1. Only things he’s comfortable talking about is covid, pronouns, and abortion. You won’t see him caring this much to speak about inflation, baby formula shortages, tampon shortages, the southern border, crime, etc list is endless

  2. God gives us strength to endure, it’s because of him I have endured. I’m a single mother with two beautiful autistic children. My husband passed away years ago. I lost my job over declining the vaccine. I declined due to my pre existing health conditions lupus and heart disease. I’ve been struggling to provide for myself and my children since losing my job from Forsyth hospital. But God has given me strength. Strength to keep obeying and serving even when I feel tired and overwhelmed and like I can’t go on. Every month is a battle to not end up homeless on the streets with my two children. But every month God provides in Jesus name! Thank you Father for your unconditional love. Even as I’m mocked and harassed by others for my circumstances and choice. I will keep Faith. Please pray for me and my boys.

    1. My prayers are with you and your boys. God is faithful to his word, and yes God is going to keep you and family. God bless you 🙏.

  3. Even with the fluctuation in the economy, I’m so excited I’ve been earning $45,000 from my $10,000 investment every 10days.

    1. I have been able to arrange funds to invest. Do you know how much is ok for a start, let me know if I can do this.

    2. Wow ! I invest and buy bitcoin , but mostly waiting for the rise to sell. This is a great opportunity to start trading my bitcoin and also earn weekly.

    3. I’m very glad stumbled on this today writing to her now. Really hope she can help me too A Using my check to do this.

    4. Its absolutely AMAZING how I’ve seen this EXACT conversation with SAME PLAYERS on earlier but recent vids. Is this how advertising is done these days? Doesn’t seem legit….

  4. The greatest “OBSTACLES” To Free Speech, A Honest Unbiased Media, Legitimate Elections, Peace, The Public’s Safety, Affordable Housing, Financial Prosperity, A Clean Environment, Affordable Health care, Law and Order, and Basic Constitutional freedoms, is to elect a “Democrat” in to office at any level government!!

  5. America is so overly patriotic. Even our own PM doesn’t get an anthem as he gets to the podium. It’s funny how different Canada and America are in terms of patriotism. Even on Canada day people acknowledge it but it’s not like America where every inch of the continent is hard core celebrating independence day.

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