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    1. If only Crazy Joe wouldn’t have just left them there when he decided to pull out literally overnight with NO plan.

  1. Major you are a legend for getting Zak & his family out, hope you get to be there when Zak & his family land on US soil, I want to see that, Rj in Oz

  2. I cannot even imagine what this guy and his family went through. Thank God they are safe, and thank you Major Schueman.

    1. Taliban flag flying over the American embassy

      15k Americans now prisoners in a terror state.

      Civilians flying off American planes to their deaths.

      A terrorist regime with billions of dollars worth of US Army equipment.

      Mass murder in the street.

      Al Qaeda/ISIS emboldened.

      China Joe says this was the plan!!!

    2. @Engage360 So when the orange painted fuhrer began pulling out you didn’t want that, right? You confused right wing Russian sympathizers are always so forgetful. Oh, and lets not forget stupid.

    3. No, thank the PEOPLE who worked so hard to get them out. Human beings do amazing things for each other, and it seems like the more a person does for another person, the more third parties want to give credit to a supernatural being rather than to the PEOPLE who cared about other people. Someone holds a door open for you, wow, put it on social media and go viral about how awesome that person is. But rescue a family from the Taliban, and no, it wasn’t people who did that, it was some invisible supernatural thing. Sickening. It was the PEOPLE involved who got that family out of there.

  3. i hope they land safely and secure and that they go on to thrive in america. god bless you, maj. thomas scheuman and everyone involved in their rescue. thank you rachel, for doing this story.

    1. @J Wright
      Yeah, I’d keep an especially close eye on that one year old – she looks sneaky to me! I’ll bet her pacifier and rattles are filled with explosives and she is already planning to blow up a day care center! They start ’em young there, and years of risking one’s life for the USA is obviously just a deep cover so that SOMEDAY they could get here and hurt us!

    2. @Pat Doyle anytime you want to see how nutty a democrat is just tell the truth about anything, you will see them falling like the roaches they are

    3. @J Wright
      Any time you want to see how disgusting an otherwise normal person can be, just let someone like you open their ignorant yap.

    4. @Pat Doyle are we letting the YouTubers know when someone hurts your feelings , now we can’t have it that , when speaking your smack you should look into the mirror

    1. @UCg9YhBFjMLOoPZr2zKi4XUQ If your neighbor’s house is on fire you try to help out in any way , God don’t need credit for humanly things we can do for others

    1. Yup, now the US will babysit and provide for them all from the tax payers in millions and millions of dollars! I agree that those who helped the US while in that country should be rewarded but not the whole herd like that!

  4. I cried too and thanks to the major for restoring my belief in the humanity of men of honor and principle

    1. Biden and Kamala are MURDERING massive numbers of CHILDREN in Afghanistan, with impunity! They’re ripping and tearing the children from their families!

    2. @chez moi Have you tried reaching out? Reaching out is powerfully empowering. Once you’ve reached out, you’ll reclaim your power and find your unprecedented voice as you walk in your panoramic truth. Own your epic power and honor your majestic courage, by reaching out and proclaiming your preferred pronouns (out of an abundance of caution)!

  5. I’m with you Rachel on the tears. These stories need to be told everywhere so no one can look away and understand how real it is.

    1. @Samudra Manthan , and none of those statements have anything to do with what I just wrote, which means either:
      1) You’re a bot.
      2) You’re a copy/paste troll not paying attention.
      3) You can’t counter my statement and thus need to move on to more favorable ground.


    2. @EdricLysharae Are you at your wits’ end dealing with all of the unprecedented uncertainty, the darkest of darkness, the chaotic chaos, fluid identities, the multi-demic, the marginalization, stigma and disproportionate invalidation? WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? Oh my! Dear me! If it’s not one thing, it’s another! Water is Wet! Ignorance is Strength! Love is Love! Freedom is Slavery! Fire is Hot! Kindness Always!

    3. @Samudra Manthan if you don’t want to pay the price for your olive oil and salmon, eat something else. It is really just that simple. Honestly, I think you’re probably just one of those ridiculous QAnuts that has lost your ever-loving mind. Yeah, the world is a sad and dangerous place. It’s also a place of beauty, wonder, and hope. Nothing new to see here, folks. 🤷‍♂️

    1. Oh sure blame trump lol, no the problem is this Administration is useless, their President is not all there, this is ALL the LEFTS FAULT

    2. If Biden is such a foreign policy expert as the media has led us to believe, why was he unable to prevent this ?

    3. ~OH, THT ONE…!?~HE’S SO GROSS…~his way of thinking & the things he says….he is a horrible person..!!~so racist..he literally speaks it..!!~poor excuse of a man…along w trump..!!

  6. Rachel, you’re not the only one crying. I cried too while listening to your story
    about the Afghan interpreter “Zak”. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who cried.

    1. But you’re not crying for the hundreds of thousands of innocent women, children and elderly American war-criminals have murdered in the last 20 years, right?
      But poor Zak’….

    2. @gary canterbury People empathize with those who they CAN relate. Answer your own ignorant question.

    3. It’s mad Dow’s fault helping Biden win. Biden took money from terrorist for weapons and black hawk helicopters.

  7. What it took to get this man and his family out feels like the rejected plot from a movie. It’s insane that this is what has to be done to save people who we should have out

    1. Not a rejected plot – what an old movie called “The Killing Fields” about the efforts of an American journalist to get his translator/all-around “man Friday” out of Cambodia when the Khmer Rouge took over.

  8. These little girls are blessed to get out of Afghanistan. Let’s pray many others have a friend like the Major.

    1. @Randy Ravenscraft Sorry you feel that way. I could tell you some stories that would curl your hair. This is facts from my own personal experience. God is real and He is still in control

  9. So invested in zak and his family! Leaving with absolutely nothing but literally the clothes on their back and their children.

  10. This is what DT does, screws up! All those pardons means zero to the State Charges. Next, Steve Bannon??

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