1. We must remember the remembrance day today, to our fallen heroes without them we are not as we’re today. 🇨🇦 🙏

  2. “Veterans are asking for more than we can give right now”. As we lose, waste & give away incredible amounts of money. Shameful.

    Bless our past & current military members. Bless you all & thank you. 🇨🇦

  3. An hour late for the ceremony. You know those guys on parade waiting for you are veterans. Talk is cheap, but I’m sure you’re sorry.

  4. Ah, I see why YouTube wants to remove the dislike button. To save the feelings of channels like this and for politicians

    1. Don’t be silly. Politicians don’t have feelings. (Except when someone threatens their flow of corrupt income.)

  5. Unusual the number of dislikes was so high they stopped showing the count. The last time I checked it was at 327 it must have gone a lot higher.

  6. Congratulations to Mr Reuben Sinclair,our oldest living WW II veteran at 110 years old, on this Rememberence Day,for your service to Canada and on just being 110.Both things to be celebrated.

  7. I thought he was going to take a beach vacation today. Oh wait, this is probably pre-recorded like some of his other ministers did.

  8. “Hi, I’m Prime Minister Blackface Ethics Violations G7 Partier. I’m honouring veterans this Remembrance Day by continuing to slowly and steadily abolish the freedoms those veterans fought and gave their lives to defend.”

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