Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 30 | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 30 | MSNBC


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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 30 | MSNBC


    1. It is insane. What is wrong with those people. I would not want any of them to care for me if I got sick, since who knows what sort of remedies they might use.

    2. What she doesn’t mention is that the female researcher who has been studying mRNA research, the foundation for the COVID vaccine had been going on for 40 years. I was a medical research secretary for more than a decade. I watched our brilliant researchers do meticulous studies day after day, year after year, and the results from EVERY study was included in each new research project. She also doesn’t mention that America has often been blasted for taking so long to approve their drug studies. The richies know this and would often fly to Europe to get the benefit of newly approved drugs/procedures years before their desperate American neighbors could obtain the same benefits here at home. I do not believe that nurse is worried about the benefits and/or side effects of the vaccination. I think she just doesn’t want to follow a Democratic/scientific mandate.

    3. @Katie S Yes, you’re right. She reminds me of Kellyanne Conway who’s words were very similar when she was talking about facts “alternative facts” You do not have the right to question anyone in the United States you want. That could be seen as Stalking and that’s illegal.

    4. @Katie S great point and Dr Fauci has been studying specifically SARS(Covid is SARS based) since the. Bird Flu of 2002. Yes no urgency 12 yrs testing but … We can’t get ppl to wear masks for 12minutes you want 12yrs?

    5. knowing that covid mutates and reinfects its host, theyre basically advocating the deaths of millions of americans from something preventable.

    1. Excellent point! You go, girl. Don’t let those tyrants fool you, they are all in league with Big Textil, trying to sell their fake, experimental pants to us.
      Viva la Revuluthion!

    2. I want to be able to work bottomless and sweaty, with braids of nasty hair down to my toes! Real men don’t wear underpants- I’m a strong conservative, I don’t believe in that hocum.

  1. These politicians getting me sick. They are acting like bunch of brats demanding their toys. Nothing of this had happening if they will act responsible while their Mob boss was in charge in the White hose!!

  2. Where I live …if you are a care giver to patients , doctor/nurse/cleaner either you mask up for your entire shift or you get the flu vaccine … that’s just for the normal flu vaccine …so it’s the same for this delta vaccine …

  3. At this point they’re pretty much telling their constituents…if you want to get sick…that’s your choice

    1. But that unfortunately, is not the case which does not address the epidemiology of infectious disease.

    2. @amanda bosca I don’t get them, they dont trust medicine, yet clog the Hospitals when finally they get the Covid…

  4. It’s scary that those people work in hospitals. Is that what they got out of nursing school or med school?

    1. Not med school. 97% of doctors are vaccinated and they are just as divided politically as the rest of the country. The difference between them and most of these nurses? Education. We’re all concerned, but I take doctors being vaccinated as a vote of confidence.

    2. Why is the hospital they work at not demanding they be vaccinated?
      Irresponsible these nurses are.

    3. @Ivan Medrano because it goes against the law the Nurenberg code that prohibits anyone from doing experiments on humans and this vaccine was not approved except for emergency use only. The issue, vaccine or no vaccine, the issue is maintaining our rights to have a say over our own body. You don’t mind if they tell you you have no choice you will be sterilized! Once you have no say over your body you have no say over your body! You can be sterilized against your well, you can have a lobotomy against your well, etc. I have 50 license years experience and I know this to be true. Try to have some compassion for the people that are fighting for rights for all of us.

    1. It truly would be, bc they are holding back care on patients with other serious problems, but bc of “THEM” they are not getting the care they need.

    2. totally agree. I think the 100 dollars should be given to healthcare workers, not the selfish people.

  5. My daughter has transverse myelitis as a result of an immune system disorder. She’s paralyzed from the waist down. She cannot take the vaccine because of her illness. But, we should have the right to know if the nurses who come to treat her are vaccinated before they come anywhere near her. It’s a matter of life and death for her. These nurses have made a decision based on their own personal political beliefs. They have the right to their beliefs. And they should exercise their right to their beliefs at their own home, safely away from my daughter and other patients, whose lives are at stake.

    1. GeeGee, you are perfectly right. It should be mandatory for every person in healthcare to vaccinate. I’m a dentist, so I’m a little of an expert on infection control. Please look up The Cambridge Mask Co. located in the UK worldwide site. I buy them from the UK because they created them for the military and for people highly allergic. You don’t want to get a knock off. You can find her size and buy a Pro mask that’s actually a N-99. I’ve done a lot of research. You can keep your daughter safe. I always wear a water repellent light blue surgical mask over the Cambridge mask to protect it. You can get the light blue surgical mask on Amazon easily, but bench test it to be certain it’s water repellent. Wearing just a light blue surgical mask is no good, it’s too air leaky. She should have the expert fit from the Pro mask, then cover it with the light blue surgical mask to keep it clean. She will be totally protected. Never wash them, just set them in sunlight. I hope this helps you, her, and the rest of your family.

