WATCH: Panel Breaks Down GOP Push Against Corporate America As Businesses Speak Out 1

WATCH: Panel Breaks Down GOP Push Against Corporate America As Businesses Speak Out


ESPN reports that Colorado will host the All-Star Game after the MLB moved it from Atlanta to protest Georgia's controversial election law. Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) warns that CEOs should "stay out of politics" as more corporations speak out against states considering similar legislation. Politico Playbook Co-Author Eugene Daniels and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Greg Bluestein join Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the battle over cancel culture. Aired on 04/06/2021.
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WATCH: Panel Breaks Down GOP Push Against Corporate America As Businesses Speak Out


  1. Ironic that the GOP (Grifters Of the People) depend on corporations and Citizens United for their funding.

    1. Whenever you see the sideways laughing emoji used in such a cynical, abusive way, you know it’s either a Russian troll or a sadly confused, manipulated, and abused American Trump supporter.

    2. @Jock YoungPlease google, “press ignores Hunter Biden story” and “twitter CEO apologizes”. There you will find stories that came out after the election and include sources you probably agree with. Please read them and let me know what you think. Thanks, Paul.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis Yet all you have to offer in defense is a meritless opinion lol. Why are you so scared to debate a real liberal?

    1. This is hypocrisy on a level that’s just unbelievable. He was happy to listen to them when they were helping him kick people down

    1. they should cover themselves with gasoline and burn themselves in effigy. YUGE problem solved. And I would love to get that on video.

  2. Warns stay out of politics says old turtle , but when they get their money is ok .
    Gopers out of whack .

    1. I’d love to see them respond by withholding donations, but it’s unlikely. What I really hope is that pro campaign finance reform leaders, like Sanders, etc, take advantage of this moment to educate the public on Sanders Senate amendment & the bipartisan House amendment, that would overturn “Citizens United” & they should let us know which states have said they’ll ratify it. (5, so far)

  3. In my country they made it free and easy to get a photo ID, just because our elections require it.
    And everyone over 18 is automatically registered to vote, no exceptions.
    We also have no lines at polling places and a turnout that is usually well over 80%.

    1. The ID issue is a bit of a red herring here. The scariest part of the new voting law in GA is that the state legislature literally just gave itself the ability to override local election officials.
      Doesn’t matter how many people vote with or with ID, if the legislature can determine after-the-fact which votes count and which votes they throw away.

    2. @G Smith I don’t have time for people who believe “the democrats clearly cheated” and also believe cancel culture is even a real thing.
      I understand you’re mad that you supported the loser of an election, but fighting against democracy is not the remedy.

    3. @G Smith Yeah, Trump and the reps lost every single lawsuit that tried to claim that. Could you stop beating that dead horse already?

    4. @G Smith it’s not about the voting ID alone. It’s about the number of voting booths and where they are placing them based off of neighborhoods and it’s disproportionately unfair. There are a lot of bad parts of the law. It shouldn’t have been passed, and that’s a totally separate issue from the fact you’re so delusional you think the election wasn’t fair.

    1. Yes, as I recall, it was the Republicans that were saying Corporations are People, and they have more rights than the average person. And wasn’t it the Republicans that went all in on Citizens United, the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision allowing unlimited corporate spending on political issues?
      Now McConnell is saying that corporations should stay out of politics?
      WTF !

  4. Go ahead and attack the corporations, GOP. See where the contributions go next election cycle.

  5. I thought the GOP considered corporations as people? Giving corporations the right to donate to politicians and parties, giving corporations the right to refuse service. Now corporations are going against the GOP’s racist bills, and now they don’t like that?

  6. CEO’S should say “okay Mitch we will stay out of politics”. No more money or donations for republications election efforts. We will stay out of politics. Happy now Mitch.

    1. @Joel Rivard I’m sure they did. Georgia’s not even a democratic state anymore. Why would any patriot want money pouring into a communist state? Hit them in their bank accounts, where it hurts, even if you’re from there. It’s the only way to force shut the mouths of bigots.

    2. @Herr tRumpenführer yep atlanta full of bigots only mostly minority live there but ok if u say so

    3. @Joel Rivard The rest of the state is much bigger than Atlanta. And no, it’s not mostly black when you include the suburbs around Atlanta. Atlanta-proper is more like 51% black, and the bigots are primarily white. Thought you need the education lesson since that white light you’ve been staring at has you blind.

    4. @Helene Flamand
      If they stopped donating to politicians, our elected officials might actually do their jobs.
      Doubt it, but who knows.

  7. GOP: Corporations are people too
    Also GOP: Corporate money is protected speech

    Also, also GOP: Shut up corporations, we don’t want to hear what you have to say

  8. Did we forget their celebration of the my pillow guy who was facilitating a seditious lie to overthrow our democracy?

  9. Repubs: Keep business out of politics!
    Also Repubs: Let’s elect a serial bankrupter businessman.

    1. MLB moved to Denver where they also have an ID law and less days of early voting. Karma.

    2. @Morbidly Oppressed that’s not an example of karma, but we all realize that bigots don’t have much for brains. The moved to the most moderate state in the nation, and every major event holder should do the same if any state embraces modern day communism over a democracy.

    3. @Herr tRumpenführer Colorado also doesn’t have a morbidly obese “oppressed”multi-millionaire black woman running for governor.

    4. @Morbidly Oppressed I’m not sure why Abrams being YUGE and affluent would have anything to do with Georgia bringing this onto themselves.

      Don’t want American businesses to leave? Don’t want sports teams to leave? Then Georgian voters shouldn’t have voted for commies. This includes the black community who so often leave too many circles blank on their ballots, because too many assume if the candidate isn’t black, or isn’t backed by a black community leader, then they won’t bother to vote for whoever is running for said political office. Case in point, non-voters are who elected #45. Non-voters include those who vote for only a select # of candidates, while leaving all other boxes unchecked.

      I’m not sure what they’re gonna do when the Falcons and the Braves leave Georgia for greener pastures. Maybe then, non-voters in Georgia will finally get a clue.

  10. I fly exclusively on Alaska Airlines due to my location, but Delta also flies out of my international airport. I’m not traveling now but when I can, I definitely will break my exclusive contract with AK Air now and then to fly with Delta if they can take me where I want to go. I don’t drink soda pop but own Coke stock. And I never vote R. As for the ASG, I have not watched one in years. Congratulations to Denver for getting this game in a time zone closer to me.

  11. Turtlehead warns corporations to stay out of politics that should include campaign donations. AKA bribes

  12. The ONLY power common folks have is through our spending. If we boycott, that’s our choice. If corporations listen, that’s their choice.

  13. The GOP against the corporations?!?!? I don’t know who could have predicted this, but it is wonderful to watch.

  14. I don’t drink soda but I bought a case of cokes to put out in the break room at where I work just to support the Coca Cola company because I support what they said.

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