently ignorant and stupid! At least the Republicans can say they were brainwashed!

    1. One adult with senile dementia who can’t string a sentence together, another adult who is incompetent and obviously unfit to be the White House dog walker. Good job Dems.

    2. @Empressa So true. A Dem victory in 2022 will pretty much complete our ongoing transformation into a fascist state built on government-mandated racism, universal censorship, depersoning of whites and asians, rule by executive order fiat, and assumption of full governmental authority by big tech and banks.

    3. Richard you are right, If they vote Republican again we all will be in the food line, Republicans are for the Rich peoples not the Poor people,

    1. @N Travis I a 70 year old grandma who cried when I watched that. So, no, really made it worse. But thanks for the blessing!

  4. And trump would tell states there wouldn’t be help unless they kissed his behind……

    1. He would not have expected a rear end kiss, if he agrees with the governor… Trump is all about Trump and he think he owns America

    2. yep. i was appalled during our wildfires. imagine fearing for your state and its people and having your bloody president playing games.

    3. And many lined up. I even got a report of a fight breaking out to determine who would be first in line to kiss that hinnie. I could be wrong about that last part because my normal reliable sources headed out to Margaritaville’s years ago, since then I have been winging it solo.

    4. Just like Trump did when the States were “pleading” for a little help from the feds— but Trump was like No…….. not unless you kiss my ring!

  5. I guess that’s why a lot of Republicans are avoiding Trump right now especially with all this news about people getting indicted from his business

    1. I think most Repubs are ignoring Trump now because he’s no longer president of the US. The Dems seem to be obsessed with him, but the Repubs have moved on. In California we’re focused on recalling Newsom (we expect Trump will come campaign for it). If we talk about Trump it’s mostly because it’s so much fun to see liberals freak out. It never gets old. You just type the words Trump 2024 and their eyes bug out. Very funny.

    2. @mikeincalifornia lul em to sleep with “we trump people aren’t really trying to pave the path for him in 2024 only liberals” yeah sure. Ok.

    1. Right! And it’s getting old. Even Trump supporters are getting sick and tired of him using the same old defense! *It’s a witch hunt* *it’s political* *Democrats are out to destroy me*

  6. A president who knows how to have an intelligent and compassionate conversation.
    Blessings to Florida.

    1. He has conversations by answering scripted questions from cue cards? Hello, he’s demented. Wandering off topic, forgetting where he is, and randomly staring at nine-year-old girls in the audience isn’t a conversation.

  7. The difference when you have a real President who feels love and compassion for the people!

    1. By illegally opening the border and subjecting hundreds of thousands of small children to human trafficking and cageing, as well as overloading the foster family system and schools. Helping the cartels to flood American communities with heroin and fentanyl, because he regards it as acceptable collateral damage in his campaign to bring in millions of new Democrat voters. Enabling efforts to cripple police departments that have caused the largest increase in violent crime in US history. Printing trillions that create inflation to make basic necessities harder to afford for poor and working families while giant banks reap billions from interest-free loans. That’s love and compassion, alright. Probably the same love and compassion he was feeling the day he put his pokers in that terrified employee.

    2. @Pookie Pookie Kittenpants BE VERY AFRAID —- a fine Republican mantra. Do you have a color-coded alert for the level of danger? Your goons ,headed by Steven Miller and company, did not even keep records that could reunite families. Deport more fathers on traffic violations — that will lessen useless public anxieties. /s Being filled with hate should not be a life goal or a family value. Move on to benevolent practices; it could help cleanse guilt.

    1. “I would like all the fake news to know…look at them…look at them over there, all those FAKE WITCH HUNTERS! Van Helsing. Dr Frankenstein. Criss Angel. the people of the county hate these people, because we all know it’s a hack witch-hunt just trying to find Trump’s. Fake news folks. Fake news!

    2. I would have to watch The View to answer that question, which isn’t gonna happen

    3. @Anthony Bortolazzo Hate is a Trump cultivate reaction to all inconvenient ideas and individuals; now he and his will grow in their hatred of justice under the law — sad.

  8. We will see Dump’s organized efforts to overthrow our government that he is still trying to organize. Lock him up!


  10. Biden is what a president looks like unlike that last circus clown that wouldn’t ever meet with the democrats

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