Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 6th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 6th | MSNBC

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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 6th | MSNBC


  1. Trump didn’t transformed the Republican party, he’s just revealed who they’ve been for years.

    1. That’s way too easy. The United States is a great experiment rooted in a democratic republic. It’s a living, breathing structure. It hits walls, regroups, evolves, reflects and strives to get better. It’s not a farce. It’s a work in progress. The vision is for the long haul. We have a lot of work to do, we have a lot of apologies to make, we have a lot or re-writing to do, to include stories of all people. I agree with your statement about Republicans…. but I’m not giving up on this place. Not yet. Not ever.


  2. Stop hogging the conversation from Mika for Pete’s sake! Women want to hear what the woman has to say after all Trump attacked her.

    1. Thaks for pointing that out. Btw Men too want to hear, specially from Mika because she usually has a lot to say.

    2. Joe needs to realize Mika is a lot smarter than he is, and learn to shut up and listen for a change.

    3. To be fair, Joe is a blowhard with everyone. He interrupts and talks over everyone. He has poor impulse control and because he loves to hear himself talk, thinks his opinion should predominate.

  3. Joe, I will be ecstatic if the Republican parts stars championing some recognizable form of sanity! Anything more seems out of reach.

  4. All candidates for public office should be vetted and pass at least the same tests as a school bus driver fix it now

    1. The candidates are NOT the problem. It is the voters who actually voted for them. That’s the problem.

    2. **look at what Stacey Abrams was able to do in Georgia,,.. we all know people who don’t vote.. it’s our job to help them get registered and convince them to vote…. because when we all vote Republicans lose!!**

    3. @Panna Chawangkul 100 million eligible Americans did not vote in the last election…. THAT’S A PROBLEM… WHEN WE ALL VOTE REPUBLICANS LOSE!! All of us can find someone in our life that we can help to get registered and voting!!!**

  5. orange will be the biggest stain in US history. He will be the laughing stock from here on end.

    1. **remember what Stacey Abrams was able to do in Georgia!!!! All of us know people who do not vote…. It’s our job,, to convince them, and help them get registered and voting!!!! I found two new voters,,, and got them registered…. They have voted blue in every election for the last 10 years!!!! IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE,,, TALK TO PEOPLE YOU KNOW,, AND HELP THEM GET REGISTERED…. YOU CAN DOUBLE OR TRIPLE OR QUADRUPLE YOUR VOTE… AND WHEN WE ALL VOTE,,, REPUBLICANS LOSE**

    2. Maybe, ironically, the spark that ends up making America great by forcing we cut out this cancer.

    3. I don’t think anyone in the US will be laughing though. People like these commentators imagine that you can retrieve the situation by taking Trump out of the equation, sorry, but it is way past that now. This situation has been brewing since the first fool, Newt Gingrich, came on the scene. The Republicans from that time forth have embraced the “winner takes all” politics that you normally find in the tin-pot democracies of emerging nations. In such nations the government only rewards those that voted for them and repress and ignore those that they suspect did not.

    4. John Edward, I hate to say how many times I have explained to Republicans a host of topics where they agreed with my points and still were going to vote Republican. People paying over $850 per month for healthcare, or the tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires, they listen agree, then vote Republican.

  6. While in Grade and Jr High School , the only thing they taught about Slavery was the Civil War and the Confederate and Union States , and Who Won , The Mean , Cruel , Torture and Murder of Black Americans as Slaves, was Never Taught in my School , as an Adult , I Still have Limited Knowledge of the 400 yrs of Slavery in our USA , America needs to Learn All of its History . . . .

    1. I agree with you on that, people the Senate Republicans should not be telling you how to learn your history. Better yet its time to stop all sensorship by every state in this country, it is time to grow up American People time to grow up!

    2. I agree with you and I appreciate you saying it. I used to feel very defensive and almost ashamed that I didn’t know any of this information, and that defensive wasn’t helpful and didn’t fix the issue. Once I could confront and admit that I didn’t know these things I was free to get curious, read and educate myself. The moment I did that I was embraced by folks who ALSO appreciated my admission and pointed me toward great resources. It wasn’t my fault I didn’t learn these things growing up. However, once I learned I didn’t know the whole story I had to humble myself, drop the defense and learn. It’s the only way things will change.

  7. I was a teen when I “served “ dinner at a GOP dinner. I decided during that dinner that I was a die hard lib and DEM!!!! TRUE STORY!

    1. @KOR Short Why? he isn’t on this thread hurling every kind of insult slander and rage at people. That is why this scripture or post card as you say is needed to be said right here.

    2. I would vote for a fat Dem not a Republican. But, I would never date a fat DEM or REP.

  8. The Russians are winning. Simple minded Americans do not see it. And media is not reporting . FCC needs to step into separate propaganda from news. Remember the movie “Network”? That was about the moment in time where this all started.

    1. They have been collecting compromat since they were the Soviet Union, and they have not stopped. MAGA is an active measures campaign.

    2. The media should have a great deal of autonomy from government censoring even though a lot of it is obvious special interest propaganda. Other countries like Russia and China determine what their news agencies can and cannot say with control in mind.

    3. Most Americans don’t actually know about politics unless someone is teaching them the lies about the politics they want to listen to. You see it only takes a few corrupt individuals to educate someone with the corrupt intent at hand and the lies to perpetuate their agenda. Instead of researching the vast majority of other news outlet they were brainwashed to only listen to a handful of right wing conspiracy ladened and actual fake news media outlets.

  9. Good god. The anti-CRT people are using some of the same language and tone that they used decades ago to prevent other Americans from having equal rights. It never ends.

  10. The Right-Wing is up in arms over a children’s book, written by a white woman, that deconstructs white supremacy at a level that children can understand. I wonder why.

    1. Why teach it to young children. Come on. It should be age appropriate. They aren’t even thinking about skin colour in kindergarten.

  11. There was no overreach, In school… I remember all they talked about was Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington! and how black should be happy because they are free

  12. Yes Joe, it’s true that you you can be both against the teaching of critical race theory in school, and also be aware of the racial context of our country. But, I think it’s interesting to ask, why conservatives are spending so much time arguing against critical race theory, instead of talking about the racial context of our country. It’s an avoidance behavior.

  13. As a “white guy” I’m with the brother. Listen to what he is saying. CRT is NOT taught in ANY K-12 schools. Prove me wrong with RECIEPTS!

    1. It’s about socially demonizing and ideology so that people who think that way are brutalized within those communities

      you’re not even allowed to think freely there

      Learning freely is definitely against the rules

      And Acting freely will get you hurt

  14. Joe, another point to make plain: large deficits were established to benefit a small minority of even the “1 percent” and corporations. It’s not as it deficits were created because of policy choices for the general public good but rather to favour dark money and grifters. Any time you speak of reducing deficits, you should be making linkages.

  15. Again the working-class doesn’t have this problem. They don’t have to take their child out of finishing school. Or out of any private Institution. So who are you talking to and about?

  16. At some point political opposition will have to stop grieving about the deceptive political maneuvers of the Republicans… And start making efforts that’ll get results in 2022.

  17. Hello.

    What needs to happen when republicons are crying there eyes out playing poor me I’m a victim…
    Is to be met at every turn with opposition. Just as ferverant just as loud. Drowning out the poor little babies who literally complain non stop about everything.

    Understand this needs to happen.

    Good luck.

  18. Lets just tell the truth! Everyone knows that there were Republican Congressmen that was backing and helped those who attacked the Capital.

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