WATCH: Ontario MPP defends Premier Doug Ford’s border claims in combative interview

WATCH: Ontario MPP defends Premier Doug Ford's border claims in combative interview 1


    1. “you’re trashing Toronto public health”. I thought they did a great job of that on their own.

  1. Well he has a point and you have to be combative since reporters think of them selfes as experts

    1. Next Provincial election, I’m writing “non confidence” across my ballot. Ford still hasn’t learned that shaming and locking down Ontarians won’t help with incoming infected flights.

    2. I’m hoping there will be a strong independent candidate in my riding come the next election.

  2. How’s about listening to the public, we don’t want to be in a lockdown forever. Close the borders.

  3. I’m sorry, but this reporter was way too combative. He came in with his belief and wouldn’t let the other point be made

    1. @Ivan Novotny Not in this interview. Evan was baiting, talking over, and interrupting the interviewee. VERY unprofessional of him to do that, and I’m about as far away from Ford Nation as you can get. Evan’s brand of journalism isn’t much better than was Jerry Springer’s, and does nothing to elevate political debate in this country. It is cheap, cynical and unworthy of a truly professional journalist, of which there are few if any remaining.

  4. How did the varients get here from the UK and other countries…. Boarders lol…your a reporter don’t debate with liberal talking points lol very one sided Evan …no trouble to tell your a Trudeau paid news corporation…


    He was answering your question. YOU were the one talking over him because he dared speak ill of your beloved Justin Trudeau.

  6. If there were a new variant of concern that developed right here in Canada, wouldn’t we be irresponsible not to contain it and wouldn’t other countries have every reason to not accept our travellers?

  7. I don’t care about politics and who did what or who’s right but it is a fact that variants that were not started here came through borders by travellers period! And then because of crappy screening at the border they go in the community and give it to other and then it become community transfer! but it STARTED AT THE BORDERS!

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