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  1. The Republicans are so afraid of non white people voting there is no level they won’t sink to to stop them from voting. How about just making policies people like?

    1. The marxist need taliban voting with welfare and nothing but pandering race baiting and division and boogeymans

    2. @My Name You tell me. Everywhere Europeans went, road built to reach the ports – to loot. They did not create the infrastructure like Romance did. What is happening Afghanistan now,, happened in Europe too but the times are different now.

  2. I pray that everyone that played a criminal part in this election get the punishment deserved for the specific crime committed.

    1. @Shane Alan there is far better evidence that McConnell and friends have been winning for years with rigged machines.
      No wonder the right wing has so much faith in the possibility that the left might have done the same

    2. @Zoan Zimba Also, while you talk your lunacy without punctuation. Trump had 5000 Taliban released. If you want to blame someone for the Taliban being so powerful right now, then start there. FYI wearing a mask and wanting people to have compassion for the people in society with weaker impositions isn’t tyranny, it’s not communism. It’s called caring for those who shouldn’t have to die because idiots like you want to make wearing a mask or getting vaccinated an issue of rights and politicalize trying to save lives. 🤡🤡🤡

    3. So far it’s been one dem from Texas who voted and was not eligible to vote. Then the 2 rethuglicans who voted for their dead parents. Lol worth how much for that… millions but that cool they can take it from infrastructure bill. So cheape when it comes to the people, but for power and controll they have plenty. Oh and for a wall that the wind blew to pieces. Lots of millions wasted on that. Not one word about how much trump wasted on Golf.

  3. If the perpetrators of the robocalls have a lot of money, even a large fine won’t make a difference. Prison time might be appropriate.

    1. @PS Wright . . . The FCC has the power to fine. The U.S. Department of Justice has the power to prosecute crimes. The FCC need not “request prosecution”, the Department or Justice can do that independently. Let’s hope they do.

    2. @Thomas Jackson . . . Fox news, and other right-wing media, hide behind the First Amendment to spread their lies, which were bad while Trump was in office, but even worse now. It is sad that Americans are being influenced by lies that if successful will be the downfall of our democracy.

    3. I’m sure there are criminal charges being considered. But the FCC can only take people’s money, it cannot put them in jail. I’m betting the DOJ will address the prison part.

  4. Beware the friend who you do not know claiming that they are giving you advice to help you when they are not.

  5. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, thank you for all that you do. For your tenacity, your detail-oriented research, and for bringing he ‘back stories’ which make the headlines what they are!!! I don’t say it enough, … thank you!!! Kudos to Madame Pelosi! Such a heroine!!!👌🏾🎆❤️

    1. @Mörður, “A woman who dominates.” That sounds like she might be a threat to you. A lot of times people might have to dominate a situation in order to guide others, maybe to show them what is the right decision for the community as a whole. It happens all the time, but usually it’s men that do the dominating. How much have the prices of your food gone up lately? That’s probably caused by a man dominating, a CEO saying to his underlings that he wants more money so he can buy more houses, a yacht, an accountant that will hide his money from the tax collector. Yes, that’s kind of a jump in logic as is your pointing to Maddow supporting Pelosi who is dominating. You’re trying to use a softer approach to dig up sh!t about your adversary, but if a person thinks it through, you’re still presenting BS.

    2. @Boa I don’t feel threatened by her but that is besides the point. I am pointing that there is a risk of oppressive rulership when domination is supported.
      “A lot of times people might have to dominate a situation in order to guide others” -Domination is never guidance… that is a contradiction in terms.
      It happens all the time in dominating and oppressive cultures. That is what I am pointing at.
      You just stated why it is negative. It being common is no defense.

      How can I be digging up dirt on an adversary when I have no adversary in the race?
      Being critical is an essential part of constructive conversation and growth.
      Adversarial attitudes lead to ignorance and lack of openess.

    1. Ive been an Independent most of my life, tho I seldom vote for Republicans. This is why I never will again.

    2. That’s why when they accuse someone of doing something totally wacky you’d never think of, you can be sure they are planning it or have already begun doing it. Republicans are experts at projection.

  6. These types of calls should be considered a form of harassment and should result in jail time. Heavy fines mean nothing to these people if they are just as heavily funded.

    1. You want to talk about harassment then why not look toward your beloved antifa/blm terrorist organization. Real cool throwing fireworks and rocks at black people with children. Seems that black lives don’t matter. Just communist lives matter apparently.

