1. You may be happy to learn that the planet will continue to be there. That’s what I was very happy to learn. It’s those who are trying to ruin the planet that have to change their ways, if they want to continue to live. Check out the reassurance of this in this absolutely reliable book… in Isaiah 45:18 and Revelation 11:18 and Revelation 55:11 (my favourite verse). I only learnt this about 22 years back when someone shared it with me. :)))

    1. Like democrats pro slavery values? Or democrats pro baby killing values? Or democrats vote fraud values? Or democrats allowing child molesters to cross our border values? Values like those ones?

    2. Jo Biden, who managed in just 6 months to turn the US into a country nobody wants to be a friend with (unless being paid)

    3. I was kind of surprised liberal trash even knew that word thanks for letting me at least know you knew how to say it even though you have no idea what it means

    1. That requires thought and a desire to pass legislation which will help your constituents. We’re in deep doo doo.

  1. I think it misses the point I suggest that Manchin will be a tough sell because of coal when it has been documented that big oil is filling his coffers. GET THE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS so those of us without the power of the purse have a fighting chance.

    1. Mansion is nothing but a loser himself when he still thinks that he can still hang on to the good old days well is on its way out not want its weight in the world is suffering from glaring gases we need to find a way to keep our Earth cleaner I’m glad the miners won’t be dying from Black lung

  2. Anyone who ‘takes a chance’ on the Taliban is only kidding themselves. They’re just the latest in a long line of warlording thugs looking for the next mark to fleece – they won’t change.

  3. uh, the fact that BIDEN admits the problem exists in the first place is a step in the right direction, then kinda yea throw tons of money at it and see what sticks

  4. Politics and the elections have become too much like reality television. I almost expect Snookie or The Situation to come out and run or push policies.

  5. Duncan sees that solely relying on the MAGA base to support his re-election is not a winning strategy. So, now he’s written a book stating the obvious to garner publicity. The fact that he does not give any criticism of the Repubs and Trump, but has no issue giving criticism of Biden, shows his bias and partisanship. Beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  6. 300 million a day ,for 20 years in
    Afghanistan ,You have lawmakers Talking about let’s pause when It comes to the United States

  7. 300 million a day ,for 20 years in
    Afghanistan ,You have lawmakers Talking about let’s pause when It comes to the United States

  8. Can you imagine the chairman for BP or Shell coming out saying “don’t drive petrol or
    diesel powered vehicles Don’t buy our products.” Neither can I.

    1. It’s not up to any of the oil producers to make those decisions. It’s governments role to keep its citizens safe, in tandem with scientific experts who deal in facts not fantasy.attempting bring the fossil fuel industry to a speedy end as fast as possible. As with vaccinations, conservatives especially the ignorant religious kind. Are ignoring the facts they don’t like and substituting their pet conspiracy theories and delusional fantasies? Dangerous ignorance and deliberate criminal acts are making these fascists and fantasists show their true face. And it’s an ugly one ripe for prosecution

    2. @Uno G automakers are making electric cars today when 10 years ago it was quite a novel idea. They are prepared to provide these vehicles as gas and diesel are phased out. If you look into electric transportation you will see that other transportation types are also developing electric. So big oil better find its place in a cleaner marketplace.

    3. @Uno G No, the majority of conservatives are sell-outs but the current crop of Dems certainly are not and the few who may be will be rooted out by the new progressives determined to stamp it out and make major changes in how politicians are funded. No more dark money, no more secret deals, no more corrupt lawmakers, judges and cops. It’s a mammoth job but there’s no going back to that broken system the GOP love so much.

  9. My prayer to our nations leaders, our people. Blessings to all. My thought’s. The infrastructure must be bigger. We need Science more then ever.

  10. We need to get rid of the stupid in order to evolve as a species so that we can all work together to save our planet. We cannot control what other countries do. We need to focus on issues at home.

  11. The actually history regarding Afghanistan?
    China 3 times, Russia once and the United States of America once.

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