1. @Jordan Pollard He’s right that the church gets to avoid all types of accountability simply in the name of “religion”, which is just another word for “make believe”. It’s a community that depends on ignorance and fear, and has for centuries.

    1. That’s enough human blood for you, young man. Save some human blood for the rest of us!

    1. islam: The semen originates from the back bone of the man and the ribs of the woman
      atheist religion: There are a billion different genders
      Me: What’s the bloddy difference??

  1. I thought of my daughters first communion 22 years ago.. They were eight years old “one of them did the same “ he slept right shoes the rest of the service.

  2. Haha this kid is a whole fantastic mood! 🤩 BTW: I love Jeanne Moos!!!! The way she says “New York”, makes me beam with pride every single time.

    1. @Javier Fernandez I am. And? Do you have to totally agree with musicians you like in order to enjoy their music?

    2. @Sledzeppelin You seemed to be pointing out atrocities in religion to people talking about something else. Look in the mirror. Zeppelin had a bad apple, hu? Cool story, bro. Do better.

    1. @ LOUISE JOHNSON That’s what the priest said after he gave her a few more glasses of whine.

    2. Well luckily you weren’t drinking Jesus blood. That would be a lot more messy to clean up.

    1. Well, I’d agree with you there. It wouldn’t surprise me if she grows up and becomes a nun.

  3. If I had the guts to do that during Communion, i wouldn’t need to bring a flask to church🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. That was probably a big draw back in the day. Hahahahhaha. I never really thought of that. 🙂

    1. Killin? Thats a paddlin.
      Stealin? That’s a paddlin.
      Takin the lords name in vain? You better believe thats a paddlin.

  4. That was so sweet and nice to watch,made me happy in these trying times we live in! So fun!❤

    1. @Modernative Construction There’s always a religious exemption in the state statutes regarding underage drinking.

  5. So lady like and nice. First communion and happy hour combined. Great job, that’s just how it goes. 👍😁😁💐

  6. Lmao. Poor kid was nervous. The way the priest seemed unsure how to react was hilarious. From what little I remember, communion wine is typically watered down. That might depend on the church though. At least she’s got this funny video to look back on in the future.

    1. They want me to sit through a lecture on how my life is sinful, they best at least serve potent enough alcohol to allow me to enjoy the shenanigans.

  7. I understand the girl. U go through a lot in that day. Photos, family, the dress, and the guess. She need that drink 🍹

  8. I was episcopal and we have communion during Sunday service as well. Dad always told me: ‘Boy! You tip the bottom of that chalice with your hand you’ll get a bigger drink.’

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