Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 9th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 9th | MSNBC

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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 9th | MSNBC


    1. @Suckass Dems tRump remains a threat to democracy. Of course he is being observed, he’s dangerous. Your user name shows you’re an immature fool.

  1. On Democratic presidential Michael Avanatti, anyone?
    “Michael, I see you as the holy spirit” – Ana Navarro

    1. Disgraced Trump critic Michael Avenatti cries after being sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for attempted Nike shakedown.

    2. @Conservative Interrupted Where’s Ana Navarro to comfort him, the messiah? I haven’t seen her for a while. Someone must’ve caught her and stuck her back in her cage.

  2. J. D. Vance just happens to be now running for office in a red state and just happens to agree to check his spine and moral compass at the door. He loses any credibility he had. Anyone can be a hack at virtually anything, especially politics.

    1. not really Cities in Red States are all Blue and are taking away the GOP power . We lost 3 States last year and 40 electoral votes to the Demoncrats because the Cities had more votes that the Red State countrysides .

    2. @Big D “Demoncrats” – hahaha another geriatric fool thinks he’s original. Aren’t you late for shuffleboard?

    1. 98.8% of deaths and 98.8% of hospitalizations from COVID in my county are from Unvaccinated people

  3. So, why do local governments give permits for Luxury Housing? So many homeless.
    America needs a Marshall Plan to build housing for low income & middle income.
    Our Community College (Pasadena Community College) feeds 600-700 students per week via their Pantry Program. Students live in their cars and shower in the gym. Many students have children. Yes, they also have jobs but cannot afford housing.
    Yet, no one ask, “how you going to pay for it?” When Republicans reduced taxes for the rich without sealing loopholes. Then you wonder why people feel the system doesn’t work. All boats could rise with the tide, if they stop swamping them. It doesn’t have to be like this.

    1. Pasadena is a lovely place with so much to offer. For years we have elected to stay at the unique Saga Hotel in the upstairs rooms with wood louvered windows, immediately across Colorado Blvd. from your college and its amazing students. Do not grow weary in well doing, for in due season you will reap if you do not quit. Galatians 6:9

    2. Excellent question about, yet again, making the rich – richer — with tax cuts or in the case of Mango Mussolini – no taxes period.

  4. The admiral has NOT CONVINCED ME IN THE LEAST that we are doing all that we can for the Afghan translators. SMH — Signed, a concerned veteran

  5. Geesh. Mortgage rates have been negative over here for some time and just recently it is rising to something like 1-2%.
    I had a morgage on around 50% of my flat, something $180K and the interest rate was negative .5%, even with fees and so included it came to 0.2%. This was a loan with interest rates fixed for three year periods.

  6. Housing making is a joke. Whenever that banks want to loan is when it’s good cause the have to make there capital back.

  7. John Kirby and magical thinking about the Taliban having to toe the line for approval by the international community. Jesus. Seriously. I’m just shaking my head in disbelief.

  8. The problem of Afghanistan is that if the American forces left in another 10 years, the results would be the same ,religious wars do not run on a news cycle, 4 year cycle, they last generations . Get out stay out lend financial support, moral support, learn from your mistakes.

  9. Keep an eye on Meeks Joe I hear she’s starting to be like your viewers,getting sick of you.

  10. Knowingly …..that’s big when it comes to crimes against humanity. Wonder if it includes the death of a young intern.

  11. Wait until those rising house prices trickle down to the renters the same as it has here in the UK! My immediate neighbour has just moved out because their landlord has decided to sell up despite the fact that both her and her partner have been there for over 8 years and have always paid the rent on time , landlords are selling up as house prices have been greatly inflated mainly in rural areas like mine by people buying second homes and holiday lets .

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