Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: August 13th | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: August 13th | MSNBC


Watch highlights of Friday's The Rachel Maddow Show, airing weeknights at 9 p.m. on MSNBC.

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  1. Justice on a Black man for a minor offence is quick, even deadly, but the highest degree of corruption at the most powerful White men is slow, even idle. It is a sad reflection that justice is so one-sided in America.

    1. @JKF the MSM, democrats, and communists
      BLM logo is the red fist salute lol
      the leaders of BLM advocate for communism
      they also support communist regimes
      antifa and BLM are made up primarily of communists
      communists dont like capitalism
      kinda in their best interest, so they think, to riot and steal while burning down local businesses
      same as its in their best interest to defund law enforcement as well as attack political opposition and particular govt institutions

    2. @Cid Sapient -I may have misinterpreted your original post. I thought you were implying that the 2009 H1N1 variant came across the southern border. But, rereading it, you were simply talking about ALL US borders. Therefore yes, I agree it could have proved helpful if Obama had closed the borders. And I should probably have read the comment you were replying to, as well, before commenting.
      But H1N1, even the 2009 variant, while deadly, was not a very transmissible virus. Similarly, the SARS virus in 2004 was also deadly but not very transmissible. So in either case, shutting down all US borders would undoubtedly be seen, particularly by Conservatives, as ENORMOUS executive overreach.
      COVID-19, however, is far more transmissible than either of the other two. And that was clear from China and Europe WELL before Trump finally agreed to close all the borders.

    1. @Marisa Miller my mom is a mail carrier and shes working 10+ hour days delivering bulk toilet paper, exercise equipment, toilets, sinks…practically anything you wouldnt think a mail carrier would have to deliver, they are delivering.

    2. @Fay Wallace You know that the postmark is all that matters, not when it is delivered or processed, right?

    3. Start at the top. Buy a brand new broom to guarantee as best as you can to perform a clean sweep! It’s worked for me in the past when hired to clean up departments. Worked every time I did it, every time!

    1. @mintymus he was unanimously approved by majority Republican senate 😉..has prosecuted equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans! His justice is’s not a yes man to a cult leader one term failed criminal president😉

    1. @Upper 90 inflation is due to the pandemic genius, and you know we are still on Trump’s budget right? Bidens doesn’t start until later in the year so yeah it’s still Trump’s economy sycophant.

    2. @Jason M the inflation is due to the pandemic, funny cuz inflation wasn’t here a year ago when pandemic was here. Inflation only just started 3 months ago gee I wonder what changed.

    1. They’re playing you, have been for 4 years. I can’t believe you’re still woke and won’t wake up.

    2. Our legal system has too many loopholes that you have to go through in order to get anywhere! That’s why it takes so much time!
      Don’t let these trolls get you!
      I have to believe in our democracy because I care about the future of our children!
      Vote like your life depended on it!

    1. Republicans are acting like true Americans fighting to make sure our elections are not filled with fraud or other governments wanting to take over our elections. Both parties should be concerned.

    2. …no…that was already the butthurt dem minions…did you miss it ?? in SEATTLE AND PORTLAND…remember the SUMMER ‘O LOVE ?? DORKin style ?? Remember the beautiful utopia CHAZ.?? sure you do….
      Literally the whole frickin’ planet watching the dems ” not be in the whitehouse for a term yet take it all so so gracefully and grown up like…yea…that was PRICELESS ………..NEXT !!

    3. @ Man you’re a Con. The GQP is working for their very survival and restricting voting is the last avenue available to them. The have no policy for moving the country forward, just pissy complaints and action to support the 4 years of trump, which will go down in infamy along with the GQP.

    4. @Con con You must be speaking of the corrupt and fraudulent trump administration, who now are being charged for their criminal activities. You’re hilarious 🤣

    5. @Con con my advice to you,,as an expert on ostriches is,,,,, get your head out of the sand,,,it is not good for your brain…( I’m guessing you can’t hear me )!!! seriously when you do you will see and hear things better…if the truth hurts then stick your head back..who cares anyway?

  2. We need to hear from more doctors and nurses not politicians. We need the truth not somebody worried about getting votes.

    1. We need to sentence the misinformation spreaders to help out in Covid swamped hospitals.
      Show them the product of their lies and use their labor to help mitigate it.

  3. Why is Louis DeJoy still running the Postal Service?? Ron Blum needs to go also. I am not a real fan of either political party, but geez, Republicans truly take the cake for cheating and corruption in regard to voting rights in America.

    1. @DJ Jones you’re manipulated and brainwashed. During the height of Covid-19 and an election where mail-in was at it’s highest DeJoy intentionally uninstalled 711 new 24 million dollar a piece sorting machines. He slowed down the mail, fired employees hired contractors that dumped mail in dumpsters watched it on the news. Mail, food even livestock mailed through the PO rotting. During that time I didn’t get mail for days then at 7:00 pm at night by a different carrier daily! Because of public outcry a federal judge ordered DeJoy to reinstall the machines and all ballots had to be mailed out by the afternoon of November 3rd! Republicans also uninstalled mail boxes and ballot drop off boxes in heavily populated counties, cities that are predominantly Democratic.

      Stop covering the crimes Republicans and Trump did to overturn the election because he was losing in the polls for months and knew he was going to lose. The reason he extorted Ukraine withheld vital military aid for an investigation into Biden he was impeached for.

      Then the big lie that they sent their white supremacist domestic terrorists to attack our nation’s capital to subvert the will of the people and democracy! Now passing voter suppression laws and trying to move election officials duties to the partisan legislator that can replace electors if they don’t elect a Republican president! In Texas they’re moving that responsibility to the Supreme Court that can overturn an election without real evidence of fraud because they can’t win fairly! Trump and Republicans are still perpetuating the big lie! They are outright criminals!

    2. Sorry, the track record of the former guy’s regime shows that the GOP is like a corrupt criminal organization similar to the Mafia… DeJoy has put in a lot of horrible “improvements” that have MADE THE USPS 10X WORSE THAN EVER…!

    1. Putin completely owned Biden in their meeting. Well we all knew that would happen cos Putin is ex KGB and very intelligent and Biden is a failed career politician in cognitive decline. Fact!

    2. @Ama Of course a bully’s gonna act out when you break their hold on someone else, still need to keep punching them in the face until they behave or aren’t a threat to others anymore. We can’t let weaklings use violence against innocents. 😉

  4. Dejoy is da joke take him and his cronies and throw those jokers in jail, the sheer balls it takes to commit your crimes right out in the open. These people have absolutely no respect for the American people. They love only money…

    1. It doesn’t make sense that more Americans voted for President Biden than President Obama. I can’t believe that.

    2. @Save Ferris
      It wasn’t people voting FOR him that got Joe elected.
      It was a huge turnout AGAINST Dump. No President in history got as YUGELY defeated as Donald J Dump.

    3. @Q. E. D. You sound ridiculous. More voted with love and support for President Obama than the media led distaste for President Trump.

  5. Why can we not bring manslaughter charges against those governor? That’s exactly what it is, manslaughter

    1. @Lee Reagan now Susan Rosenberg was apart of an insurrection in ’88 no death on her. She’s infact working for biden!!

    2. @Wild Bill Bullsh!t.
      If you’re quick you might be able to get your tongue back outta Trump’s butt before he tries to steal that too.

      I’d definitely want to get some 5 star mouthwash too.


  6. The system was strong enough to stop DT but most important will he be charge criminally!!!!!!!

    1. @Wild Bill yeah i wish she gets it all frrom her phone and her son she wont even believe me about Jan 6

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