Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 5th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 5th | MSNBC


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  3. It’s gettin hot in here. Let’s use our minds and science and law. Let’s make a future for our kids rather than trashing a perfectly good democracy!

    1. It’s too late for that unfortunately this country is so divided I don’t think there is any more healing and then saying that I’m not a Republican but I certainly blame the Democrats and the media for all this destruction that has been going on

    2. @Suckass Dems The only “media” to blame is the *BS* spewing from crap-hole fox. And the GQP traitors, the republiKKKans (republiCONs) are *RIGHT NOW* still trying to destroy democracy! You are a fool.

  4. One question. Why did the GQP support former guy’s planned withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq? And every other country?

  5. This was and is a LETHAL HEALTH CRISIS, in addition to an economic issue. You can’t produce any profit, draw a paycheck, and do good work … if you are DEAD. … Health requirements are not negotiable.

    1. @Common Sense Gimmie a Break! Trump is literally famous worldwide for not being able to put a sentence together even when it was put on a teleprompter or flash card for him. You are going nowhere with that type of observation, buddy.

    2. @Common Sense And you’re too dumb to understand that he did form his own complete sentences during this video. Keep it up – one day it might dawn on you that you have received back every negative comment that you have given out.

    3. @Common Sense how many hamberders did you eat today and how is your artherosclerosis progressing?

  6. We just can’t call the Middle East fighting as due to religion. oh no. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are all the same, with any minor deviations found in titles, organizational structures, holidays, and the name of their Son-of-a-Magic-Man.

  7. The PRESIDENT has done a marvelous job putting the American people First, and Not play with their Lives! ONE of the Major Reasons the Far Right has Declared war on those who handled the Pandemic Consciously

  8. That’s my president 🙋🏽‍♀️.. I got my vaccine and wearing my mask 😷 to do my part to support president Biden efforts to defeat the virus 🦠
    America is becoming the country I can be proud of again and not want to hang my head in shame 😁
    God bless president Biden 🙏🏽.. he truly gives me hope🙋🏽‍♀️

  9. As America’s allies for years. You have left the British army in Afghanistan with no option but to wrap up and leave. Let me tell you folks it goes against the grain to leave those brave people to the mass slaughter that the Afghans are facing.

    1. The UK ceased all combat operations in Afghanistan and withdrew the last of its combat troops on the 27 October 2014.

    2. I quite understand. But why is it our place to change them? Change starts from within, and often because the alternative is too unbearable. It’s a choice. Nonetheless, what we did abandoning the Kurds was very wrong. I can’t say what is best. I wish I knew. I care about women and girls. I am one.

  10. 11 months after New Zealand’s last Covid death, looking at American media is like stepping back in time.

  11. It just feels so refreshingly edifying to have a real human being for a President. The Donald Pox was just so diisheartning, that l wanted to scream. All those Trump fawners can have the overamped “Donnie drama queen”.Myself, I treasure the serenity.

    1. More like drivel that will inevitably be followed by the deepest level of humiliating regret.

  12. When DJT’s good friend (Putin) put a bounty on American troops in Afghanistan, it is good to pull out from the country

  13. This is my president ! He doesn’t incite violence, lie ,cheat or steal .not like that other fool ,who shouldn’t have run for president and tried to make people change the outcome of an honest election because he knew when he lost he was fair game for his crimes in n.y.

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