  7. Now that we are not throwing money to Afganistan any longer, an infrastructure bill should be able to be afforded. I am glad it passed in the house.

    1. Come on now, give Joe a week or two and he’ll start another conflict. Democrats LOVE the Industrial War Machine, they get millions and millions for their campaigns from them.

    2. @Vera Mae That military protects your right to spew that misinformation…at least for now. The first amendment is soon to be a thing of the past.

    3. @Dolly Madison Hardly! You could take all the spending for the military industrial complex for 1 week and cover the living costs of all Afghan refugees for life.

  8. We are inundated/harassed with unwanted robot calls, invariably wanting us to give them money/support. The responsible parties are persistent, undeterred, frequently change phone numbers and are apparently above the law. I am thrilled that some of these deviants being finally being held accountable. Kudos!

    1. i agree but its funny only one i’ve heard of being persued is a politcal one and then by one party tring to make another look bad, latly i’ve been getting pro biden calls by idians wanting my ss #….what kinda scam is this…and i’m sure nothing will be done about it….the laws only apply to someone when it benifits someone. thes politicions get away with breaking the laws of this land everyday and nothing is being done about it….

    1. That is a MUCH harder ask. There’s very little the FCC can do against a private INTERNET company (FCC has no authority over the internet) or against a CABLE media network (they have very little authority over cable providers.) The FCC has authority over the airwaves. The only time they can regulate internet or cable media providers, is when they utilize public airwaves. Sometimes Fox is carried on local stations that are carried over traditional VHF or AHF and then the FCC can act in those very limited cases. That’s about it.

    2. @Old Scribe . . . To apply the same to the genuine media, there are serious First Amendment issues. Also, matters of opinion are protected speech. There is sometimes a fine line between opinion and lies. In my opinion, Fox News is guilty of lying. But they would probably prevail in any legal action taken against them. There is also the issue of governmental censorship and a free society certainly doesn’t want that.

      But what Woltz did was not protected speech and an action against them not censorship because they spread what they KNEW were lies, totally fabricated to achieve a nefarious end and those issues would need to be decided by a jury . . . . but wait, isn’t that what Fox News, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Hannity and the rest are doing? YOU BET YOUR BOOTIE! . . . so what’s next? Nothing.

  9. Nancy Pelosi is a miracle worker, a voodoo priestess, and a super hero for the American middle class.

    1. And stealing my debit card from the post office and enrolling my account into stealing daily for ActBlue the democrat fundraiser campaign…..

    2. @Celery Race – Well, DeJoy is a sleaze but he didn’t steal your debit card…

      I hope you reported the theft to the police and the post office and also asked for a trace on the mail. I’ve had to do that for missing bills and sometimes they do find the missing mail. In your case, unfortunately not if somebody used the card. You should be able to get your money back from the organization, though. Might need to go through your bank, but can’t hurt to try. Their records also might help track down the thief. Make sure the PO and the police know about any other charges on that card.

      The best thing to do in such a situation is to have the card canceled once you know it is lost and have a new one issued, so if you did that then the organization would not be able to do a recurring charge at least.

    1. Yeah, Trump has certainly hit rock bottom. Even Trump’s supporters are booing him at rallies. It seems he is not fascist enough for them! Can you believe that? … Adolf Hitler’s clone not Emperor Donald, king of the Realm. And yeah, he’s driving the backhoe, burying the U.S. Constitution.

  10. Don the Con and his supporters say the election was rigged, and they are correct because they were directly involved in rigging the election. Such calls and numerous other methods were used to rig the election before and after the election day, best manifested by the recorded conversations between Don the Con and the Georgia election officials.

    1. @Truong Nguyen . . . . Thank goodness he and his fellow Republican brown-booters failed. But they didn’t fail by much. They are still a danger.

    2. DeJoy was a major part of that rigging/sabotage. We shouldn’t forget. He’s STILL screwing over the Post Office, right now!

    1. @Dion McGee If you wanna talk about National and Patriotic topic you should first do one thing. Do us an American favor and learn English. 🙏

    2. @CraigList Acct no, Trump had his hand in assuring this mess would unfold like it did. He freed the taliban members, he tied the hands of the Afqhanistan govt. and he wrecked the apparatus that was in place to get the afghanis who had helped us out of the country.
      Never forget that if Trump can do something to undermine american needs- he will.
      Sore loser that he is- did you really think he would allow Biden to get out of Afghanistan without first making it a mess?

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