Watch: President Biden takes reporter questions at NATO summit | USA TODAY


  1. More word salad bla, bla, bla. Intelligence of a potato. Not a clue what he is saying.😭😭😭

    1. Yes a common sense president spends a couple of billion dollars of his own people’s money and then raises the prices on them and blames it on another country you are exactly correct trolls cannot stand this

  2. Takes questions? Weird how he can’t answer a question He didn’t know was coming though…🤡

  3. He’s so pathetic.
    He’s been there a week. Taken 0 questions. Does one appearance, takes 5 questions in 10 minutes and runs away. It really is sad.

  4. Jeddah summit headed by Biden in July 2022
    Information says that increasing oil production is ready, but the problem is There are no oil cargo ships
    As the wells are full of oil, the pumps are ready, and the supply chain is stumbled
    * We also hope to release the American citizen detained in the city of Jeddah with a financial settlement *
    God bless America

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