Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 8th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 8th | MSNBC

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  1. How much of this is an actual increase and how much is “getting back to normal” after COVID shutdowns?

    1. I’m wondering, too. I think they did say it’s an increase over previous years, not an increase just over the 2020 stats, though. Still, I strongly suspect it’s related to the pandemic. The pandemic dramatically exacerbated our long-term income inequality, lack of mental health care & domestic violence epidemic.

    2. @H K S You could even have a “compression factor” going on where the crimes that would have occurred now are occurring now and on top of them all the ones that didn’t occur during the shutdown.

    3. @H K S You Could Easily Find That Out, Except Police Agencies Refuse To Release Updated Stats and Data To The Public

  2. America and your gun laws – I would not like to live there. I can picture what will happen next. Biden will talk about Gun Reform which the Republicans will not support. Trump will rant to his followers ” THEY want to take our guns away – we can’t let this happpen ! ” Nothing substantial will change. Your Second Amendment needs amending !

    1. “The good news about Jesus Christ! And the untold secret that many do NOT know about Christians.”

      (Luke 15:7)- “there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over ninety-nine others who are righteous and haven’t strayed away!

      (Explanation: did you know that there will be just as much joy in heaven for a gang member or prostitute or drug dealer, etc who turned their life around as much as a person who was a perfectly good Christian their whole entire lives? It’s true!

      (2 Peter 3:9)- “He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent.”

      (Explanation: God Does NOT want to punish teen parents, or gang members or prostitutes, gossips, bullies, etc, What makes Him happy is to see such individuals turn their lives around for the better and prove all doubters and critics wrong! That’s it.

      (The untold secret about Christians)-

      Did you know that A fair percentage of True Christians are actually FORMER gang members, or former drug dealers, former bullies, former teen parents, former prison inmates, etc? people who did bad things in their past and were desperate for a life change. So they turned their lives to Jesus Christ and the Bible. And it worked out well for them! Jesus Christ is wonderfully accepting!

      That is who we really are, not “holier than thou people.”

    2. Examples of homicides by firearms per 1 million people:
      Australia 1.4
      Germany 1.9
      Ireland 4.8

    3. I agree with you 100%. The USA is nuts for so many reasons. Number one is the guns and gun regulations

  3. Republiklans complaining about increased violence in the US while blocking any and all Gun Control legislation at the Federal and Local levels is the Elephant in the room.

    1. Here in Chicago I don’t think the south side gangsters would be concerned with any Fed or local gun legislation.

  4. — “Socialism doesn’t work!”
    — “But the Western European and Nordic countries are doing great with it.”
    — “That’s not real socialism! They’re basically capitalist.”
    — “Okay, let’s adopt their policies then.”
    — “No, that’s socialism.”

    1. Hey America. Like Western Europe and Nordic countries, Canada is a Social Democracy – the best of two ideas. Admit it, Americans, you’re so afraid of social-ism and community-ism that you lack the bravery to even understand the basics. The same old knee-jerk reaction. Sad.

    2. @MelioraCogito Can’t help noticing your weird handle, bro. If you really are for real, you should consider therapy for your mental and emotional well-being. I’ll be praying for your lucidity, brother. God bless and get well soon.

  5. Ugh, as a New Yorker I’m disappointed. Tough on crime nonsense. We’ve never had a crime problem in NYC, we have poverty problems. Want to lower crime? Maybe stop making people pay outrageous rent to some bank with no return their entire lives. What’s the common denominator for our prison population? Well, 80% are there for non-violent drug crime so…dyslexia, lets go with that.

    1. say that to those that lived through the 70’s. Poverty is a bad predictor of crime, and more useful its the gap between the rich and poor that determines the likely crime rate. Plenty of reasons, but one root cause. Easy access to firearms.

  6. Going to a police department is very intimidating whether you are there to help someone out or even reporting a crime. Our tax dollars are supporting these departments and they need to be more welcoming to the public.

  7. A majority of mass shooters have a domestic violence record. Domestic violence increases when kids are on Xmas & summer break. This was a whole YEAR. The time a victim leaves an abuser is the most deadly. Now, everybody is back out in public at events, at work, etc. Look at how many recent mass shootings are related to DV, workplace or financial grievances. I wonder how drug addiction & drug crimes were affected by the pandemic, too.

  8. Wish the media would stop calling Eric Adams the moderate candidate. He is basically Trump like in his rhetoric and very divisive and corrupt. Very worried about NYC’s future under his leadership, especially since he was endorsed by De Blasio, who almost destroyed NYC.

  9. The prison industry doesn’t WANT violent offenders. They want passive, docile, non-violent DRUG offenders.

  10. You can always tell when a buch of Qanon’s are on a passenger jet – the whining sound keeps going after you’ve landed.

  11. The conservatives’ claims about more guns being the best solution to our excessive gun violence is proving to be a sad lie.

    1. “Conservatives say if you don’t give the rich more money, they will lose their incentive to invest. As for the poor, they tell us they’ve lost all incentive because we’ve given them too much money.”
      ― George Carlin

    2. A good guy with a gun was killed by the police after he killed an assassin after the assassin killed a police officer in Arvada, Colorado this past month.

  12. Their selling t-shirts, and mugs. Got stuck at a light behind a girl going off to the University of Florida, class of 2025 painted on her back glass. I thought, Good for her. Then I noticed the Q emblem down in the corner. I then thought. What a shame.

  13. Police backlash for Defund movement, and calls for accountability. This is a good ‘ol shake down.

  14. It’s playing this just a few “bad apples” are the problem game that’s the problem. IF, for example, 99 out of 100 police officers are supposed to be upstanding good officers then why hasn’t that one “bad apple” been turned in to a supervisor? Or at least when the bad cop is violating a citizens rights simply stepped in to protect the citizen?
    When a good officer chooses to turn a blind eye when bad officer violates the rights of a tax paying citizen, that is not a good officer. When a good officer, even once, lies on a report to cover for that bad cop, they are worse then the bad cop because they’re a bad cop comfortable with lying on official documents. Since most bad cops have many years of policing before being called out. Its not by the department, who’s been sworn to protect and serve the public, but a citizen with a video of proof. It shows the truth isn’t 99 out of 100 cops are good but the reverse is true. At best 1 out of 100 are a good officer

  15. How about quality housing, education, healthcare, and jobs programs, for the commerce capital of the world.

  16. “WIFI” without it then there is no Q, remember a few years ago we had to monitor our children’s online habits to keep them safe an now here we are with the “adults” for the sake of your family an country Unplug them, like the stepford member they are.

  17. You can never arrest your way out of crime. This has been proven forever. Not investing in education and jobs in the low income neighborhoods is the problem.

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