1. What did Trump do from the time he signed the peace treaty with the Taliban in Feb 2020 until Jan 2021? He did nothing for 11 months. Now they blame Biden when he started on Jan 20 2021.

    1. @terryfan3

      And there are still people that praise him, saying he’s doing a wonderful job.

      He is, he’s doing the best job ruining our country than anyone ever before.

      All this because of the hatred for one man.

    2. @Margaret ODell
      As if they listen to us.

      If they did the border would be closed, and none of what biden is doing would be happening.

    1. @Honest Larry honestly, Larry?
      The Kurds’ (incorporating women)
      militia were beating Isis.
      Trump couldn’t stand anyone else getting credit so cut the Kurds loose. Trump’s actions and motives are too contemptible to consider human.
      Al Queda and terrorist are not BACK. They never went away. They didn’t have to.
      Trump was doing as good a job destroying all America has hoped to represent. They didn’t have to do a thing. With trump in office, they could just sit on their hands, laugh at the kind of fool America chose to follow and revel in the world’s embarassment for us.
      Biden’s administration should have planned much better before the pullout. Thie bad taste of this will linger as long as the films of our departure from Vietnam.
      Reversing so many of trump’s executive actions was so simple as to induce over confidence.
      This was something else. But it is no triumph for Trump except for his love of chaos and distruction.
      The best path in front of Afghanistan is in the ability of the Taliban to heal and make whole the country so the potential of every child of God, male and female, can reach the great potential God has created in them.
      Only they are in a position to do what no other country or leaders have done.

    2. @Honest Larry Rick Scott the criminal who defrauded medicare. Biden has nothing to worry about from this crook.

  2. “It began under President Trump when HE authorized negotiations between the US & the Taliban “WITHOUT THE AFGHAN GOVERNMENT IN THE ROOM”… That was a key Taliban demand, & we acceded to it, & it was a huge demoralizing factor for the Afghan government and its SECURITY FOCUS”. Former Afghan ambassador had said

    1. @Roman Temniuk you have a few facts wrong. It’s true, Biden did extend it and foe good reason. Biden has been telling these refugees and Afghan people to leave for months but they refused to leave. They were even provided money for plane tickets. And there were no forces available. Trump drew them down from 15000 to 2500. You can’t do squat with that number. And Trump should never have released this taliban leader from prison and negotiated a ‘peace’ agreement with him in the first place. Trump and Pompeo gave the taliban all the support they needed to take over the country by elevating the taliban and undermining the Afghanistan president and his leadership.

    2. @Roman Temniuk China sees everyone as weak and inferior… who cares about their opinion…. Or Russia’s… or the North Korean leader… just a bunch of dictators

    3. So much for America not negotiating with terrorists and terrorist organisations or regimes. Trump has so much to answer for but like every other snake in the swamp he’ll get away with it.

    4. @Ozlem Aktas This was all Biden. He will go down as the worst president of all time. At least modern times. 8 months in and we are exponentially worse off than we were.

  3. Abbott fought against mask wearing and vaccines, but when he contracts Covid he wants help and an anecdote to cure him fast.

    1. @Josey wales You’re not as smart as you think you are! Your words reveal so much about you, and the message they’re are sending are not at all complimentary! I’d suggest you quit while you’re, I can’t really say you’re ahead, but it’s best to quit before you do more damage.

    2. @Olivia Turner Sounds a lot like a personal opinion of which you know nothing about other than what I’ve posted.. 😆 you’re only proving my point with your ignorance and inability to think for yourself…

    3. Think we should let him judy “get better” at home. Don’t take up s hospital bed. Save that for someone who cares

    1. Ya, I hate those guys that love freedom. How are your kids doing with virtual learning, Newsome kids have been in person learning in another state since last year.

    2. @Chris White let me know when he shows up because right now we have a temporary old, braindead loser posing as one..

    1. @Mike St.Pierre why are you putting all of the blame on him? The people who should up know the risk, they have the ability to social distanced at there on responsibility and they can get vaccinated /where mask.

    1. Bahahaha, fauci has flip flopped over and over from masks to no mask and once you’re vaccinated you don’t need a mask, now he says you should wear 2 masks even if you’re vaccinated. Lmao He has all the bases covered for you gullible morons.

    1. They were only going to paint each other’s toenails and do each others hair, though. And maybe a pillow fight in nighties. Seems legit.

    2. Rebel, if the Orange fruit loop Donald TDump was still in there he would invite the Taliban to the White House for some McDonald’s or to play golf, after all he invited to Camp David for Gods sake!

  4. Securing the airport does not secure the roads leading to Kabul and through Kabul to get to the airport. How is this aspect dealt with?

    1. Oh! the irony of infecting 600 people, potentially, as a governor – who is positive for COVID-19 – yet he stops mask mandates in his state. SMH

    2. The only way to get ahead of covid is to get everyone vaxed. Or just get them out of the game. I’m not opposed to these Republican gatherings. The rest of us are just going to have to be extra-extra diligent for the next 3 years while the right-wing herd thins itself.

    3. @Hank Boost perhaps. But your logic is slightly flawed, sir. Since not everyone has been vaccinated, and the virus is dynamic, it has been allowed to mutate into a deadly form ie: delta that’s now killing our children.

  5. why is anyone surprised by the situation in Afghanistan? At the height of the British Empire the place was to hot to handle! Russia found out what the place was like now the US seems shocked by the events!

  6. In 2000, China’s takeover of Hong Kong started out amicably as well, but now in 2021 all dissidence has been crushed. Afghanistan will fall to complete tyranny much faster.

    1. CCP go to Myanmar, launch military coup & meet with the Taliban
      also helped Democratic Party steal elections China Joe do the good job for C.C>P

    2. @趙連海 Trump’s daughter got multiple patents from China while they were supposed to be under sanctions, no? And Democrats don’t have to steal elections, they can get better than 50% approval, Republicans under Trump never could. China has huge cities and trains capable of 600 KPH, leaving every ten minutes. How many military coups has America launched, again? GFY Joe will get two terms.

    3. If you focus on the worst possible outcome, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Science has proven the we can change outcomes by intention. If you want a better world, make it your intention and live your life in the way you want your children’s future to be,

    4. @LowenKM You right there Brother! It’s their most potent weapon against the Devil USA.
      Until we address the dysfunction (inequality) in our society, drugs will destroy us.

  7. So are republicans still bothered by being called Y’all Qaeda? Because their response to the Afghanistan situation basically means they’re Y’all Qaeda 😂😂😂

  8. I’m so worried because narcissistic behavior is so impossible to change particularly against women. I pray the women of Afghanistan will be safe.

  9. I LOVE Rachel,.she is one of THE most informed tv person on just about any subject she takes on,..

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