Watch President Trump's final White House departure 1

Watch President Trump’s final White House departure


President Donald Trump departs the White House one last time before President-elect Joe Biden takes office. #CNN #News


    1. @tretrag you are speaking about the jobs numbers as if his policies brought on the recent high unemployment. That was covid not trump policy. He HAD America’s lowest unemployment!

    2. @Freedom isn’t free no he did not have the lowest unemployment. Who told you that he did? Economy has been going down for years. Experts have been warning of another economic crash. History will repeat itself with that. I know Covid 19 wasn’t Trumps fault however I didn’t see him make an effort to get the economy going. The effort and determination was on the election not the economy.

    3. @tretragI have no clue what you are talking about. its easy to keep a job if you are good at it.
      Good paying? Have some skill or get some skill. Earn more than last year. Push yourself. Why is this a hard concept for people.

    4. @tretrag unemployment numbers are put out on a regular basis. The only news not covering it was too busy slandering and losing in court to teenagers

    5. @Freedom isn’t free you make sound like it is easy many people including you are in for a rude awakening. You will see. As far as Trump doing a good job I reject that only his supporters would say that. I am not one of his supporters.

  1. “I don’t understand why anybody would ever put their lives on the line for their country. They’re losers” And Chump expects military etc. to forget these treacherous statement and support him? He obviously thinks they have the short term memory that he obviously possesses.

    1. So glad he’s gone I’m gonna watch this a couple of times hope they never see anything like that again worst president ever see ya you’re fired

    2. @Ian Dawson Will Putin hide me from the Democrats, like he did with Edward Snowden, Obama & Biden want Snowden dead or…dead for leaking about them spying on Americans

    3. @Stevan TheWise You lemmings never have an argument.
      It’s been years of having to watch you slowly destroy the world with your idiocy.
      Enjoy what you have done.
      You deserve it.

    1. @Michael Williamson What about trumps scandals? Where the links? I cant just go off some of your words lol

    2. @Thanks for checking in im still a piece of garbage
      Until you answer my questions, you won’t get anything further from me. I asked who the “innocent men” he executed are. You haven’t answered anything.

    3. @Michael Williamson Pointless trying to carry a practical conversation with someone who spends an entire paragraph speaking my mind for me. Even more illogical trying to carry a conversation with someone who sees literal proof of Trump’s racist remarks, but remains in denial. This concludes our exchange. Your hero is gone, and hopefully you will be, too.

    4. @Admiral Man
      Pointless enough for you to make this comment, huh? 😉 don’t worry, he’s still around and I will be around until the day I die. I’m sure you wish that would be soon huh?

    1. @Pickle Rick what evidence do you have that he is rich. Even if he is rich he would steal anyway as it’s his nature.

    2. @Pickle Rick How do you think he got rich? 5 times bankrupt, credit so bad NO American bank and not even the NYC mob would loan him money. Don Jr. said it…we get a lot of money from Russia. What do you think Russia got? Trump was so dumb he could not even turn a profit on his casinos in NJ!!!. Of course, he was stealing. Taxpayers paid $140,000 and often more, EVERY time, that he played golf at his own resort. Taxpayers have paid all the fees for his family to stay/live at his own resort in Mar A Largo. He even had the gall to try to get the International Summit meeting changed from Camp David to Mar A Largo.

    3. It’s possible, but hey double check the Clintons they actually are on record for stealing $28k in furnishings from the White House.

    1. @Cheemin Thao
      I saw products from the u.s. *”made in China”* as a child and I’m 42 years old. Way before Joe Biden became president.

    1. @Evert Morse also if theres a beginning to everything, hows god always been there? Who created god?

    2. @Big Chungus Official Epic Gaming YouTube Channel ~ Wouldn’t you like to know. I’m not the one who claimed God was protecting me in my deeds. HE WAS. Seems he was wrong — Wasn’t he?

  2. Ah, the former TV reality host has his lunatic fringe defending the indefensible in the comments. Just like the lyrics for the Red Rider 1981 song, ….”we know you’re out there”. Goodbye and good riddance, orange one.

  3. slink out the back door, how uncouth and disrespectful. He can slither back under the his and her rock they crawled out from under.

  4. The ultimate act of narcissism. After four years of his lying and grifting, there is a sigh of relief throughout the land. This exit shows no one gives a s**t anymore about him.

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