    2. I got my first dose today reluctantly.
      Concerns about the speed with which the vaccine was developed and the potential for side effects down the road are valid points in my view and I considered ithem long and hard. Protecting oneself to the best of one’s ability isn’t selfish, it’s your responsibility.
      However, the truth is that we take risks with anything we put in or even on our bodies. How do you know that hamburger you had for lunch wasn’t full of prions that will take your life in ten years? ( I f you eat hamburger). Are you certain that makeup, hair dye or aftershave isn’t putting carcinogens into your lymphatic system?
      Life is calculated risk.
      I finally decided that the risks of an unending pandemic – a continuously evolving microbe that could become more deadly- would wreak so much more continuing damage financially. socially and even strategically , that it would pose a greater risk all on it’s own.

    3. @Susan Blood WRONG! Stop with your propaganda.
      Acute transverse myelitis is most commonly due to multiple sclerosis; however, it can occur in patients with vasculitis, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), antiphospholipid syndrome, other autoimmune disorders, mycoplasmal infections, Lyme disease, syphilis, tuberculosis (TB), or viral meningoencephalitis.

    4. @kittyExactly. We stuff all sort of rubbish into our bodies without bothering. The tests and whatnot may not have been done, but those are the stringent yesses and noes, ups and downs that every drug is made to do before people sit down to examine them. They’re important, but when you’ve got an emergency the brains are put to work and concentrate on what is needed. Yes there’s a risk, but there’s a bigger risk in not getting a good drug out there. I’m still here, and I hope you are too!

    5. @Susan Blood so your telling someone who most likely knows far more about this disease what the cause is, a cause you claim that isn’t listed anywhere other than the minds of antivaxers like yourself. You also know nothing about herd immunity and what the cost in lives would be to reach that goal without vaccines! The vaccinated are the silent carriers, how do you come up with that nonsense? The very loud and selfish carriers are those who refuse to wear masks and refuse to get a vaccine. If a nurse or anybody else chooses to not take the vaccine then that’s up to them but why should those who can’t have the vaccine or those who have been vaccinated make adjustments for the selfish? You expect everyone else to bend to your will. We’ve all been anxiously awaiting this vaccine to enable us to get back to something like normal and now we have to carry on suffering because of a few self centred people. DISGUSTING and DISGRACEFUL!!

    1. It is baffling to me that so many nurses I work with are anti-covid vaccine. Every doctor has been vaccinated but the nurses seem to lack an ability to actually lead by example and read the hundreds of research and evidence-based studies that have proven the effectiveness of the vaccine.

    2. well statistically, there is probably at least 4 nurses that are trump supporters in north carolina

  6. The Un vaccinated also have the right and responsibility to pay for their unnecessary hospital care,Ya Think. Sign a waiver.

    1. They shouldn’t be given hospital care. No treatment. Maybe when enough of them die the remaining will come to their senses.

    2. You are being very ignorant! When you get the vaccine and it is still experimental there is no coverage for you if you have any problems with the vaccine. If you get the disease there is coverage! It’s very screwed up. I have been licensed in medicine for 50 years. If you agree to the vaccine you have lost all rights to say what happens to your body and you can be euthanized and your organs harvested when they’re needed!

  7. Every single one of these idiots should then be made to sign a waiver stating that if and when they contracted covid, to not treat them. We’ll see how fast they would comply. LOL

    1. just what I’m thinking. Why should they fill up hospital beds needed for other patients? They have no right to possibly infect others but expect to be treated if they get Covid. Sorry but let them die.

  8. Hopefully the Delta variant does it job quickly without a new variant emerging. I can’t feel sympathy for those people putting other people lives at risk.

  9. I wonder if one of these “freedom” shouters fell overboard and was thrown a lifebelt, would he scream “your not going to force me to take that” .

    1. A lifebelt, no problem. Something else that floats, they’d refuse until it was fully tested. Cracked. 160M+ Americans have gotten the vaccines a massive real-time test. One nurse refuses to put a “less than fully tested” substance in her body, even though she has little control over a deadly known pathogen – fully untested – entering her body.

  10. The GOP should change their mascot, because even elephants are smart enough to drink, once lead to water.

  11. Vaccine passports! Those of us who have been wearing the masks, are vaccinated, and followed all the guidelines want our freedoms back. If someone is afraid of the vaccine they can stay home!

    1. Huge part of American culture due to politicians with personal interests misleading the ignorant.

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