Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: August 25th | MSNBC

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: August 25th | MSNBC 1


    1. @Lillian Matthews I think you will find that Trump was in fact impeached twice. That is called a fact.

    2. @Udududh Jrfhhd …False…the judge ruled Rachel’s show as opinion, just as she, herself, indicates in her programs.

    1. @Lillian Matthews The southern border may be failing because Trump’s very very expensive wall is falling down due to a rain storm. Are you talking about Afghanistan is in trouble because of Trump’s deal with the Taliban that he excluded the Afghan government from? You know that great deal he brokered to release 5000 Taliban and got nothing in return then leaves it to Biden to clean up? That Afghanistan problem?

  1. Information alone will not prevent this from happening again. Only charges against those who conspired with trump will help to prevent another attack and plot

    1. @SMS
      Don’t forget!
      Who made the “DEAL” with the Taliban? Humpty Trumpty did.
      Who’s administration, released 5,000 Taliban fighters? Back in 2018!, Humpty Trumpty’s did.
      Who’s administration, secretly had one of the co-founders of the Taliban, and one of their top commanders, released from a Pakistani prison, where the Obama administration, had him locked up, since 2010? And now looks likely to become the Taliban leader, Humpty Trumpty’s did.

    2. @Invictus 37 I know, that’s what I’ve been posting. He negotiates with terrorist’s and not the Afghan government. He likes dictators.

    3. @john emeigh in all seriousness, does the whole “admit it, [some nefarious motive that I attribute to you]” ever actually work? Every time I see you trolls use that in comment sections, I never see the other person ever be like “welp, you caught me”.

      So how long until your script gets updated?

  2. The lawyers are a menace to society by sowing discord among the People of the U.S.. They need to be held to the highest standard of punishment.

    1. @Udududh Jrfhhd You funny. Not very bright, but dang funny.

      There, just as valid an argument as you provided and a little less trite.

    2. Yes. I agree! …but they won’t have any real consequences. It’s a rare thing in the legal field because they protect each other.

    3. @lamontma1 nothing is going to happen to these lawyers. Nothing at all. They got a scolding from a judge…BFD

  3. 🤣
    Lawyers don’t have the right to make stuff up….CONFIRMED..
    Why aren’t these lawyers being held in contempt for lying in court?

    1. Because their cases are so amateur and incompetent they never get to court, just on right wing media nonsense channels

    2. They lied everywhere EXCEPT in court. All the fake “hearings” they tried to pass off. All the lying done at press conferences. That was the point. In court they would say things like “we are not accusing fraud in this case.”

    3. I think this statement by the Supreme Court will lead to penalties for those who used the judiciary for purposes of propaganda.

  4. Who hired these lawyers? Is that person (or persons) equally culpable for the same sanctions or ultimate penalties that apply to a layperson?

    1. Well? Given what the select
      Committee is asking for…I’d say they had good reason to fear a real look at what happened!

    1. We Texans are itching to get to the polls when it comes to Abbott & Patrick. Those two will be dust soon enough.

    1. @mintymus Not true. Truth is all the Repugnants who voted for Trump and with him fight every effort to control the pandemic attending Covidspredader events have 600 000 deaths from Covid on their hands. Trump met with the Taliban and started this whole Afghan departure leaving out the Afghan government. Trump abandonned the Kurds in Syria by quick exit there. Trump allowed the North Koreans to continue with their weapons development .Trump organized a coup attempt involving taking Congress hostage for hours and sacking the Capitol causing 9 deaths.

  5. We want answers to all the pertinent questions about Who, What, When, Why and How.

    This is a good start for a forensic examination of the actions of one elected president and any and all people, foreign and domestic who participated in this alleged crime of overthrowing the Constitution and the government it has created. We will get these questions answered.🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

    1. 👍They teach us this in elementary school even when reading to preschoolers ask what or why or who for critical thinking and understanding etc etc. It really is simple just a different level.

    2. @Linda Struckus These are Draconian Law’s! To enable this Mayor of NYC, and the Power’s that be an excuse to create new law’s, and enforce it’s citizens to except the New QR Codes as a real form of ID. and or the Mark of the Beast! If you don’t, like the bible said’s; You can’t enjoy anything!

    3. @jose rodriguez Wrong topic dude. Can you not tell that this video and conversation have nothing to do with vaccines? Although it sounds like you’re an anti-vaxxer so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that you have trouble understanding things that are obvious to most of us.

  6. The real end should be jail time, they continue to spread lies as long as they are free. If they choose to undermine the process they do not deserve to have a personal vote in it.

  7. Is Bill barr next…… Because he certainly should be losing his license……. The lies he propagated and how he stood behind Trump and betrayed the trust of people of the US A

    1. @Marc Siste . 😂 Go out and prove it. Bill Barr is next. But the most important part is seeing evil trump behind bars because trump is behind all this.

