WATCH: Ontario's long-term care minister walks out of press conference | COVID-19 crisis in Canada 1

WATCH: Ontario’s long-term care minister walks out of press conference | COVID-19 crisis in Canada


Ontario's minister of long-term care walked out of a press conference after facing tough questions on her response to the pandemic.

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    1. could you do better?i doubt it,with the insults and pointing of fingers.shame on you all for denying listeners from hearing it or watching it also.

    2. @Shawn Ocallahan Mike Harris is responsible for so much of this mess and Ford’s government is still defending his mistakes…yes, we we could have done very much better.

    1. W hat about the current federal government and have you forgotten the provincial Liberal government before the Conservatives. ALL politicians are corrupt and dishonest, it’s about power

  1. what’s sickening is she leaves that building…that’s the last she thinks of it….HEARTLESS

    1. That is exactly the issue. The bureaucratic arms of society are in need of amelioration.

    1. @Brian Gervais All politicians are compromised at some point, this is how they are controlled not to do the right thing for the constituents that elected them but what the Corporations want for their best interests, this is how the world is controlled by the 1%.

  2. Silence, its a thunderous. Remember this level of service come election day. You decide what the government does and doesn’t do. Wake up!

    1. Problem decision on election day. The province still smarting from McGuinty and Wynne era. And now Ford incompetence. However this lady’s actions are indefensible. Odd how some LTC have not had any problems and others a disaster.

    1. Lula you are so right!!! We need a complete restructure of government from top to bottom

  3. If you can’t handle the heat you shouldn’t be in the seat, we deserve answers! you ran away and you owe the public an apology and real answers. Passing the buck is something I expect from my 10 year old, not from Ontario’s long term care minister!

    1. Those are spoiled individuals , that’s why they are there where they are , is a comon wide spread phenomena, as they claiming up they becoming out of touch !

  4. So many of these govt officials are flat out incompetent. They can’t hack it in the private sector.

    1. In the private sector if you’re a mess you fail and go out of business. Private health care in the United States is not a mess. Its far better than here.

    2. Because when you screw the pooch in the private sector they wear your guts for garders.

    3. @5 off the tee ! Better ? You should talk to anyone in the States who doesn’t earn the average salary. Not to mention any issues generally have to do with under funding (including the private sector) not competence within the health care profession.

    4. All of Ford’s ministers have ties to big business…that’s the problem. The problems in LTC are from private sector involvement. You’re just repeating conservative talking points rather than see the situation for what it is.
      How could you possibly say that American health care is not a mess…it’s a complete disaster.
      No wonder you’re hitting 5 off the tee…you’re blind.

  5. Don’t ask don’t tell policies, ” Leadership “the word that is constantly promoted all over the place is mostly about selfish, push others out of the way with elbows with a smile how successful they are !

  6. Since when did they change her portfolio to “Ontario’s Minister of DON’T Care” ?

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