Watch Morning Joe Highlights: September 2 | MSNBC

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: September 2 | MSNBC 1


    1. @Lester Magnuson You’re welcome to go to Afghanistan yourself – bring as many of your MAGA buddies as you like – to finish the job.

      Unless Lester Magnuson is a trolling coward = there’s your reason.

    2. @Lester Magnuson Perhaps he said Republican because most of our wars have been started or entered into by Republicans.

  1. Sasse: Wish you would be equally keen on defending US women rights e.g. in Texas and also in participating in investigating 1/6 insurrection.

    1. can anyone tell me why these people have gone from constantly talking about the latest polls to not lately mention them at all – what’s changed I wonder ?

  2. You talk about promises to the Afghans, how about the promises to the seniors in the USA. You promise the Afghans and treat our seniors like second class citizens. Just saying.

  3. Imagine Cardiac activity in a fetus in an ectopic pregnancy .. fetus isn’t viable and yet the woman can’t be helped.

    1. No< the woman can be helped and this is a medical emergency that would allow for an abortion. If you listen to the part of this news cast where they discuss the law it does allow for abortions in the case of "maternal health". Maternal means mother. Your post is one that spreads misinformation because you didn't listen to the full report or decided to omit the part you wanted to help further the drama. Main stream media often reports the news and lies by omission .

  4. This liar talking about the peril of leaving Afghanistan is trying to undermine US national security by helpfully informing our rivals of ways they can put pressure on our government. Such disloyal opportunism is typical of the backstabbing criminal traitors in the Republican Party.

    1. Leaked details of a call between Joe Biden and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani reveal that Biden pressured Ghani to lie and “project a different picture” about what was happening in the fight against the Taliban in the weeks leading up to the collapse of the Afghan government. Democrats suddenly seem uninterested in impeaching a sitting president over a phone call with a foreign leader.

  5. Sassy never answered the question of why were those with SIV id’s turned away at the airport in Kabul.

    1. You are right Tutone. I would really love a chat with you if you don’t mind, we can get to know more about ourselves, hope that’s fine by you?

  6. Sasse has unrealistic expectations. The USSR couldn’t control Afghanistan and we could not win the hearts and minds of the Afghan people to remake them in our image.

    1. ^^THIS^^

      Who are these people who want to keep fighting an UNWINNABLE war? What are their expectations? More importantly, what are their motives for criticizing this withdrawal? (I suspect political affiliation has something to do with it.)

    2. Actually with some of the things going on in the US I think they did a pretty good job of that. One law in Texas was all it took and women will be hounded when they are shopping, subject to charges if she has a miscarriage, getting a lot more exercise because cabbies won’t want to pick them up.

  7. I have qualified regard for Senator Sasse, but he is certainly offering a blistering critique of the US pullout in a way that smells like political opportunism. I wonder just how many veterans have contacted him with their anguished concerns (is it 5, or is it 500–in Nebraska, that makes a difference); I wonder if he can provide any more (corroborated) information about Afghan allies with SIVs being turned away at the Kabul airport.

  8. Cut Texas loose….they have to take part of the debt and get passports to travel in the rest of the US. They can take Florida and Georgia with them

    1. LOL I wished that was true. This is how we are here today on every front. We got to get a better game plan. Trump sucks can burn the fire for so long. New plan please 😁

  9. I mean so how long are we supposed to stay there? Forever??there’s a deadline, there has to be, you can’t just hang around indefinitely waiting

  10. Look at this Republican stooge not mentioning at all that the decision to capitulate to the Taliban and abandon Afghanistan was made by his boss last year. Biden is just following through on Trump’s terrible deal. These are facts, but Republicans aren’t big on history or taking responsibility for anything. It’s always the Dems’ fault. Always.

  11. This sounds like terrorism to me Outlaw abortion but they can hire militias to go out and harass people who either perform abortions or want abortions like I said we’re dealing with the white Taliban

    1. Look back at what President Trump said in 2017 about pulling out of Afghanistan. He said it should be done but it needed to be done slowly with a plan or there would be chaos. Biden didn’t follow President’ Trump’s plans except for leaving, which is the final step. He ignored President Trump’s advice on how to pull the troops out,
      Biden also ignored the military leaders advice on how to leave Afghanistan, like not closing the air base, which was one of the first things he did. It seems he got his instructions from the Taliban as they are the ones who benefit from the way Biden pulled the troops out. President Obama and President Trump both wanted to leave Afghanistan and both worked toward that goal. If Biden continues to not follow the advice of “his team” we are doomed as a nation. If you watch or read more about those Afghans who got on the planes then pay attention to how many were not the Afghans who worked with or for Americans. Some said they were interpreters and yet could not speak English and did not have a passport or the papers showing they were the Afghans who worked with us.

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