    1. @DJ Jones Don’t spout nonsense; there is no “corruption capital,” corruption is widespread and uniform and everybody knows it. That’s why a little clear justice, an actual strike against villainy — anywhere — is like a breath of fresh air. But people like you don’t get that, people like you will never get that, the mote is set too firmly and crippling in your eye, while you cheer on blindly for vileness.

    2. Kwai Chiang Caine said , ( actually , Asked , I think ) , Is not to fight injustice Anywhere , To fight injustice , Everywhere ? ” …Sheer Profundity !

  8. This is aweome!!!! Finally someone is speaking sense about the actions of these attorneys thank you

    1. @Bryce Brogan He did nothing by rushing a vaccine that has saved millions? Ok, delusional Dem. You’re forgetting, it was Fauci saying nothing to worry about, no need to wear masks.

    2. @mintymus You want us to praise Trump for the vaccine but he said : “Take oxychloroquine, UV light somewhere in the body, bleach, take the vaccine and then, when he get booed, he get scared and says : “You’ve get your freedoms, don’t take the vaccine!!! And the GQP and Faux News : Don’t take the vaccine!” And you wonder why all MAGAts are so mixed up, so delusional and die of COVID !

    3. @Ayn Rand naw, that’s just you being a tribalist in political games that are designed to make you angry, angry enough to wish hurt on your fellow man who are, in reality, your true allies in these games. They don’t want you to know that, and you seem content swinging from the trees & spreading angry little lies, so, have a nice day weirdo.

    4. @Folk47 Goulet So you dems are literal when you want to be, and take jokes when you want, selectively? Typical.

    1. @J Sanders There was a young woman named Myrtle
      Who amused herself with a sea turtle
      Surprising, phenomenal
      A swelling abdominal
      Revealed that the turtle was fertile

    2. In 2013, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden flew aboard Air Force Two to China. Ten days later, Hunter Biden’s firm scored a $1,500,000,000.00 deal with a subsidiary of the Communist Chinese government’s Bank of China.

    3. @J Sanders thank you for proving how unintelligent you are. This notion that hunter Biden is anything but a ordinary citizen is remarkable….the stupidity of MAGAts doesn’t seize to amaze me

    4. There is never accountability for Trump. Not sorry for those who hitch their caboose to his runaway train!

    1. @JOJO BAROK LOL..thanks for reading entertaining read..🤣 your anger and frustration is evident. It’s not my fault Trump was so incompetent on Covid he got voted out after one term. No way will he be re-elected.
      …come back when you have had an education and are aware of the actual facts. I’ve already sent you non partisan fact based information but of course I know you won’t read it because you can’t accept reality..all you Trump types prefer to remain uneducated and ignorant to reality, and live in a fantasy world that Trump creates for you. You can moan and cry about stolen elections all you like, you aren’t in touch with reality. Unless of course you have evidence?

      Hasn’t Mike Lindell got Trump reinstated yet ?

      Maybe cry in to one of his pillows 😄

    2. @Pirate Remy I don’t mind educating Liberals and Socialists on what it takes for the United States to stay a Republic, and the sacrifices millions of patriotic Americans have made to make it so. When you decide you’re tired of helping the Left in trying to overthrow and rewrite our way of life so they can have their ways, just remember where you first got your reality check that “Freedom is Not Free” and not to be taken for granted, because you run the risk of losing it foreverbif you keep playing with it.

    3. @Pirate Remy I can’t help but be paranoid when I live in the same country with anarchists like you, who are always on the take to undermine the patriotism that built and kept this country strong. If I am a fascist for the Right that want to ensure the survival of our Republic for future generations, then you are fascist for the Left that wants to see it destroyed, so you can inflect it with your Marxist ideologies.

    1. Indeed, well said. Now where are all those MAGA/QANON cultists when you need them screaming “Witch-hunt”? So much winning… : -) I wonder how Faux News is going to spin this… any suggestions for them? They might need help.

    2. Do keep in mind there are always those who can’t win a successful practice on the merits of their own skills, so who, in effect, try to monetize their oaths as lawyers.

  9. Seems like just about everyone who got involved with Trump got screwed while he’s incapable of caring because of his Dangerous Narcissism,

    1. @specialalynn see SG’s informed response that I won’t bother repeating on.
      And there’s nothing more ‘sheep’ than your last comment to me 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂

    2. Meanwhile he has never been punished for his misdeeds beginning with bankrupting construction companies who built his buildings.

    3. @SG Typical Orange Man Bad Dem. Maybe one day you’ll take responsibility for your actions…though I doubt it.

  10. Has ANYONE who has ever involved themselves with Donald Trump come away the better for it? It’s true that everything he touches dies.

    1. The United States was better off and thrives under Donald Trump. This senile fool in charge of this illegitimate regime must pay for his treason!

  11. When a lawyer willingly lies for their client, what else do they expect? I would love to see them all disbarred, they are a stain on democracy.

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