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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: September 1 | MSNBC

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  1. What kind of delusional thinking could persuade voters that voting for a fascist would reduce inequality? lunatic asylum USA, duh

    1. What fascist are you referring to? Do you fully understand what a fascist is? Do you believe Antifa is anti-fascist?

    2. @maria schultz Oh sit down, you ridiculous twit. Put on the dunce cap and face the corner and don’t come out until we say you can.
      There. There’s a Democrat causing despair, but you’re already desperate so you won’t notice

    1. Where is Colonel Vindmann and Adam Schiff’s Whistleblower?
      Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats wanted Trump impeached
      over a PHONE CALL

  2. Wonderful. I think she say “We decided we’d just make it better for ’em”. Isn’t that want government should be about? Wonderful.

  3. Senator Kennedy, there was no traitor here by leaving Afghanistan. You sent the USA to a country that didn’t need to be invaded but you voted and were happy to hear the number of dead Americans. So Senator Kennedy, how much money did you make over our dead?

    1. The decision to eject the Taliban was bipartisan. What is being criticized here is the absolute incompetence exhibited by our leaders in leaving that country. No one has ever seen such a disastrous withdrawal. You need to stop drinking the Socialist kool aid.

    2. @greg j no one has seen such a disaster? Hmmm, you don’t read any history books. America has left several countries like that with the most present in our minds is Vietnam, Cuba after businesses weren’t allowed to exploit the people, the USA invaded and it was a mess. The USA was in Korea and left it a mess afterwards because there was no political appetite. The reality is that there was little to extract from them and the chaos created Kim jong_un. Try reading a little bit once in a while to have a decent discussion

  4. Trump received 39% of the Latino vote in Texas in the 2020 election which was an 8% gain from what he received in 2016.
    IN TEXAS! Yeah, let that sink in.

    1. @Troy Heald These voters think that by getting rid of illegal immigrants attitude towards them will change…..keep dreaming…nothing will change

  5. Someone needs to watch that money he is hold back from the schools., DeSantis might try to pocket it some how, and use it himself for political funding. I would not trust him to look out for anyone but his self and his base.

    1. @greg j I have not been happy with any of the choices we have had in years. We have been trying to pick the least offensive person. Biden may have been late for a meeting of national importance or realizing he is missing his nap time. There should be a age limit and years a person can serve in public office. Lots of senators fall asleep during sessions. But looking at his watch was rude.

    2. Skimming off the interest of that money until the court makes him release the funds. Typical Trump trick.

    3. @Speedy Where and when did Trump say such a thing? Better yet! Why would he even say such a thing? In what context was he quoted? The Left spews out lie after lie and you know because none of their BS is backed by actual fact.

    4. @Speedy Given the Left’s track record of lies, misinformation and false information, Trump was quoted out of context. The Left loves to do that. MSNBC is nothing but a Propaganda squawk box for the Corporate Socialists. When they attack someone with such consistency as they do Trump, I know that ‘Trump’ is doing something right.

  6. them republicans talk like they care about the people..more than the contracts their base just lost in warfare

    1. Yeah man! We’ll stop them Republicans especially the ones who want to give poor Black children a choice in what school they can attend.

  7. It made me cry when I thought of all those who DIED needlessly. Thank you for people like these who just had to use what used to be called COMMON SENSE to rationalize with the skeptical. Do it for your family!😶🙄😥

  8. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.*

    1. My first investment with Mr Robert Donald gave me the assurance that have made me invest without the fear of losing, I got four of my friends involved with him already

  9. Giving benefits to illegals, aka “undocumented immigrants,” such a euphemism, may be the cement block that drowns Newsom.

  10. The school board needs to sue the governor. His mandate that there can be no mask mandates has already been reviewed by a judge who determined its unconstitutional for the Governor to do that. Thus his punishment of the school board financially is illegal and unconstitutional. De Santis is ignoring the majority of voters in the state and playing politics with the children of Florida disgraceful.

    1. You are correct. The good citizens of Florida need to finish the job in 2022 by voting their governor out in favor of someone who will not politicize public health and safety and do what is right.

  11. If parents think its burdensome for their kids to wear a mask, lets see how burdensome they feel about coping with the death of their child because of their own actions.

    1. Those kind of people would never take personal responsibility. They’d blame the chinese. They’d blame the hospitals. They’d blame Biden. It’s never these peoples’ fault.

  12. California and the USA have a lot of problems. Wealth inequality, poverty, homelessness, crime etc. But it’s not the fault of the Democrat Governor. Republicans oppose taxing the rich. Taxes that would pay for services. Republicans oppose better pay for low income people. Republicans oppose health care for everyone. The USA has a lot of systemic problems

  13. People always think they have all the answers, some times you may need to make your best decisions. Nobody knows all the correct answers, so some times you may need to use your best judgement.

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