Watch: President Biden greets French President Macron


    1. @Doyle Hargraves 2007 I give an edgelord his due, brah. FYI I have a Doyle Hargraves construction t-shirt.

    1. @Hill Billy Thats right. Even if they did, and they dont, it would be nothing, nothing, jothing compared to the WHOLE TRUMP cultists’ crimes!! Buh bye and I do mean go the “f” away!

    2. @bmarie lol, that hurt inside you is knowing your wrong. Maybe they’ll let you have conjugal visits with hunter in prison

    1. @Bongo Drum eh, what can you do? There will always be foolish people. Just gotta hold your ground for what is right.

    2. @ls400s What’s hilarious is that a travel trailer is actually better for the environment and affordable housing, but why would you care? It’s all about image isn’t it?

  1. Meanwhile in China Hunter is hiding out with his business partners waiting on the mean old Republicans to hold up the law

  2. Omg, l cant stop.laughing, now, lm sure there there was a brass band playing, but with.benedict shaking hands with apparitions, and this guy, not only blocking the screen but wheres the band, looks like blow up man from the local tire shop or hes swatting at a bee.!!!!!

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  4. The “leader of the free world” being guided around the beginning of the ceremony by the French Pres. 🙁 Having said that, it was a nice ceremony. I didn’t bother listening to the message.

    1. Trump did the same exact thing and the media grilled him for it. Also looked like biden sniffed Brigitte’s hair. Lol

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  6. These Four are absolutly ridiculous 😀😀😂😂let’s send them strait to Antartic pole 🛫one way😂😂

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