Watch Morning Joe Highlights: June 29th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: June 29th | MSNBC


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  1. The GOP will simply try to run out the clock and sabotage any deal whatsoever, they will naturally be lavishly rewarded with unbridled campaign contributions from large corporations; it’s business as usual for a corrupted system.

    1. There’s no such thing as bipartisanship when it comes to republicons. Biden doesn’t get it. You can’t negotiate with the devil .

  2. Stop talking as if there is no money to pay for these social improvements,1% tax on every gambling transaction taken on WALL ST. pays for everything and then some,and why are the religious businesses(churches)exempt from tax?

    1. @Paula Gray I DEMAND THIS TO BE INVESTIGATED !! THESE PREACHERS ARE THE WORST OF ALL ….BC THEY DO IT UNDER THE NAME OF GOD !! so someone who is devout ,feels its their duty to be “obedient to God”…and give their money ! Not realizing that they just put blind faith in the hands of man, not God… extortion !!!!

    1. Yep birds of a feather. Trump supporters see Trump as a kindred spirit. All the vile contemptible behavior that Trump exhibits speaks to them

  3. So refreshing to hear a cabinet member speak with competence and a constructive attitude. Why in God’s name do Republicans gravitate towards self-serving charlatan nincompoops?

  4. This is all great news I pray for a better world because as a grandmother/mother it breaks my heart if my loved ones live in a corrupted world after my exists In life

  5. Let’s see if this will come to fruition Mr Biden, so I’m keeping quiet on the matter for now.

  6. Visiting the US, I was shocked by how dilapidated and backward even places like San Francisco and Los Angeles were. Even such places as Cincinnati, most of Ohio, as well as New York seemed to be decaying and in danger of falling. Freeway flyovers without exception left me breathless with relief that they had not collapsed as I drove over them. Having grown up watching America on TV I realised I have been watching a dream. The reality is shoddy disjointed self serving capitalism at its worst. I couldn’t wait to leave and get back to civilisation.

    1. @DreidMusicalX you’re naive if you don’t think capitalism out of control and crooked politicians aren’t joined at the hip. Who do you think is bribing them?

    2. @thrax bottom Again, its not capitalism. Its the crooked asswipes in DC as well as others who pervert it. ANY system is not 100% perfect by any means. Its the asswipes who pervert them.

    3. @richard smith I see your head is up your … and just cause you say “FACT “does not make it one

    4. @richard smith your comments are all hilarious. Unintentional comedy. No one in their right mind believes that – you must be a troll.

  7. I hope all the courts apply the laws of our country and follow our constitution. Reverse all those illegel laws.

  8. Digital infrastructure is highly important if we’re going to firmly step into the future, and for the economic growth of the country. All of it’s necessary. Our infrastructure was one of the things that made America great, but we haven’t invested in it for a hundred years.

  9. This bill isn’t going anywhere especially with mitch McConnell and also bill Cassidy after leaving started talking negative about the bill so 10 Republicans are not going to vote for this.

  10. The Cruelty Is The Point: American History…is a better and more accurate title for the collective majority in this country.

  11. “Cruelty Is The Point” is donnie’s mission statement. It fits most everything!
    Kids in cages, Mexico isn’t sending their best, ****hole countries, “go back where you came from,” cruel to three Gold Star family that lost their son, “I’m sorry but I like war heroes that *weren’t* captured!

  12. As a true progressive, I’m compelled to ask moderate Dems if any of you are embarrassed about Joe Manchin. This can’t be the party you want. Right?

  13. “Trans children?” When I was a child I wanted to be a dinosaur. An odd hill to die on in my opinion.

  14. “This may continue another few years”. “Another few years” is the length of time free Americans thought they were slaves in Texas. There’s a lot of suffering and lost futures can be packed into “a few years”.

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